She Says… Waaaaaah

Remember this? This was me one year ago today. Buying our new car just days before Owen was going to pop out. And pop he did. Oh man was I gigantic! And swollen!

Testing out the new Sienna

And then this happened. And all of a sudden our little family grew.

And Owen arrived. And my heart grew even bigger than I ever imagined was possible. And, thankfully, my stomach STOPPED growing. Because really, it was getting a little ridiculous.

And then something weird happened. Time started to distort.

During those first few days and weeks, time seemed to stop. I didn’t answer emails or phone calls. I was totally and completely wrapped up in my own little world. It took me 5 minutes to change a diaper, carefully wiping around that weird little umbilical cord stump. I agonized over how to wrap swaddle blankets and if Owen should have socks on and if he was getting enough to eat. Tears ran down my cheeks as I tried and tried and tried to breastfeed but there were just too many issues to contend with. I beamed with pride at the little miracle… the tiny person I had just brought into the world. I gasped and clapped and celebrated every movement he made, every stretch of his fingers and little milestone he reached.

A few months later as I got the hang of the whole mom thing and went back to work, time started flying. ZOOMING by. The milestones began coming a mile a minute. He can sit unpropped! He can roll over! He can roll over both ways! He’s eating solids! He can pull up to a stand! He can babble! He can drink from a sippy cup! He’s feeding himself! He took a step! He took five steps! He’s WALKING!

These days, if I close my eyes even for a second, he is off and toddling. He is climbing and twirling and eating and exploring. He babbles and parrots sounds I make and does some sign language. He understands concepts like “in” and “out”, “open” and “closed”. He can understand sentences like “Give the ball to the doggie” (that particlar one is usually combined with, “No! Don’t eat that! Yucky! That’s a DOGGIE BALL. DOG. BALL.”). Or “Can you put the toy IN the basket?”. It is astonishing to talk to him and feel like, all of a sudden, he knows what I’m saying. And it means something to him.

So today marks the beginning of the weekend-long celebration of Owen’s first year. Yes, we had to reschedule his party, because no one was around, but we still have an awesome weekend planned. And there will be cake. Oh yes, there will be cake. It’s got me thinking a lot about what was happening this time last year. I’ve never in my life felt so overwhelmed by how much changed in a year. Waaaaaaaah! Mama’s feeling sentimental!

Owen will have been outside of my body for 365 days on Sunday. That’s a lot of days. HE WILL BE 1 WHOLE YEAR OLD. In the shortest year of my life, he has transformed from a helpless, wriggly newborn into a rambunctious, hilarious toddler. Wow. That’s a lot to celebrate.


15 responses to “She Says… Waaaaaah

  1. Congratulations!!! I loved this post. A whole year of living is A LOT to celebrate! Happy Birthday, Owen!

  2. Congrats to you and Owen 🙂 It’s crazy how quickly a year goes by. I remember reading that post about you guys getting the minivan and I can’t believe that was a year ago!

  3. Happy Birthday Owen!!! I’m tearing up just thinking about how fast my son is growing! It’s almost unfair how fast the time flies when they are so little.

  4. happy birthday to owen on sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it certainly is a lot to celebrate!

  5. Congrats! And be sure to celebrate your first year as parents, too. Owen is such a cute, well-adjusted little guy and you both are doing awesome. keep it up!

  6. Oh my goodness, a year already? Say it isn’t so! I feel like I was just following the birth on twitter!

  7. I got chills reading this post and thinking of my own son. They change so much in that first year. Have a wonderful weekend of celebrating!

  8. I am totally with you. How on earth did they become these little people in such a short amount of time??

    Happy birthday Owen!!

  9. It seems like just yesterday that you posted the video of your pregnancy test!!! I can’t believe Owen is going to be one. Congrats momma!!! I love your blog and think you are an amazing mom! Happy birthday Owen!!!

  10. Wow, congrats! I am currently 33 weeks preggers, and not enjoying this heat wave we are having. Despite guzzling water and some coconut water, I found myself extremely nauseous this afternoon. Was there anything that worked for you to help during th summer heat?

  11. It really is so much to celebrate! It is almost a blessing that you and your little family will get to have some together time this weekend to really cherish the momentous milestone of turning one! I remember seeing your video when you announced you were pregnant and I was a couple months ahead of you. Now my daughter has just turned one in May and I wholeheartedly agree that it is the quickest year of my life! Cheers!

  12. @Jen, I totally feel your pain. Well, not this year, but last year I did! The things that worked for me were water, water and more water. And watermelon. And, though it’s not always possible, sitting with my feet up as much as possible. Generally with frozen veggies on my ankles to reduce swelling and cool my body down. Good luck! The good news: the heat will pass and you will have a lovely fall strolling with your baby.

  13. I have an 11day old little girl and when she dropped into my pelvis around 35 weeks, my swelling mostly stopped. We are in Texas, so it was to the point that I couldn’t leave the house at all or I would totally puff up. Other than that, lots of sitting in the recliner with a husband putting pillows under my feet and making me chug water really helped :D.

    Happy Birthday little Owen! I really never would have thought that I would be holding a baby by your first baby lol. Infertility sucks, but clomid is great 🙂

  14. ~Happy 1st Birthday Owen!~

    A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Not just a year older, but a year better. Here’s to another year of experience!

    Hope the three of you had a wonderful day today!

  15. AWWWWWWWWWW love this post! Happy Birthday, Owen and congrats, mama! You done good 🙂

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