She Says… Teaching an Old Baby New Tricks

Ok, so he’s not an old baby. But he’s learned some pretty adorable tricks recently!


#1 – Flushing the Toilet. No, we’re not potty training just yet, but since Owen is walking (assisted) and crawling all over the place, he often finds himself wandering in and out of the bathroom (don’t judge… we have a small apartment!). Recently he pulled up on the toilet and realized what an awesome sound he can make when he smacks the top of it. It wasn’t long before he figured out what that cool silver thing does too. It cracked me up so much I had to grab the camera. He flushes, I laugh, he laughs. Again! Again! We may be wasting some water, but the little cutie is learning cause and effect, and giggling about it is pretty contagious. And whaddayaknow, maybe he’ll be early with potty training too? All that interest in the potty… This little exploration into the wonderful world of toilets has made me realize just how many germs his little hands come in contact with every day (the flusher? gross!). Let’s just say we’re wiping down the toilet multiple times a day now and getting lots of practice washing Owen’s hands!

#2 – Climbing Stairs. This sort of happened by accident. Benjamin was joking around and set Owen on a step and told him to go upstairs. Hardy har har. We thought there was no way he’d be able to pull himself up over the step. He patted the step for a second, lifted a knee and all of a sudden the stairs were no longer an obstacle. Crazy! He’s a climbing machine. It’s AMAZING how fearlessly he’ll fall right down them, too. No sense of gravity or danger or edges or balance. Makes me cringe just to think about how easily he could roll right down the whole flight if someone wasn’t there to catch him. Having a early mover is wonderful and exciting, but there are so many potential hazards!

#3 – Playing Tag with Schnitzel. Best. Game. Ever. Owen’s new favorite thing is to “chase” the dog around the house and he giggles and gasps and chortles the cutest little belly laugh (whether or not Schnitzel is playing too). BFF.


9 responses to “She Says… Teaching an Old Baby New Tricks

  1. love that kid’s hair!

  2. This is such a cute age!!!!

  3. His hair just kills me! He is getting so big and his new tricks are awesome!

  4. My baby is also obsessed with the toilet. She loves to crawl behind it and pull at the pipes. It’s all part of her master plan to destroy the entire house.

    Owen is somehow getting cuter every time you post a video or picture. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but he’s doing it 🙂

  5. I love how Schnitzel gives Owen big ol’ kisses in the video! It’s too cute!

  6. awesome! love the big grin he gets after showcasing his new talents! 🙂

  7. Owen is just too cute! I just love that mischievious grin and that shock of hair! 🙂

  8. Owen is such a smarty! He’s got good rhythm, maybe he’ll be a drummer one day 🙂

    Ahh more videos of Owen and Schnitzel!

  9. Awwww my god he is Saaweeeeet!!!! Cameron darts in mid air so instantaneously you have to be on guard at ALL times! He thinks he’s super man 🙂

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