She Says… Made with love

How sweet is this sweater?

Looks like it was made by someone who loves Owen a lot, huh?

I mean, it’s clearly handmade and has some adorable personal touches like the cute little buttons that look like pieces of candy.

It’s the perfect comfy coziness for chilly spring mornings (oh wait, is spring actually coming this year? FINALLY it seems the answer is yes…).

Though it looks like he does, Owen does not have a grandmama sitting in a rocking chair making him sweaters. He does, however, have a mama who enjoys Etsy and supporting small artists. That’s right, this sweet sweater is available on Etsy! So you, too, can pretend like you have a sweet grandmama knitting sweaters for your little one.

Check out all the cute options on her Etsy site. The sweaters are made by 85 year old Hildegard who was born in Austria in 1926. They are all made by hand and stored in a pet- and smoke-free house. I was thrilled when she offered to send us one to test out. When I put it on Owen it seemed to transport us back in time!

Want one? Check out Hildegard’s Etsy store and snatch one up for those chilly spring mornings we still have to look forward to, or get ready for next fall. Couldn’t be sweeter.

6 responses to “She Says… Made with love

  1. My baby actually has a grandma sitting in a rocking chair knitting her things to wear 🙂 People ask me all the time where I get her hats or her bunting and then they want to know if she sells stuff. I tried to explain Etsy to my mother in law and she was just like “Oh, you young people these days” lol.

  2. Matches his eyes perfectly!

  3. I love Etsy! There are so many creative people out there and it’s a wonderful way to support them. That sweater is precious.

  4. cute! let’s hope for some summer weather so he can sport some etsy sun hats or something instead 😉

  5. Ok love the little pompom on the back of the hood! Too cute 🙂

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