She Says… Out of His Element

How fun is it to be with my entire family at the beach for a week? SUPER FUN.

How hard is it to be away from our beds and our routine? SUPER HARD.

I don’t get to see my family very often because they mostly live down in the PA/MD/DE area, but when we do, it’s 100% craziness. Kids everywhere, everyone laughing and talking (and sometimes crying), wonderful food and lots and lots of catching up.

This is the first time we’ve really traveled with Owen since we established his rock solid bedtime routine, and, as expected, he’s having a bit of a hard time adjusting to all of the changes. We’re all staying in one (loud) house with pretty thin walls and not quite enough bedrooms, so we had to get creative about where everyone would sleep. With a 4 year old, a 15 month old, an 11 month old (Owen) and a 6 month old, there are lots of nap schedules to contend with, as well as preferred sleeping conditions, like darkness, temperature, sound machines/music, etc. It’s a bit like a circus here at the moment 🙂

After much deliberation we decided to put the 4 year old with my younger sister (in 2 twin beds), put the 6 month old in with her parents (my brother and his wife) and are attempting to sleep Owen and the 15 month old in tandem pack n’ plays in a basement room. Everyone seems to be ok with this plan except the two babies in the basement. They both do a bit of fussing in their cribs, but unfortunately at different times. Becca, my 15 month old niece, cries a bit when she goes down to sleep, and Owen has a pretty regular fussy period between 4 and 5 am. He generally goes back to sleep at that point until 6:30am, and has even succeeded in doing that most mornings here at the beach, but Becca, being Owen’s roommate, isn’t used to getting up at that time. Which makes for a lot of crying babies and odd hours. And naps that don’t always happen.

Which means a lot of tired parents. Who would love to be hanging out and spending all day at the beach and sitting together and chatting, but are actually spending 99% of their time planning for a nap or feeding their children.

So that part is kind of hard.

But the awesome part is how comfortable we all feel with each others’ children. We grab hands and play with toys and cuddle all of the babies, regardless of who they belong to. That’s family. And it’s so, so, so nice.


12 responses to “She Says… Out of His Element

  1. That last picture of the two in the bathtub is uber adorable! Hope you find some time to relax!

  2. Love the bath time pictures! Sounds like you are having a good time with your family! I can imagine it would be difficult with so many little ones.

  3. Get used to it. There is no more “just relaxing” with a baby. If you remove yourself from expectations (that you’ll actually enjoy yourself totally on vacation) it is a lot easier to accept. I feel your pain. I took my first trip with my baby and it was kind of miserable because her nap routine was wonky and we had to leave early. A bit of a disappointment as I was looking forward to spending time there, but her needs are of paramount imortance. I’ve simply elected not to take any more trips while she still needs to nap so often. Try to have fun!

  4. Such a cute bath tub pic! Adorable!

  5. We just did our first trip to our family’s cabin with my seven month old. It was definitely challenging get her to sleep in a new place!! I guess it’s all about changing your expectations. I can’t wait to see her splashing in the lake on our next trip.

  6. One of my older Mommy friends told me (after returning from Disney with her two boys): “Once you have kids, you don’t get vacations. You might go on trips, but it’s not a vacation. Unless you don’t take the kids.”

    I have found that to be the truest advice anyone has ever given me. 🙂

  7. Little Owen is turning 1 next month?!?! Wow I can’t believe it. I met you less than two years ago in Chicago when you were still trying to get pregnant and NOW look at you! Time flies. Enjoy every moment, Kate.

  8. We do travel most weekends to either my parents or his, so I’m hoping that Logan will get used to sleeping anywhere. But at only 10 weeks I’m seeing the difference between his sleep-anywhere-anytime newborn schedule and the must-follow-routine schedule he’s taking to now. The bath pictures are adorable! He’s getting so big!!

  9. Owen looks so different in the tub without his trademark sticking up hair!

  10. That must be so wonderful to have the family time which can be better in other ways with the babies. Such cute pictures and Owen’s little cousin in that last picture is such a beauty!

  11. the pictures of the two babies in the bath with the mommies is my fav. soooo freakin adorable! but all the pictures are amazing and even though all schedules are out the window, everyone looks to be having an amazing time! happy 5 year anniversary to you guys tomorrow! how great to spend it with the fam!!!!!! i’m sure they will baby sit so you and benjamin can get away for awhile! 🙂

  12. Love love love love the bath picture, too cute for words! Glad you had a great trip

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