He Says… Owen’s first trip to the beach

We are spending this week in a house we rented on Cape Cod with Kate’s family.  We planned this vacation back in the fall, so the timing turned out to not be perfect with moving into our house a week before, but with everything going on, it’s still nice to get away and, try at least, not to work for a week.

It’s still technically off-season on the Cape, and the weather is still not great for going in the ocean, but it’s been nice and warm enough to at least go to the beach and play in the sand.

This was really the first time Owen had been to a beach.  We lathered him up in SPF 1 million sunblock, got his sun hat and swim diaper, and walked to the beach. Owen loved the wind blowing in his face (my new favorite thing is to blow in his face and watch him laugh).  He tolerated his sun hat enough and looked so freaking adorable in it.

We even brought along a small kiddie pool because we thought the water would be cold, and it would give him something to do.  He seemed to like splashing in the water.

Then Kate ventured into the somewhat cold water to give Owen a little dip.  He was utterly amused by his first experience in the salty water.

And we discovered something else that Owen enjoyed at the beach.  We weren’t expecting this one.  We plopped him on the sand, and well… you can see the video that Kate’s sister shot:


10 responses to “He Says… Owen’s first trip to the beach

  1. That is too cute 🙂 Eli definitely did (does) the same thing! Except, we go to the beach often… which means he eats a lot of sand.

  2. What is it with babies eating sand?! The first time we plopped our little boy into his sandpit (sandbox?) just touching the sand made him gag. A week later, he was shovelling it in his mouth! I just gave up, he was a little sand vacuum.
    I’m glad to see Owen’s hair is as spiky and cute as ever! And I love his faces in the water – he seems like such a happy, laid-back baby.

  3. Do not tell him about sharks!

  4. OMG i died laughing.

  5. Too cute! B eats sand at the beach too. And shells (ouch!). Love the photos. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  6. How can you not smile ear to ear reading/watching that post 🙂 So adorable! I hope you guys enjoy your family time – very much deserved after the big move!

  7. My kid does the same thing with toilet paper. It’s been so bad (like eating books bad) that the doc is trying her on iron drops since sometimes anemic babies REALLY want to eat paper.

    I love that video though 🙂

  8. i loooooove his hair blowing in the breeze! the ending is especially cute!! have a good vacation!

  9. These pics are out-of-control CUTENESS!!!! Enjoy the rest of your awesome trip, looks so fun.

    PS Kate, your arms are CUT in that pic of you leaning over the water with Owen….you’re rocking that swim suit. Hot Mama!!! 🙂

  10. Adorable pics!!!

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