She Says… Beach Bum

Ahhh, the beach. It was lovely.

Coming home to out of control inboxes (both personal and professional)? Not so lovely. So now that I’m trudging through the aftermath of a week without checking my work email, I need some pictures of the happy times we had to keep me positive in the face of so. much. work.

Owen had an absolute blast in the water. It was his first time in the ocean…

… and in a pool. He couldn’t get enough. I think baby swim classes are in our future.

We also had some silly fun at home with all of the cousins…

But my favorite picture of ALL, is this one.

Priceless. I know that one shouldn’t make me particularly happy, but for some reason it makes me giggle. He was fine, trust me.

Despite the lack of sleep and sicknesses we fought, it was a wonderful, wonderful week! Now off to continue sorting through my massive amounts of emails…


7 responses to “She Says… Beach Bum

  1. Oh that last picture is too cute! You should blow that one up in his room or something 😉

  2. I love that last picture 🙂 My kid does that “WHY won’t you PICK me UP??” cry face a lot.

    I can’t wait to take my baby to the beach for the first time, mostly because I really want to go to the beach. We’re taking her to Miami for a wedding in November, so she’ll get to hit South Beach for her first experience. I’m sure that won’t be scarring.

  3. Love it! What kind of swim diaper is he wearing? I’s adorable!

  4. awwh i loooove all the pictures! but i cant help but notice HOW DARN MUCH HE HAS GROWN!!! do you know how much he weighs now?

  5. That last one made me giggle, too – I saw that face approximately 28 times today before I left for work 🙂 Looks like you guys had a blast – love family vacations!

  6. Lovely pictures! I’m still laughing at the one where Benjamin’s hair is spiked up like Owens lol

  7. I just want to eat him up! He is so cute. Love his mohawk too. And he is looking more and more like you I think!!!!!

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