Daily Archives: April 12, 2011

She Says… In Lieu

We have a busy, busy week here at the This Place is Now a Home home. I’m running a training at work, so I’m out the door early and won’t get home until late, and Benjamin is out of town. So RahRah (my mom, who got her adorable nickname from my niece when she couldn’t yet say “Grandma”) is in town to spend some time with little O and handle bedtimes and daycare pickups/dropoffs. Thank goodness for grandmas! Owen is so lucky to have three wonderful grandmas who love him.

We spent Saturday and Sunday playing together and showing RahRah the ropes. Owen adores her.

So, in lieu of a long and wordy post that takes too long to type, I’m going to leave you with some little snippets of Owen’s first crawls. He’s getting really good!