She Says… When the Cat’s Away

… the kittens will play.

Isn’t that the saying?

While I’ve been working late the last few days, Owen learned a new trick. And instead of correcting this behavior, Benjamin giggled along with him and took a video. Thanks for your help, Daddy.

It IS hilarious. But it’s also kind of frustrating. Because although it keeps Owen giggling while he’s eating, it also means just about nothing goes in his mouth. And, you know, though Schnitzel is the right weight right now, that’s not going to last very long if he’s eating all of Owen’s food!

I’ve tried catching the food before it is dropped and saying a firm “no” (while hiding my own laughter, of course). But Owen thinks that is even MORE hilarious.

What’s a mama to do? I know, I know… lighten up? Let him be? Probably. But I’d also like for him to eat something.


12 responses to “She Says… When the Cat’s Away

  1. Try putting Schnitzel in the other room while Owen is eating. You may have to sweep the floor (once Owen is out of the room) for a few days, but I would think after a few times of no satisfaction from dropping the food on the floor he would stop dropping it.?. Just be careful that he doesn’t think that dropping food on the floor and mommy sweeping it up is a new game.

  2. Regardless it would solve the problem of Schnitzel learning a bad behavior (begging) and gaining additional weight.

  3. Oh man, you could have taken this same video at my house. It’s so annoying (it’s funny for a few weeks, but it wears off). She gives half her food to the dog and if I tell her no, she looks me right in the eye and does it anyway with a “What are YOU going to do about it” look and then a giggle. Oy, I can’t wait until that one is a teenager.

  4. meh. looks like he’s getting a good amount in the old craw. i agree with the poster who said put the puppers in another room while he’s eating. and i read once that babies learn quickly to use food as a major control tool because we’re all so stressed out about them eating enough. i’ve found with my daughter, the best way to solve any food “issue” is not to care. she’ll get enough and so will that cutie pie of yours.

  5. Yep, looks very familiar. We have a pug, and we refer to the high chair as the “food tree,” and she camps out there when my son’s eating. Every morning, she runs out of our room to see if the food tree has dropped anything overnight. 😉
    I haven’t found a solution, but if he keeps dropping food after I say no once or twice, I usually take the food away. If he’s still hungry, I will give it back after a bit of course, but usually dropping or otherwise playing with his food at mealtime means he’s done or not hungry.
    It’s pretty cute at first, and hard not to laugh at, but it gets old fast!

  6. Haha! Benjamin’s reaction is the best. Moms always have to be the bad guys 😉

  7. OMG same situation here. There is something about “No” that increases the hilarity of the situation for the babies. I die. So hard not to laugh, especially when hubby is out of eye/ear shot busting a gut and I’m trying to be the kill joy telling him “No” lol

    You HAVE to watch this video of Cameron & Lucy! Priceless! lol

  8. Toddlers… the reason all of our dogs end up over weight! Ben’s response cracks me up…”you’re not really supposed to be doing that”. Ok Dad. I’ll stop since you said it so nicely!

  9. Yep – Maya (the dog) hears us putting Nora (the food Goddess) into the high chair and comes racing! You’re just lucky that Owen hasn’t figured out that he can feed food directly into the pup’s mouth. Yuck. Or… yum?

  10. Helen literally started feeding Paisley the first time we gave her real food, and since we’ve been doing BLW that was months ago. Here’s what we do: instead of putting all her food in front of her (when I do I think it overwhelms her and she feeds all but one piece to Paisley, then eats it and looks at me for more). If I give it to her all at once she plays with it instead of eating it. But if I put bits on her plate little by little she devours it, and then once she starts feeding Paisley that means she’s full. If there’s only 1 bean, she eats it. If there are 17, why not feed Paisley, cause it’s hilarious? 🙂

  11. Very funny. Will likes to pick up all the food in front of him, dump it in his lap, then eat out of his lap. Go figure.
    Also, great bib. It’s got good shoulder coverage. Somehow Will also gets food on his shoulders!

  12. jeneandliss

    I’m really no help, because my response to things like that is pretty much identical to Benjamin’s. 😀 It’s so cute and funny, it’s hard to be firm at times like that!
    Like Lia, we’ve had to go the route of only give small amounts at a time, otherwise he just plays with it, so that might be an option.

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