She Says… Art

Our new house is bigger than our old house. I guess that’s what happens when you move further away from the city.

Our old house had very little wall space for art. Between the moldings and the windows and the angled walls on the entire top floor, we had a carefully curated art collection. Each piece had to be awesome. And fit perfectly. And the collection as a whole needed to reflect us. To let visitors know a little more about us in a glimpse. And by carefully curated, I mean tiny.

And inexpensive. Like so many other things, I found almost everything on Etsy.

Since we moved and have a lot more wall space now (woot woot for tall ceilings), it’s time to grow our collection. The problem is that now that Owen is, well, Owen, I don’t have time to troll Etsy for hours and hours to find the perfect thing. But do you know what I have that IS the perfect thing? Pictures of my beautiful baby.

Pictures = art. Especially when they are printed on canvas. You know, like real art.

I was so thrilled when Easy Canvas Prints offered to send me a sample canvas print to review. First things first, I have to say that their customer service was awesome! I worked with Melissa and she was prompt and sweet. I went to their easy-to-use website and submitted my picture, and she emailed me minutes later to ask me a detailed question about what I had selected just to make sure that I was getting the print I wanted. I had made a little boo boo (got a 1.5″ image wrap, which ends up cropping the image in a way that wasn’t exactly what I thought I was getting), so she fixed it for me lickety split (by switching it to a mirror wrap). Shipping was quick too, and I received my canvas in just a few days.

It looks great. Honestly, I could stare at this picture all day.

The image is crisp and I love that it is on canvas and not just a framed photo. Definitely makes it feel more like art.

Overall I was super happy with my experience. The only issue I had was with the packaging. The canvas was shipped in a cardboard wrap, but it was wrapped entirely in packing tape, which made it really hard to unwrap without cutting it with scissors (which was almost impossible since it was up against the canvas itself). After a few minutes of peeling and trimming and untangling, I got my canvas out without any problems.

And voila! Art!

Check them out at

Where do you find art?


8 responses to “She Says… Art

  1. Art? You mean actually hang stuff on our walls? We’re still using the “we just moved in” excuse even though it’s been 2 years 🙂

    My friend had great luck with the “free” section on craig’s list for art. Sounds creepy to me, but no one murdered her, so it’s worth a try.

  2. The canvas looks fantastic!! A great place for inexpensive stretched canvas prints is (They have photobooks and other stuff, too.)I’ve been meaning to place an order for forever!! Disclaimer: I haven’t ordered them from before, just read reviews from many happy customers!

  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous picture of you two.

  4. Beautiful! I might have to try that! I love the color on the walls as well!

  5. The photo looks great. I really like the color. Is this black and white or sepia or something in between?

  6. wow. what a stunning photo. it so perfect captures those early days.

  7. First of all, what Size canvas did you get?
    It’ll be for, 11×14 OR 16×20 canvas size & will be 1 1/2 inch. thick. The size is debatable! I saw a special that they’re running through the site, Living Social. Anyway, I’m debating either using a current pic.(to send in) of our son, a NB/infant stage and/or a pic. of the 3 of us. What would YOU do?
    How did you end up choosing a picture & why?! I have so many that I’d love to turn into a canvas, but don’t know which one/s?! IF you only purchased one canvas print, what would be your subject?–(ie. the kid only, parent w/kid, etc; etc..)??
    Are you glad you went with B/W canvas print or do you wish that you had gone w/Color?

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