She Says… Boogery Baby

Ah, sick baby days. I have missed you! (Ahem… NOT!).

The whole This Place is Now a Home family has been healthy for the last few weeks (following our unfairly long bout of sickness after sickness), but I fear that we are entering the realm of boogers again. Owen has had a low-grade fever on and off for the last few days, along with an unprecedented amount of boogers. This morning when he woke up, in fact, his little face was so covered in dried green snot that I actually carried him into our bedroom to show his face to Benjamin before I cleaned him up. Nice, huh? I’ve been using the boogie sucker, wiping nonstop and using a humidified at night, but the boogers just keep coming. My throat is beginning to feel a little sore and Benjamin is starting to feel a little congested as well. I guess that was bound to happen; we’ve been going a mile a minute for the last few weeks, gearing up for the big move, and we haven’t exactly been getting lots of sleep. We’re loading up on the vitamins and doing our best to keep this sickness at arm’s length.

Oh, and Owen’s STILL working on those top two teeth that have been threatening to pop through for the last 2 weeks. I think I see the tips coming through the gums, but the boogers compounded with the drooling is enough to fill a bathtub. Yuck.

In other news, our new daycare doesn’t start for a few more weeks, so we’re stuck driving Owen back into the city before we go to work each day, which is a HUGE HUGE HUGE pain and takes several hours out of our day. Hours that I would really, really rather spend unpacking. But c’est la vie. We’ll get unpacked eventually.

Send us healthy vibes so this boogerfest doesn’t turn into anything worse?


7 responses to “She Says… Boogery Baby

  1. Boogerfest 2011! That should be some sort of kiddie music festival. 🙂

    That daily drive sounds awful, but I hope Owen is better in the car than my kid!

  2. ^^ agree with kara. hours in the car would be hours of hysterical crying for us. which would be enough to either put you in the loony bin or force you to use some vacation time until the new daycare place would take baby. ugh. good luck with the sickness and with the commuting!

  3. Boogerfest… hehe. Gosh I hope that you guys don’t all get sick again–no fun at all!

  4. Oh man. I’m crossing my fingers for you that this boogeryness passes you by quickly. We finally feeling like we’re on the cusp of a not-so-sick time (at least we will be, if we can ever get the darned ear infection under control!), so I definitely feel your pain.

  5. We’re in a similar boat right now… my little boy and I are both sick with coughing and congestion (for the second time in two months, which I’m just not used to – before this year we were so isolated that none of us ever got sick), AND he has all four of his 2-year-old molars coming in at once! Between his runny nose and the drooling, my shoulder is completely soaked by the time I put him in bed at night (poor boy is having trouble falling asleep).
    Lots of healthy vibes your way, and I hope you don’t have to deal with anything much worse than the current boogery-ness. 🙂

  6. I get this way every time we move into a house…especially if there is any new carpet or freshly painted walls. It sucks, but usually passes after the first week. When I first moved into our current house, it was a new construction and I spent a month feeling like crap 😦

  7. I hope you all are feeling better and the unpacking is going smoothly! Can’t wait to see pics of the new house! You guys are fabulous decorators!

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