She Says… Wet Morning

Sigh. It’s another cold, gray, dreary, foggy, rainy morning in Boston. We haven’t seen the sun in days weeks years. Where is spring? It’s going to be summer before we ever get a taste of spring, I’m afraid.

Not only is it a wet morning outside, but it was a wet morning inside, too. Little Mr. Owen woke up at 5:15am (again) with soaked pajamas and sheets. I thought maybe we had another “lovey overboard” scenario going on, so I crept in and said “shhh” with the lights still low while I searched for that beloved hippo. It wasn’t lovey’s fault this time, though. One of his legs was tucked safely in Owen’s mouth and his body was draped over Owen’s face, just the way he likes it. So I picked Owen up to give him a little snuggle and a pat and realized his pajamas were soaked, right up to his neck. And there was a puddle in his sheets. Oh boy. Here we go again.

I have written before about Owen’s amazing ability to pee through any diaper before. After that post we have switched to size 5 overnight diapers (which are bigger, but somehow he still manages to overflow) and cinch him in as tight as I can manage, but we’re still having floods some nights. Not every night, but at least twice a week. Since so many people on that post suggested that I try cloth diapers or diaper covers, I went to this awesome cloth diaper store near my house and asked for their advice. They suggested adding a cloth insert to increase absorbency with the nighttime diapers I’m already using. We’ve tried it a few times and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I asked about waterproof covers, since that sounds like exactly what we need, but they said that covers wouldn’t help with more absorbency and they wouldn’t necessarily seal the moisture in, so they wouldn’t help our particular issue.

I have one big question about cloth diapers, though. And maybe I’m being totally dense here. But when we first used them I was appalled to take Owen’s diaper off in the morning and realize that the insert was SOAKED (um, duh… I’m not sure what I thought was going to happen). Meaning that his little bum, from butt crack to belly button, had been sitting with soaking wet fabric against it all night. Isn’t that how babies get diaper rash? We’ve never dealt with diaper rash, so I don’t really know. I use a dab of vaseline during the day (though not so much anymore) and I’ve started to use Desitin at night since Owen went through a night pooping stage… but how in the world do baby’s butts survive cloth diapers?

Anyway, I’ve been going back and forth on using these inserts, but sometimes he even overflows a size 5 overnight diaper WITH a cloth insert, so I’m at a loss. Come on moms of superpee-ers, I know you’re out there! What do I do? I’ve thought of double diapering, but can’t really get that to work either. The one time I tried it the outer diaper was bone dry and the pajamas were still wet. Mystery.

I realize I should be glad that Owen doesn’t wake up crying every night for no reason (and that he generally waits until 5:15am or so, which is the norm for some early risin’ babies). While his wakeups been more frequent recently, there’s always a reason! And a good one, too. Could you sleep if you were covered in cold, pee-covered pajamas? Me neither.

Happy Friday! We’re gearing up for our last! weekend! of packing! Pretty excited to just get everything packed and move on to our next big adventure.

33 responses to “She Says… Wet Morning

  1. Have you mentioned his super-peeing to his doctor? That sounds excessive! My baby sometimes even wakes up with a dry diaper in the morning (most often it’s wet, but not soaking).

    I’ve heard a cloth diaper with double inserts is good for overnight, but I’ve never tried it. Have you tried Pampers Baby Dry? I’m pretty sure there are 10,000 chemicals in that diaper, but it works really well.

  2. Have you tried going to size 6 overnight diapers? We use size 6 Huggies overnights with our Owen and he drinks a ton of milk with dinner usually and in the morning his diaper is completely soaked, but the jammies are dry. Pampers overnights didn’t work for us.

  3. I was going to ask you the same thing as Kara — have you asked your doctor? It sounds like you’ve tried just about everything you can think of. Maybe they have some advice?

  4. A lot of people add a fleece insert to the cloth diapers because fleece whisks the wetness away from the skin. It doesn’t absorb any urine, but it separates the wet cloth diaper from his bum.

    What if you tried a bum genius cloth diaper? I’ve heard those are workhorses when it comes to holding urine. A lot of people use them as their overnight diapers.

    We use Earth’s Best diapers, we were having trouble with our previous brand holding pee at night (they were Seventh Generation diapers), but Earth’s Best holds it in at night. You’ve probably already researched the most absorbent diaper brands, but I thought I’d mention anyway that the brand can make a difference.

    I hope you find a solution!!

  5. In regards to the wet cloth diaper next to the skin, in general I would say it depends on what kind of diaper you are using. As I’m sure you saw when you went to Diaper Lab (I assume this is where you went. They’re awesome!), there are quite a few options! If using prefolds (the basic cotton diaper like was used in generations past) this is going to remain wet against baby’s skin. Some people who use these will put a fleece liner between baby and diaper as a moisture barrier. I personally use pocket diapers which have a built in fleece liner with the absorbent layers being stuffed in the pocket. There are also numerous other methods. There are also various creams that are “safe” to use with cloth diapers (don’t cause repelling of moisture) that can help prevent rashes. Even lanolin will work.

    I wonder if some of your leaks are because you are using a diaper that is so much larger and you’re not getting a snug enough fit. I know that as a cloth diaper user, that’s often the cause of some of our leaks. But in 8 months of using cloth, we’ve only had leaks a handful of times.

  6. My kiddo is a super-soaker and it’s a reason cloth diapers didn’t really work out for us day-in and day-out. I use Pamper’s Baby Dry for him (which I hate to do, because of all the chemicals, but… couldn’t really find a better answer.) They’re marketed as 12 hour diapers. We change Ben right before bed (obviously) and when he wakes up in the morning, that sucker is FULL, but rarely does it leak. He’s in size 4 right now, and one size works for both day and night.

  7. What about diaper doublers? (It’s a disposable insert that looks like a pad.)

  8. We have used cloth diapers since the get go with our little “E”. Our overnight formula is a FuzziBunz diaper with the microfleece insert closest to him followed by a hemp insert (we use Knickernappies Superdo but we’ve modified it so if you’re really interested let me know). We do have the odd wet morning but rarely and my son is a heavy wetter overnight. We have never had any diaper rash issues with cloth diapers. Cloth diapers these days are much better designed than in the past. I have also heard that Bum Genius One Size diapers are a great product but we found the one we bought when “E” was a newborn was WAY too bulky for him.

  9. Jen Thompson

    Try a pocket cloth diaper! We use cloth regularly. We do a pocked diaper with one insert during the day and two inserts at night. The cloth of the pocket keeps their bottom dry. There is a Kawaii GoodNight Heavy Wetter diaper that comes with two fluffy inserts if you’re looking for something to try out. I have a couple of those – or even just a regular pocket diaper and pick up a couple of extra inserts. I haven’t tried Hemp inserts, but they’re supposed to be good too – very absorbent I think.

    My daughter is a majorly heavy wetter and this works great for us! Good luck 🙂

  10. I agree that having the cloth diaper insert right up against his little bum is probably not the way to go. We use bumgenius one size cloth diapers (which are the pocket kind) for our almost 11 month old and even when they are HEAVY in the morning the top surface that is right next to his skin is not sopping wet. (And no diaper rash to speak of yet!) We do double up the inserts at night though (we shove two inserts in the pocket of the diaper) and that works well for us (but he might not be a super pee-er). We also like fuzzibunz (which you could also double stuff for overnight) and we have tried the bumgenius all in ones but find they stay a little “wetter” than the BG one sizes. I would also like to add that you might lose some absorbency of the cloth insert if you use diaper cream and/or don’t wash the insert correctly. Cream especially is notorious for reducing the absorbency. (Every cloth diaperer has a tried and true method in which they wash their cloth diapers to keep them absorbent! Including me!!) If you’re really interested in trying a bunch of cloth diapers to see if they could help Jillian’s Drawers has a fantastic program where you can try a variety of cloth diapers for a small price. ( Whatever route you decide to take good luck! Wet pj’s are never good times!!

  11. You guys are awesome!

    @Kara, I haven’t mentioned it to his doctor because I don’t really think it’s a medical issue, just a funny quirk about Owen. Could have something to do with the fact that he drinks about 30 oz of formula a day plus water at meals (and I don’t like the idea of restricting him at this point since he’s growing so darn fast). I will definitely bring it up at our 1 year well visit, though. I never considered that it might be a medical thing.

    @Jenn, That’s my next move, to go up to 6’s. I feel like the bigger I go, though, the more likely I am to NOT be able to get a tight seal, since the leg holes are bigger. It’s worth a shot, though!

    @Joanna, Fleece is a good idea. The insert I bought I think has fleece in it, or wool, or something. It’s soft and not cottony, but I can’t remember what the material is. Never tried Bum Genius, but maybe I should.

    @Chris, I did go to Diaper Lab. They ARE awesome. Except for one thing… they didn’t tell me I couldn’t use diaper cream with cloth. Ummmm, OOOPS! Perhaps the inserts worked well the first time because they were actually absorbent. I think I might have ruined them with Desitin after that! I had NO idea that was off limits. Wish they would have told the cloth diaper virgin that.

    @Courtney, I hear you on hating the BabyDry. I’ve been avoiding it too. But honestly, if it doesn’t give him a rash and helps him sleep through the night and stay dry, perhaps I’m willing to give up my reservations…

    @Stef, I’ve been looking for these elusive diaper doublers everywhere!!! Can’t seem to find them at Babies R Us or anywhere, which is why I tried the cloth diaper doubler. Off to Google.

    @Meredith, That sounds like a winning combo!

    @Jen Thompson, Definitely will! Makes total sense. Perhaps I didn’t know enough when I went to this cloth diaper place.

    @Karen, Man I wish I knew the rules about diaper cream and washing the inserts before I ruined them! They have a film of Desitin still on them since the first using, and went right in the wash with our other laundry because I didn’t know any better. Darn. That was a waste of money.

  12. On the cloth diapers and desitin – they’re probably not ruined. Look into how to “strip” diapers.

  13. If you want disposable doubles you should be able to use the g diaper inserts. Which are sold at some babies r us stores and I think on amazon. Bum genius also has disposable inserts for their flip diapers, but I think they would be fine in a disposable as a doubler.

  14. Yes, you will probably have to strip the cloth to get the desitin off. Also, the more natural fabrics are very absorbent, but you have to prep them first. Look at hemp inserts (I’ve heard great things) or bamboo. California baby makes some cloth diaper safe stuff for his bum too.

  15. I just wanted to “second” two things –
    One, I think the fleece insert is the best way to avoid diaper rash. Janie only gets it when I use a prefold or if she’s in a disposable but never in her regular cloth diapers (we use gDiapers with cloth – fleece and hemp – inserts).
    Two, look into stripping! Those inserts can be saved! 🙂
    Good luck!!!!

  16. I cloth diaper (ones that I sewed myself), but at night we use the “GroVia BioSoaker Disposalable Inserts.” They work WONDERS!! Not once have I found my little girl soaked through when using these. You can get them at for a reasonable price.

  17. We cloth diaper, and Elle wets heavily at night, but we rarely have diaper rash issues. She sleeps 10-12 hours at night and her diaper is often heavy, but not sopping wet. We use a pocket diaper with a microfleece insert and at least one hemp insert, and sometimes we use the fleece as an extra barrier and sometimes not. I also use a prefold (folder around a thin hemp insert) – and again, sometimes with the extra fleece barrier, sometimes not, and put a wool cover over that (like this one.

  18. I know you’ve already gotten a lot of good advice but we cloth diaper and our overnight solution is a BumGenius all-in-one plus a hemp insert. And the insert goes in the diaper so the fleece keeps him dry. We’ve been cloth diapering our little guy since he was 4 months old and have no diaper rash problems. In fact, his skin is the smoothest ever! Someone else might have said this too but do not use Desitin with the cloth diapers, it can cause build-up. Good luck! And my guys a heavy wetter too, nothing to worry about I don’t think.

  19. a simple solution might be to do a bath right before bed….they usually pee in the tub anyway….and then maybe give him just a few ounces less than you normally do at bed time and dinner. I have 5 children, and have found that limiting just a tad at night time for the heavy wetters was an easier solution. I think, as moms, we tend to think they need more at night so that they will sleep longer…..but in reality, mine have all slept the night even w/less. Of course, I am not saying to cut out much liquid, but maybe just as bed time approaches, you could just skip the water and go for the milk. Then, if it continues, maybe just one ounce less than the night before…..and so on. He will be just fine…and mommy will get some sleep. 😉

  20. I was actually just going to ask you how the night wetting situation was going because Cameron is soaking through his PJs now almost every night too! I haven’t tried anything other than upping his Huggies Overnights and there is some success, but not every night so I’m going to go to size 6 as well and see how that goes. If THAT doesn’t work, I might try biting the bullet with cloth diapers and try Fuzzibunz. I read a similar post on another blog and she was a cloth diaper user, switched to disposables because of the heavy wetting & then caught wind of Fuzzibunz and she hasn’t had a problem since. Her babe was even soaking through during an hour long nap! So I think that speaks volumes as to how effective they are! I hate the thought of investing more money (and laundry, but just pee isn’t so bad I guess) and I guess they will recoup their own costs if they work! Check out her post – such a similar situation:

  21. I also agree with Shannon. How much is he drinking before bed? If you give him more liquid at other times of the day, and less at bedtime, he will still be getting the same # of calories but have less to pee out at night. Basically, cut down the bedtime feeding. (Also, just a sidenote to be aware of brushing his teeth after the last bottle of the day. Parents often give babies a bottle or boob and then put them straight to bed. After they have teeth, this can cause cavities.) Hope you find a solution!

  22. Our super soaker couldn’t make it through the night because of the wetness issues. I tried everything, and thought I found the cure when I discovered Huggies Overnights. NOPE! Nothing worked until I went to the Pampers overnight (I think they’re called Extra Protection). We haven’t had a single wet wake-up since. Not. A. Single. One. We’re talking 12-hour nights, a huge feeding right before bed, and even some snuggle time when he first wakes up! They’re worth a try… I love cloth diapers and Seventh Generation, but our little one’s need for sleep won out on this one! 🙂

  23. I agree with everyone else…the inserts can be saved!! A good stripping will restore their absorbency. They also sell disposable liners for cloth diapers so that you can still use diaper cream without getting any residue on the material itself. Good luck!

  24. Perhaps I’m overstepping some boundaries here, since you’ve made it abundantly clear you stick to a strict nighttime routine, but perhaps Owen hs old enough at this point to be able to go back to sleep if you change his diaper in the middle of the night.
    I mean, it seems like such a simple solution…I wonder why you have yet to try it… Is it because you don’t want to be inconvenienced by waking? You could always balance the issue by realizing how much time/energy you spend washing his sheets/jammies is a great deal more excessive than the five minutes it would take to change his diaper, then shush him back to sleep…
    As for the cloth insert being soaked and right next to his butt…again, I’ve gotta be a little obvious here and state that an over-full diaper is right next to his skin, wet and potentially damaging to his sensitive bum…

  25. We use cloth, and Havent had a diaper rash in 6 months (except when she had a reaction to yogurt, still not ready for dairy I guess!). I think it has to do with the cloth diaper being able to breathe, whereas moisture gets trapped in a disposable. At night we use a 2 layer fitted stuffed with 2 double layer hemp inserts, and a Thirsties cover on top. That makes 6 layers! By morning it’s 90% wet, and weighs a ton. Thirsts covers are waterproof but stll breathe.

  26. Thanks for all of your awesome suggestions! Sounds like I have some research to do on the cloth diaper front, and also other options like disposable doublers and perhaps Pampers overnights too. Trial and error, I guess! Also good to know that my cloth inserts are not ruined. I’ll definitely strip them and try again.

  27. If you’re on Facebook, Mami’s and Papi’s is a good page to join, and fluff envy are both very helpful. Mami’s and Papi’s is one of my favorites and they are very helpful for the random off the wall questions (from detergent types to types of inserts). They also have awesome giveaways (I won a Boba carrier :D). Also, CJ’s sewing room has a lot of cloth diaper friendly products that are all natural. Good Luck!

  28. Um – how do I put this delicately?
    You mentioned something about Owen’s outer diaper being dry while his jammies were soaking wet. Maybe you already do this but – Owen is a boy and you have to make sure he is “arranged” correctly. I had 2 boys and one girl and they were all cloth diapered. For the boys, the thickest part went in the front with the ***** pointing DOWN. With my daughter, the thickness went in back and there was no ***** to worry about. If I failed to point the boys’ ***** down then somehow they could pee up the front of the diaper and wet their sleepers and bed while still keeping the diaper relatively dry.
    The padding is the same in disposables so that won’t help here unless you super pad the front.

    Also – my kids never had diaper rash unless they ate something that they were allergic to such as wheat or milk. The wetness alone never seemed to bother them.

    This may not help if he is just a super wetter period!

  29. We are using 100% disposables with Champ and Honey so I can’t really comment on the cloth diaper Q. But I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK with the move. And also let you know that the weirdo lurking around all of your first few months of Owen’s life posts = me. They are beyond interesting and helpful right now!!! 🙂

    Thinking of you with this big adventure sweet friend. Hubs and I will most likely be moving when the babes are about 12 months old so I will be coming back and re-reading your move posts then. Thank gosh for you! 🙂 xoxo

  30. I have a major night wetter as well and I use only cloth diapers. Basically what I do is use fleece diapers and if I notice he’s had a few leaky nights I’ll put a smaller cloth diaper on as well…….double diapering:)

  31. I have 6 month old twin boys, and one of them is a super soaker. I’m a cloth diaperer and have only had one leak at night before… my winning combo is a fuzzibunz one size with a microfiber insert on top of a bamboo insert. The bamboo holds a TON and is breathable and soft and awesome… hemp works similar.

  32. We cloth diaper and have never had diaper rash. Don’t worry about the wetness next to his skin. I know every baby is different, but one of the appeals of cloth diapering is that diaper rash is next to non-existant. I do bum genius at night because even if it is soaked, it feels dry to the touch with the fleece on top. And like everyone said, you can add as many layers as you need to get the right absorbancy. Just be aware that his PJ’s will be tighter since there is so much more bulk.

    To echo a previous commenter, make sure his pee pee is pointed down. Also, I know you said you don’t want to restrict his fluids, but if he is tinkling THAT much at night, then he is getting plenty of liquids, and restricting him to a little bit of water with dinner will not effect him, and may help the problem. My guy is 11 months old, and only drinks a few sips of water each day. I don’t think kids need as much as you think – they aren’t like adults! He nurses a lot still, so he gets most his liquid from my milk. He tinkles plenty each day and is perfectly healthy. Just a few ideas!

  33. we use Fuzzibunz and they are designed to wick away the moisture. My daughter has soaked them and still her skin was dry. As for removing the Desitin from the inserts you bought, order yourself some sample packets of Rockin’ Green cloth diaper detergent. It can be ordered at It will restore cloth diaper inserts to their original absorption.

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