She Says… Easy Peasy

The last few weeks have been full of changes. Between the new house (new rooms, new smells, new sounds), going on vacation for a week (even more new rooms, new smells, new sounds, new schedules), and starting a new daycare (new friends, new teachers, new routine), I figured Owen wouldn’t know which was was up for awhile. I planned on a few “weird” weeks for us to get into a groove.

You know what?

I didn’t give the kid enough credit.

He is rolling with the punches.

First night in the new house he slept like a champ. I chalked it up to the excellent planning and speedy furniture building that Benjamin and I did to get his room set up just so by the time bedtime rolled around on moving day. When we went to the beach he had one bad night when he was sleeping in a pack ‘n play in my room (apparently we are long past the days when sleeping in the same room was an option!), but the very next day he was right back to his schedule, even despite his screaming cousin in the pack ‘n play next to him. He was his happy, laid back little self.

Then this week he started his new daycare. I dropped him off on his first day, waved goodbye, and left him happily grabbing his new teacher’s face and giving her a good smack lovepat. He loves to smack pat. No tears, no fussing. If he could have shrugged his shoulders, he would have. Easy peasy. When I picked him up at the end of the day it was the same. He looked up at me, smiled and pulled my face to him to give him a big kiss, and then he wanted me to put him down so he could play some more. What a boy.

He has kind of a weird schedule at his new daycare. They do classrooms like school, based on the child’s age, and the kids stay with their class for a year. Then move up to the next classroom as a group. Given his age he is right between two classrooms — he’d be one of the oldest in the Infant room, or one of the youngest in the Older Infant room. Since he’s pretty advanced in motor skills, we wanted him to be with the big kids in the Older Infant room. They don’t have room for him in that classroom every day, so he switches back and forth between the two classrooms depending on space.

At first I thought this would be kind of disruptive to him. And it might make it harder for him to adjust to the new schedule and the new people. So far? So far it’s awesome. In the Infant room he climbs all over the littler babies and enjoys napping throughout the day like his younger friends. In the Older Infant room he gets to try all kinds of fun things with his older friends like ripping paper, painting, water play, going to the playground, and more. They do A LOT in that classroom. The teachers are saints.

The teachers in both rooms adore him. I couldn’t be happier. He’s going to love growing up there. And I couldn’t have asked for a more flexible little boy. He makes these changes easy peasy!


6 responses to “She Says… Easy Peasy

  1. Painting? Oh man, I can’t even picture letting my kid near paint. Those teachers ARE saints.

    I’m so glad Owen rolls with the punches, my kid doesn’t even like it if her stuffed giraffe is in the wrong corner of the crib!

  2. what an angel!!

  3. That’s amazing! I’m so glad that Owen is doing well with all the changes and of course it’s always nice when things go a little easier than planned. I really hope that my son is able to be as flexible.

  4. Owen is awesome!! Makes this transition so less stressful for you I’m sure!

  5. What a champ! Sometimes I wonder if transitions aren’t harder on us than they are on the babes.

  6. I mean….Angel Baby! Love. Him!

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