Daily Archives: May 20, 2011

She Says… Wet Morning

Sigh. It’s another cold, gray, dreary, foggy, rainy morning in Boston. We haven’t seen the sun in days weeks years. Where is spring? It’s going to be summer before we ever get a taste of spring, I’m afraid.

Not only is it a wet morning outside, but it was a wet morning inside, too. Little Mr. Owen woke up at 5:15am (again) with soaked pajamas and sheets. I thought maybe we had another “lovey overboard” scenario going on, so I crept in and said “shhh” with the lights still low while I searched for that beloved hippo. It wasn’t lovey’s fault this time, though. One of his legs was tucked safely in Owen’s mouth and his body was draped over Owen’s face, just the way he likes it. So I picked Owen up to give him a little snuggle and a pat and realized his pajamas were soaked, right up to his neck. And there was a puddle in his sheets. Oh boy. Here we go again.

I have written before about Owen’s amazing ability to pee through any diaper before. After that post we have switched to size 5 overnight diapers (which are bigger, but somehow he still manages to overflow) and cinch him in as tight as I can manage, but we’re still having floods some nights. Not every night, but at least twice a week. Since so many people on that post suggested that I try cloth diapers or diaper covers, I went to this awesome cloth diaper store near my house and asked for their advice. They suggested adding a cloth insert to increase absorbency with the nighttime diapers I’m already using. We’ve tried it a few times and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I asked about waterproof covers, since that sounds like exactly what we need, but they said that covers wouldn’t help with more absorbency and they wouldn’t necessarily seal the moisture in, so they wouldn’t help our particular issue.

I have one big question about cloth diapers, though. And maybe I’m being totally dense here. But when we first used them I was appalled to take Owen’s diaper off in the morning and realize that the insert was SOAKED (um, duh… I’m not sure what I thought was going to happen). Meaning that his little bum, from butt crack to belly button, had been sitting with soaking wet fabric against it all night. Isn’t that how babies get diaper rash? We’ve never dealt with diaper rash, so I don’t really know. I use a dab of vaseline during the day (though not so much anymore) and I’ve started to use Desitin at night since Owen went through a night pooping stage… but how in the world do baby’s butts survive cloth diapers?

Anyway, I’ve been going back and forth on using these inserts, but sometimes he even overflows a size 5 overnight diaper WITH a cloth insert, so I’m at a loss. Come on moms of superpee-ers, I know you’re out there! What do I do? I’ve thought of double diapering, but can’t really get that to work either. The one time I tried it the outer diaper was bone dry and the pajamas were still wet. Mystery.

I realize I should be glad that Owen doesn’t wake up crying every night for no reason (and that he generally waits until 5:15am or so, which is the norm for some early risin’ babies). While his wakeups been more frequent recently, there’s always a reason! And a good one, too. Could you sleep if you were covered in cold, pee-covered pajamas? Me neither.

Happy Friday! We’re gearing up for our last! weekend! of packing! Pretty excited to just get everything packed and move on to our next big adventure.