She Says… Happy 4th — Take 2

Thank you all for your comments on yesterday’s post. Apparently I am not alone in wanting to poke my eyeballs out listening to incessant whining.

We had part of Benjamin’s family over to our new digs for a little 4th of July celebration yesterday, so you do get to see adorable pictures of my [whiny] child after all. And, BONUS!, with so many people around to entertain him, the whining pretty much stopped. Win win.

We played a little whiffle ball, and golf…

Did a bit of walking…

And even tried running. Which didn’t end so well.

Schnitzel drank an entire baby pool of water. That also didn’t end well. (Just kidding!)

We played with sparklers…

And phones. (The wonders of technology, eh?)

Unfortunately today I have that nagging “what if the whining is stemming from an ear infection or other sickness-related thing I can’t see or feel or touch” feeling (which usually means something is actually wrong), so I’ve sent him off to the doctor with Daddy for a once-over while I’m at work.

I’m running a BIG, 2-week training program at work with about 5 times the number of new hires I usually manage, so it’s another one of those days where I barely have time to pee. And will probably continue at that pace until Friday the 15th. And I have to go into the office every day, when I normally work from home a few days a week. 9 work days until the craziness ends. The countdown has started.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!


10 responses to “She Says… Happy 4th — Take 2

  1. Those sparkler pics are great! I can’t believe you captured that. Hope Owen gets better soon and you make it through the training program at work 🙂

  2. Those pictures are fantastic! I hope Owen is ok and it isn’t another ear infection!

  3. Sparkler & phone pics are awesome! I hope Owen is okay 🙂 And in reply to your previous post & this one – maybe there isn’t necessarily something physical bothering him, but more something mental. What I mean is, you know how they can get sleep regressions just before mastering a new skill or achieving a new milestone? Yeah, I’m guessing that also runs over into their mental state. Maybe some restless sleep, too. Oh, and another thing I’ve found with Amber, maybe you could try it with Owen as well – feed him. A’s suddenly gotten ravenous and I find that if she becomes all fussy and clingy just 30 minutes after a good nap, and I find myself wondering WTH, it is usually solved when I give her a good snack. She’ll chow down like an-I-don’t-know-what! So try that as well 🙂 Other options: a new, more advanced toy (we gave her her fire truck early – she loved it) to play and discover, and going outside to a playground or something nature-y.

  4. AAAGH! I *love* the Owen sparkler shot! So jealous we didn’t think of this for our kiddos! 😛

  5. Ahhh! I saw a sparkler pic on Pinterest the other day and I meant to check it out! VERY cool!!

    And I think following your nagging mother’s instinct makes you a GREAT mother and not an asshole…jussayin!

  6. Holy crap…those pics are awesome!!

  7. I LOVE the sparkler photo–how adorable! Mr. Owen is looking more and more like you–so precious!

  8. The pictures are wonderful! I still can’t believe he’s toddling around. Hopefully everything checks out at the doctor.

  9. Replying to your Twitter question here, since I don’t use Twitter :P… We’re looking at bike trailers right now, as we’re getting ready to move to a MUCH friendlier biking town. I think, for now, we’re going with the InStep Sync. It’s one of the best rated on Amazon without being outrageously expensive. Once I know for sure our kiddo will like the trailer, I may upgrade if needed, since we plan on spending a LOT of time on the bike. There are double options out there, as well as ones that can be used as a stroller, but I’m hesitant to drop a bundle without knowing how he’ll like it.

  10. It’s funny how they can be so much sweeter and happier when people are around! We had friends in for the 4th as well. My daughter was so happy the whole time. I put her down for a nap right when they left and when she woke they were gone- she instantly became whiny and clingy beyond anything I had ever seen! Took her for her 9 mo appt today and told the Dr something must be wrong! Nope she was perfectly healthy! It’s just a stage (at least in my case)! Love the pics!

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