She Says… Using Your Powers For Good

Almost every week day, I sit at my computer and write a blog post. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes, sometimes far longer. When I’m not actually writing, I’m writing in my head. I’m scheming about future posts or thinking, “THAT would be great to write about on the blog…”. I love writing, and, I’ll be honest, I love that YOU love to read it.

Blogging is a pretty powerful thing. Your words reach a lot of people. While most of my blogging is pretty mundane, I like to think that someone out there, somewhere, at some time, has been touched by my words. That someone’s eyes have been opened to an issue like infertility or that they found my experience helpful or feels a little less alone if they are going through something similar. Or they have at least cracked a smile looking at pictures of my silly baby. So although generally I write about the day-to-day, it’s an incredible honor to know that there are people out there reading every word I type.

I want to introduce you to someone doing something awesome through blogging. She is using her powerful words for good. And I want in on that. I want to help. So I’m using my powers for good by spreading her good words.

This is Ashley. A blogger with a heart of gold and a mission to SHINE her positivity on others. She has 2 really inspiring projects in the works:

  1. One is called Change for Change. Go to her blog to see a beautiful movie to explain the purpose of the project, but the basics are that you save your loose change in a jar for 3 months, until the end of October. Your goal is to find $100. If you don’t find it, ask for it. Save it. Get together with friends and see if they can gather it. If Ashley can get 100 people to pledge $100, she will have $10,000 to directly impact and change the lives of 2 students at the Cesar Chavez High School in Phoenix, Arizona, where Ashley did an internship previously. She saw that there was a need, and she set out to meet it. But she needs help. Want to give money without the hassle of collecting change? Ashley has a PayPal address so you can donate directly as well.
  2. The other, as part of the Change for Change program, is a silent auction that will be held in October to raise even more money for this scholarship program. Ashley is looking for donations of just about anything that can be auctioned off. Do you have something you can give? Check out Ashley’s blog and email her for her address.

I know there are lots of worthy causes to give to, but I was particularly touched by the direct impact this money will have on people who need it. 100% of it. There’s no red tape, no admin fees, and no question about where the money is going or how it’s going to get to its final destination.

Also… as an aside, Ashley makes these ADORABLE necklaces and t-shirts that you can purchase (cheap! only $12!) to help her cause and spread the word. I just ordered a necklace and it’s totally cute.

So use your powers for good, and SHINE ON.


One response to “She Says… Using Your Powers For Good

  1. What a cool thing – I got in touch with her about donating some work that my company does. Thanks for sharing this!

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