She Says… Chatterbox

As you heard in yesterday’s video, Owen likes to run his mouth. In that video it was mostly vowels and yelling (which makes me giggle every. single. time.), but often it’s a sing-songy little chatter that is beginning to sound more and more like words. It makes my heart swell with love when I hear his little “dee dah blah blah ba ba ba” coming from the stroller while we’re on a walk, or while he’s playing. And if I yawn loudly or sing, he, too, chimes in with swoops from low to high or high to low, sometimes even matching my pitch (though probably by accident). Adorable.

It may be my imagination, but I feel like his consonants are starting to align with words that he hears a lot. When we’re around the dog or Daddy, there are a lot more purposeful “Da DAHs”. Just yesterday I was getting a lot of “Nnnnnnaaaaaannnnn”s while we were playing together (I’ve given up on hoping for “Mama”, but “Naannnnnnn” is a pretty cute replacement). The other night after he finished dinner it sounded like he said “All done!” clear as day. Benjamin and I both cracked up, because it sounded so perfectly pronounced. While that was probably a mistake, he does say “ah dah” after eating sometimes.

And I’m beginning to wonder if it’s NOT my imagination, but rather that he’s learning how to differentiate between sounds and starting to use them appropriately. Most of the time it’s just babbling, but a few key words are sticking, I think.

We’ve been doing baby sign language since he was about 5 months old, too. I remember reading that lots of babies can understand signs long before they can sign them back to you, so it’s important to just keep doing the sign every time you say the word, even if it seems like the baby could care less. We do basic signs like “milk”, “food”, “all done”, “change” (for diaper), “bathtime”, “drink” (for water), and “sleep”. They don’t do them at our current daycare (though the new daycare does!), so I imagine it will take him a little longer to pick them up because it’s not consistent.

Sometimes, though not always, he signs for milk when it’s time for a bottle. He seems to do it more when he’s frustrated or very hungry, so I can already see how it may help him feel less frustrated when he wants to tell me something but doesn’t have the words. I haven’t seen any of the other signs from him yet, but he’s still so little.

Am I crazy to think these sounds might be the beginning of language? Or does it start this early? When have you seen progress towards actual words in your child(ren)?

In other news, we’re STILL PACKING. I’m leaving for a work trip tomorrow for a few days, and when I get home it’s just about MOVING DAY! WOO HOO! 5 days and counting.


10 responses to “She Says… Chatterbox

  1. Faith will be a year next week and while she says many, many things, none of them are actually words. Also, she doesn’t say things like “Dada” with meaning, unless she thinks the dog is “Dada”. I’m not too worried, because it’s not like she’s not talking and making all the sounds (lately she loves “ZZZZZZZ” while blowing spit), so she’ll get there eventually.

    I can never understand other people’s toddlers, hopefully that’s not the case here!

  2. Eli hasn’t really gotten past dadadada and he’ll be one in 3 weeks (egad!). Every once in awhile he throws in a baba, mama, nana, lala… and he does say ha a lot. He is a really physical baby… walking at 11 months, and much more dextrous than other babies I’ve seen his age. So, I figure his language will just come later 🙂

  3. I don’t know but I’m thinking the same thing here! Cameron does all the normal babbling sounds and says “Mama” “Dada” “Nana” “Baba” “Tata” and does a lot of whispering sounds which is adorable but there were a FEW times when he said “Mama” and “Dada” that we both thought were purposeful. Like one time Hubs had him on the couch and I came into the kitchen from our attached garage and started talking and then he had his back turned to me and yells “Mama!” and started cranking his neck trying to see me. and there were a few mornings when I went to get him and brought him into our room to wake up Hubs and as soon as he saw him he goes “Da da” and ONCE he melted my heart because I was putting him down in his crib and he started to protest and didn’t want to go and as soon as I laid him down he says clear as a bell “Mama!” in the cutest (most pathetic) voice. You just never know what’s on purpose and what’s not, but when you know them best you get a sense of what’s “normal” for them and then when something sticks out a little different. You never know!

  4. I don’t think you’re crazy, but I also don’t really know when little ones really start making those connections. I know that our friend’s little boy really started babbling with purpose at about 15-16 months or so, but had several words before then.

    I’m really excited to do some Baby Sign with Will when he’s old enough. I’ll bet that the consistency from daycare really makes a difference.

  5. Isn’t it crazy how everything starts happening all at the same time?! Good stuff. Owen is too cute, and big giant congrats on the move! Best of luck with everything.

  6. The Laundry Lady

    It’s definitely not crazy. My daughter had almost two dozen words around one year and 130 at 18 months. Sometimes some children are very verbal, even early on. My daughter was especially fond of identifying people and favorite objects or foods. We did a few basic baby signs too. “Hungry” was especially convenient.

  7. Soooo soooo sweet!!! Is “Dada” just the easiest sound for babies to make and that’s why I tends to be the first word? I feel like most babies say it first?! I love the “All done” thing. What a polite little boy, next he’ll be saying, “may I please be excused?”! 🙂

  8. Aww! Little talker:) It sure sounds like he’s starting to try words out instead of just sounds. So exciting.

  9. My husband started talking VERY early according to his family. I was the opposite. I didn’t really start talking until I was 3. My mother was starting to get worried about me, but I’m fine! ^_^
    My son is 16 months and he says “momma” and “dadda”. He can also say “kitty”, “doggy”, “ball” and “drink”. He understands SO much more, but this is pretty much all he says. I know some his age who communicate more and some who communicate less.

    I think it has to do with the individual. Every person has a different pace of development and personality. He very well may be starting to talk early. 🙂

  10. April Murray

    My oldest son was 10 months when he began “talking”. By one year he had around 50 words that we could understand…by 18 mths. he was putting 2-3 words together. You are not crazy…it happens quick. All babies are different, but I think you may have a little chatterbox on your hands. (Also, my son is now 10 yrs. old and still. has. not. stopped. talking.) LOL Owen is a doll, by the way.

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