She Says… Our Other Baby

I know most of the time I write about Owen, so aside from the “dog & baby show” posts I write, you may forget about our OTHER baby. Our FIRST baby.

The furry one.

The one who entertains Owen like no other. The gigantic lovemuffin who doesn’t realize his own size. Who is taller than me on his hind legs, but has irrational fears of things like garbage bags and stairs.

About a week ago I noticed Schnitzel had some little red bumps on his skin and he seemed to be scratching a bit more than usual. He is outside playing a lot, and since we moved we’ve spent a lot of time outside on our deck while he lounges in the yard, so I thought maybe they were little bug bites. Then two days ago I noticed that he was itching a spot on his knee so much that he had rubbed away the skin and it looked pink and raw. No time like the present to find a new vet!

Turns out he has a minor skin infection (hence the itching and red bumps). But that’s not all. Apparently it is standard practice to do a yearly lyme test at this new vet since now we’re out in lyme disease country and not in the city. Schnitzel’s first lyme test was positive! Eeek! Since he isn’t acting sick at the moment and hasn’t had a known case of lyme disease in the past, the vet said that it probably means that he was infected by a tick previously but his body fought off the infection successfully. I am disappointed that our old vet never checked for such a thing; we had no idea! Anyway, apparently lyme disease can mess with the dog’s kidneys, so we did a urinalysis to see how he’s doing in that department.

Side note: Do you know how funny it is to get a urine sample from a dog? They had a vet tech come outside with me after our appointment to see if we could “catch” a sample. The vet said that some dogs are so nervous they can’t pee (that’s the opposite of what I’m like when I’m nervous!), so they could send me home with a cup to get the sample on my own. Are you kidding me? My dog is huge. I’m not going to climb underneath him and hold a tiny cup in his urine stream while wrestling with his leash thankyouverymuch! Thankfully Schnitzel was not one of those scared non-pee-ers (whattagoodboy), and he peed immediately when we walked outside and the vet tech was the one who scrambled and squatted to catch his pee. Problem solved.

So we went home several hundred dollars poorer (but well worth it for a healthy pup!) and with a bag of antibiotic pills for the rash. The vet will call me today with the results from the urinalysis. My fingers are crossed that all is well. Schnitzel is 5 years old and has been healthy as a horse for his whole life. Nothing more than an ear infection and some dry skin issues as a puppy. Let’s not break this streak now, mmmkay?

Also, now that I write that… what’s up with my babies and their weird skin issues? Owen and his eczema and Schnitzel and his rash. If it’s not one baby, it’s the other!

Any tips on giving pills to big dogs? I have to give him 2 pills, twice a day with his meals for the next 10 days. Yesterday and today I stuck them in peanut butter and he thought it was a treat and wolfed it down, but a few minutes ago he just threw up everything he ate for breakfast. Poor doggie dog.


11 responses to “She Says… Our Other Baby

  1. Poor Schnitzel! We make little “sandwiches” to give our dog pills – a bit of bread, cheese or PB, all mooshed together with the pill. Harder for him to fish it out that way.

  2. Jenna (Hello, I Love You)

    Poor Schnitzel! I always use these things called Pill Pockets and put the whole thing right in his food bowl with the rest of his meal. My mom’s big dog has a hard time taking pills and they really help him keep them down.

  3. I just shove the pill down the dog’s throat. Then I hold her mouth and rub her throat until I hear a swallow. She gets a pill twice a day to control her seizures, so it’s second nature to us.

    Our dog had ear and dry skin issues and when we switched to a lamb and rice dry dog food without any dyes or additives and it all got better. Our vet clued us in on that. The extra money spent on the food is better than constant ear infections and dry skin flakiness.

    I worked in an animal hospital before college and I was the expert dog pee catcher. I could even get the little female Yorkies. 🙂

  4. Oh no, poor puppy! We get our dog vaccinated against lyme each year. But we live in the sticks and find about 50+ ticks on her a year. I don’t know if it’s 100% but it gives me some peace of mind. I hope you caught it early enough that it doesn’t cause too many problems.
    Our dog tore her ACL when she was just over 1 yr. old, you would’ve thought she was dying the way I reacted. It’s so sad to see them not well.

  5. Pat and John

    We always gave Tucker his pills in a half slice of American cheese. No problem. In fact when Schnitzel was with us, he had to have some cheese too (sans pills)>

  6. I’m amazed our dog, Marley, hasn’t had a positive Lyme test. We have to deal with ticks more frequently than we’d like, despite using Advantix. Hopefully Schnitzel is fine.

    When Marley was sick before, the vet told us to feed him ground beef and white rice and we ground his pills up and put them in the food. It helped him keep them down and settled his stomach. Those pill pockets look convenient though!

  7. Poor guy! We always have to put our little dog’s pills in some cheese. She’s picky though and likes her Feta! Oh the thing we do for our pups…

  8. You can collect dog pee much more pleasantly/efficiently with a ladle. Preferably, an old one that you no longer plan on using.

  9. That’s clever, Brie!
    I give Emmett his daily pill in a tiny ball of natural peanut butter. He’s delighted to receive it each day!

  10. I work part time at a kennel, and we give dogs their pills in Pill Pockets, made my the Greenies company. They are soft treats with a “pocket” for the pill- they are fantastic! They come in several flavors, including one for dogs with allergies.

  11. I used to give our beagle his pills in a spoonful of ice cream – he would just swallow it whole. If I gave it to him in something he had to chew, the pill was always spat out.

    The lamb/rice formula food worked for him as well or the food we got from the vet.

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