She Says… Beep Beep!

No, not bleepity bleep (even though that’s what I feel like doing when I look at my neverending To Do list recently).

Beep beep!

Owen and his ride-on walker car have become BFFs. So much so that they even look like twins now, no?

My buddy, my buddy... my buddy and me!

His FAVORITE thing to do is walk all around our house holding my fingers (and recently he’s been testing a few steps with only one finger) and climb all over me. Who needs toys when you can climb all over Mama?

I'm blurry because I never stop moving.

Closer... closer...

I can barely get a picture because he just wants to climb right up into my face.

Gotcha, Mama!

But his 2nd favorite thing to do is toddle behind his little car buddy. Can’t wait to get this little movin’ man to our new house where he’ll have a lot more space to practice that walking. For now we have to go back and forth, back and forth in his nursery and our tiny hallway (as you can see from the video!). As soon as he gets going, he hits a wall. Poor kid.

Any bets on when he’ll be walking without assistance? I’m still thinking by 10 months we will see his first step(s), but we’ll see. He certainly does love to hold on… and who can blame him?


12 responses to “She Says… Beep Beep!

  1. I bet he’ll be walking well by a year! Faith still doesn’t have much interest in walking, she’d rather crawl. She will use her push cart thingy, but not that often. I think she’s going to be a late walker 🙂

  2. Eli has a little push cart/walker thing that he started pushing around 8-9 months. By 9 1/2 months he could turn it. We thought he was going to walk at 10 months unassisted… but he became so reliant on his cart that he had no interest in trying by himself. Now, at 11 months, he RUNS with his cart… and he’ll take about a dozen steps unassisted, but then sits and crawls to find his cart!

    Love the video… so cute!

  3. So amazing! My daughter is 8 months and doesn’t even show any interest in supporting herself on her legs at all. She won’t even really “stand” when we’re helping support her. She just has no interest in using those legs yet! So it’s really funny to me to see a baby flying around on his legs, who is really not that much older than her.

    Go Owen!

  4. That child is just too dang cute.

  5. OH. MY. GOSH. You just overwhelmed me with cuteness. My ovaries are now screaming for a baby.

  6. Tooooo cute!! I love how he just runs into walls with zero hesitation. “Come on you can push through that…” Hahahaha.

    Keep the mommy videos comin! I love seeing little Owen!

  7. Oh, yes, I think you’re right about the 10 month mark. He’s SOOOO close! Owen sounds so much like my little man at that age – all of our pictures are blurry or “up close and personal” because he thought I was the best jungle gym ever! And he took his first solo steps the day before his 10 month birthday – which happened to be my birthday! By the time he was a year old, he was running – and he hasn’t stopped since!!!! So much fun! I can only imagine how much bigger Owen’s sweet little grin is going to be when he takes those first solo steps! 🙂

  8. The Laundry Lady

    My daughter got that exact same car for her first birthday (she was not yet walking then) and she still loves it at almost 2. Though she quickly began to prefer riding to pushing once she had walking mastered.

  9. Jennifer Eckstein Coon

    Have I mentioned lately how edible he is? Kisses for Owen.

  10. Owen is just too cute!

  11. I bought a similar “walker” at a garage sale for $.50 – best investment ever! Both boys loved it, Austin (2 1/2) still fights Wes (1) for it! My money is on 11 months…this could be a fun giveaway? 🙂

  12. I don’t know how you keep up! He’s just too adorable! 🙂

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