Daily Archives: May 16, 2011

She Says… Progress

We made some serious progress packing this weekend. Even Owen helped.

And today we’re off to sign our names a million times and plunge into a massive amount of debt 🙂 Can’t wait! I’m mostly excited for the walkthrough prior to closing. It feels like it’s been forever since we last saw the house because we put the offer in waaaay back in February. We’re taking measurements and comparing paint chips and all that fun stuff. Yip yip!

We decided to leave Owen at home today so we could concentrate fully on our important errand, so he is playing the day away with a babysitter. We have never really had a babysitter come play with him when he was awake (the few times we’ve had one at all we’ve had them come after we put him to bed). I know, I know, we’re lame. Given the little bit of stranger anxiety/clinginess we saw the other day, we did a “dry run” with this babysitter this weekend and had her come for a few hours to play on Saturday while we got some packing done. It was a win win! Now I feel like she and Owen are buddies so he won’t mind when we’re gone today.

I’m in that blissful, naive state where I feel like we got so much packing done this weekend that we could move tomorrow if we had to. Cough, cough. The logical part of me KNOWS this isn’t true (we still have an entire basement we haven’t touched, along with all of our clothes and lots of things we left out because we might need them in the next 2 weeks), but I’m going to live in denial until next weekend when our next round of superpacking happens. We’re not expecting really any packing to get done during the week since between work and daycare and playing with Owen and sleeping there are only a couple “free” hours each night, and most of the time they are taken up by cooking, cleaning up, and spending quality time with my husband watching a tv show. Next weekend I’m sure I’ll be totally overwhelmed by how much we have to do again.

For now, my thoughts have turned to all of the phone calls and appointments that need to be made between now and then: cable/internet/phone, gas/electric, painters, wallpaperers, plumbers, oh my. Not to mention all the things we’d like to buy in the next few weeks: TV(s), dining room table & chairs, coffee table, curtains, lighting, the list never ends.

Wish we could move in right now so we could get started!