She Says… 9 Month Checkup

Yesterday we headed to the pediatrician’s office for Owen’s 9 month well visit.


  • Height: 29″ (76th %ile)
  • Weight: 18lb 12oz (22nd %ile)
  • Head circumference: 44cm (16th %ile)

Long and lean, as usual, growing perfectly and keeping within the percentiles he was born with. He’ll never be a bruiser rocking the 22nd percentile for weight, but that’s just fine with me! For his sake, I hope he continues this “tall and thin-but-strong” body type into adulthood. When we found out we were having a boy I remember hoping and praying that he wouldn’t get my height (I clock in at a whopping 5’1″). His Daddy isn’t exactly a basketball player either (sorry honey!), so I’m kind of hoping Owen surpasses both of us in 17 years or so.

Whoa. In 17 years my little baby could be taller than his Dad, driving a car, falling in love and well into all kinds of trouble I don’t want to think about right now. Let’s just forget I ever mentioned that. Moving right along.

The appointment went by in a flash since my answers to all of the questions of “Do you have concerns about X” were “Nope!”. Our pedi did mention that we’d had quite an exciting few months since she last saw us at the 6 month well visit (she is part of a practice, so every time we made an emergency appointment… you know, the millions of emergency appointments we had over the last three months… we saw whoever was available and on call). Since Owen is my first baby, I had no idea what normal is, but apparently an ear infection, mysterious eczema, pneumonia, an emergency room visit, a weird viral rash, 2 teeth and a constant runny nose/cough in 3 months is a bit above average. Where’s my gold star?

After the general checkup all I really wanted to discuss was allergies. Getting bloodwork done is a normal part of the 9 month visit, so since Owen was already going to the lab to get stuck with a needle, we decided to add on a blood test for wheat, milk, casein, eggs, oats and soy. Yikes. That list makes my heart palpitate thinking of having a child allergic to all/some/most/any of those things. She said (and many of you wise readers have said as well) the results from these tests are NOT anywhere near the final answer to my Great Allergy Experiment, but they will give me some guidance on what not to try to reintroduce for awhile. She seemed to think, though, that since Owen’s reaction to whatever it is that he’s allergic to was just eczema on the face (not anaphylactic or head-to-toe or acute hives), that he has a very good chance of outgrowing this issue, and his tests might even come back negative. That’s what I like to hear!

The bad news: We should keep him on the stupidly expensive formula until we tease out what exactly he’s allergic to, since it seems to be helping. The good news about that: If the allergy test comes back positive for milk, our insurance may be willing to pitch in for the cost of formula. Woo hoo! Though I’m still hoping for a negative result on the allergy test.

So now we wait for the allergy test results. Should get them tomorrow or the next day, and then we do a consult with the pedi to discuss. I’m looking forward to having some answers (if anything comes back positive), or at least feeling proud of myself that I figured out the culprit using my Spidey Mommy sense.

In other news, I was awake half the night with a super duper sore throat and now I’m feeling cold and sore. Could be yesterday’s workout (the body soreness, not the sore throat, or the chills), but I’m beginning to think otherwise…


5 responses to “She Says… 9 Month Checkup

  1. My fingers are crossed for a negative result! Hopefully the next three months are smooth(er) sailing for your family…

  2. My daughter had to be on the expensive stinky stuff as well as a baby. At 5 months when I transitioned her to exclusively being on formula she began having nasty blow outs about ever hour. They actually consisted of mucus (ya gross). Our Dr told us he suspected she had cystic fibrosis. Talk about scarring the momma. Only after the CF test came back normal did he decided to investigate the allergy route. After 2 weeks on the new formula she was a happy healthy little girl. She is five now and we don’t have to watch her diet much, she seems to have grown out of it. Thank goodness, we enjoy our ice cream dates! Praying your little man out grows it as well.

  3. you do deserve a gold star for all you guys have been through!!!! good luck on the tests and good luck on hopefully not getting sick. blech!

  4. You do deserve a giant gold star for the last few months!

    Good luck trying to get any money from the insurance company for formula. I spent a good amount of time trying, but to no avail. It seems like they should help pay, but even if they say you’re entitled, it’s not easy to actually get money. Hopefully that’s just military health care 🙂

  5. Wow, you really have been through a lot! I don’t really know too much about allergy blood tests, but I was just wondering: if you have eliminated those allergens from Owen’s diet for several weeks now, would there even be any antibodies to these allergens apparent in his blood? The little I know on the subject has to do with Celiac Disease–docs usually tell patients not to eliminate gluten (even if they have symptoms) until a bloodtest comes back positive, because the antibodies may not appear in the blood after gluten is removed.
    Anyway, good luck with this!

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