She Says… Back to Life; Back to Reality

So, we’re home. As I mentioned last week, the beach week with my fam was full of fun and laughter, but was also filled with sleepless nights (thanks to listening to TWO babies fussing throughout the night since Owen and his cousin Becca were rooming together), and sickness (Owen had en emergency trip to the doctor on our way out of town which revealed an ear infection and – yup! – another upper respiratory infection that required breathing treatments every 4 hours at the beach, and I subsequently got a yucky cough and then pink eye because I was unable to take care of myself and sleep). Owen pretty much recovered throughout the week and although I’m still nursing my pink eye, we’re pretty much on the up and up.

And did I mention we’re HOME?

Like, to our new house? Our new house that we have “lived in” for 2 weeks but only spent 5 whole days in? Yes, that house home.

Coming home to a bunch of boxes and a bit of disorganization was not the most relaxing homecoming, but it certainly feels nice to be home for good. My mom and little sister came and spent the night prior to leaving for the beach, and my brother and sister-in-law and their 6 month old baby came up to visit on their way home from the beach, so we were able to get a bit more unpacking done while my family hung out with Owen. The kitchen, living room, dining room and bedrooms are completely unpacked and organized. We’re not exactly ready to start putting art up on the walls, but we’re doing pretty well!

Owen is LOVING his playroom (which is about 2.5 times bigger than his entire nursery in our old house) and sleeps like a champ in his new nursery. He didn’t really have any sort of adjustment period to the new house; he just kept his old schedule and took it all in stride. What a flexible little boy.

Obviously this is not very exciting to you without pictures. Pictures to come, I promise! Now I’m off to enjoy my last day of vacation with the O-meister before I start work again tomorrow and he starts his new daycare. Lots to write about in the next few days…


8 responses to “She Says… Back to Life; Back to Reality

  1. I have never commented before, but I have to ask … were you in Coolidge Corner yesterday? Because if not, your entire family of 3 has a doppelganger family … seriously! They looked just like you!

  2. Oh Yuck!! Another respiratory infection? Poor kid. I had them all of the time as a kid…what a PITA. Hope everyone is feeling a bit better and getting some good sleep in the new house!! Can’t wait to see pics– I think I got a peek of the kitchen on the Today show!!

  3. Busy week! Good luck with it all… 🙂
    We moved last August, and I am just now starting to feel like we are “settling” into our home – it sure takes time!

  4. Good luck with the unpacking now that you are finally home!

  5. yikes! that vacation was packed full of “fun” err not so much. maybe next trip will involve no sicknesses! just watched your link to the today show segment (and here i thought it was going to be about your youtube video again LOL). you looked like a professional! great interview!

  6. That sounds like the most exhausting vaation ever! I’m so glad you all are feeling better and are getting the house all done. Can’t wait to see the new pics!

  7. Your vacation sure sounds… (?). Pink eye is so embarrassing as an adult, especially since that movie Knocked Up when they all got from farting on each other’s pillows. 🙂

    Good luck unpacking, that’s the hardest part of moving!

  8. @JMT, No, we were not in Coolidge Corner. I want to meet this bizarro family, though!!!

    @Stef, That kitchen in the Today Show shot was actually our beach house. We shot it while on vacay. Strange, but cool 🙂 I’ll get some pics soon as we get the rooms organized in our new house.

    @Kara, Totally. Maybe someone farted on my pillow.

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