She Says… Gluten Free and Fabulous

As I’m sure you all know, Owen has food allergy issues. Pretty much his whole life he we have struggled with trying to figure out the cause of his eczema. Finally, after much trial and error, I figured out it was oats. But even though his 9-month bloodwork came back clean of a wheat allergy, I have noticed that his eczema flares when he eats anything made with flour (goldfish were the latest culprit). And frankly blood tests done so young can’t really be trusted. So, again, after much trial and error, I figured out that if I take BOTH oats and wheat out of his diet, his skin is totally clear.

It is SO satisfying to have figured out something that is working for now. I feel like Sherlock Holmes.

Since there has been such an increase in awareness about celiac disease in the last few years, it’s not terribly hard to find gluten-free stuff to give him. See, I’m not really sure what it is about the wheat that bothers Owen. Is he allergic to WHEAT or GLUTEN? Unclear. But I do know that keeping him oat- and gluten-free makes him a lot happier and healthier! And FINALLY I can stop obsessing about what he’s eating and what is/was causing those poor little red cheeks.

Anyway, though it may be relatively easy to find gluten-free varieties of things like flour blends and crackers and breads and cake mixes… it can be somewhat challenging to find GOOD flour blends and crackers and breads and cake mixes. So far my attempt at homemade gluten free things are pretty tasty, but crumbly. I haven’t had the time to fiddle with recipes and/or try all of the different combos of gluten-free flours and other foreign ingredients like xantham gum and potato starch.

Udi’s Gluten Free Foods to the rescue!!!

Look at what I found at my door last week.

And guess what was inside?

A lovely selection of Udi’s goodies for Owen!

Owen recently started eating hummus (thank goodness for no sesame allergies… I’m hoping it’s all grains, and that it’s temporary!), so the first thing I did was whip out a slice of the Udi’s sandwich bread and top it with a bit of hummus. Owen GOBBLED it. The child was in heaven.

Since then we’ve tried the blueberry muffins too, and the pizza dough and the other loaf of bread are in the freezer for safe keeping. The muffins were tasty. A different texture than bakery muffins, for sure, but still mighty tasty and a pretty good subsitute for gluten-filled ones. And… bonus… I didn’t have to bake them! AND I believe in all of their ingredients, which is a big deal for someone who generally prefers to bake their own bread.

Support Udi’s! “Like” them on Facebook. Heck, if I could “Love” them on Facebook, I would. Owen too.

What other gluten-free brands do you like?


7 responses to “She Says… Gluten Free and Fabulous

  1. Hey there! I just posted a whole post, with links, on my favorite tried and true GF products. Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  2. A friend’s baby has a wheat allergy and she raved about the King Arthur Flour gluten free chocolate cake mix.

  3. We love udi’s. There is a restaurant pretty close to our house so we go there often and enjoy gluten free treats! We also have used the king aurthur flour gluten free products- they rock!

  4. I guess you’re in luck that gluten free is the new diet fad and it’s now offered everywhere! I could probably sell a piece of my dog’s crap at the local yoga studio here if I labeled it as “Gluten-free, Vegan, and Free range!”

  5. I’ve been dying to try Udi’s… I live in Denver, where they’ve got the cafes (plus, the new Middle Eastern place they have in Boulder…) They have a full bakery not too far from here as well.

  6. Have you ever checked out his blog?
    It’s a slow-cooker recipe blog, but the woman who blogs it makes all of her recipes gluten-free because of her children’s dietary needs. Anyways, her recipes are always great and easy, and she suggests gluten-free products for any recipe that needs them. Hope that helps!

  7. Udi’s rocks!! They have the best gf bread other than homemade!
    Other than bread, I make all my own gf baked goods. Once you get the hang of it it isn’t difficult to convert recipes. No one knows that my cakes, cookies, squares, etc. are gf.

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