She Says… Stepping Stone

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd… we’re crawling!

Last night after daycare Owen and I were scooching and squirming on the floor and he flipped onto his tummy (like he always does) and reached and stretched for a toy (like he always does). Generally he reaches for awhile, realizes he can’t quite touch the toy, then throws his arm over his head and rolls over to squirm himself closer to the thing. Or maybe he sees something, anything, that he can pull up on to get him to a standing position so he can reach it better after taking a few [assisted] steps. Somewhere in this process he usually loses interest in whatever he was trying to reach, and my attempts to help him figure out how to crawl are in vain. He gurgles happily as he is satisfied by trying to eat his feet or staring at his own hands. What can I say? He’s easily placated 🙂

But last night he rolled onto his tummy and played there for awhile, and then, as I coaxed him forward with a musical toy and the promise of being able to climb into  my lap, he took his first little “crawls”.

Well, not exactly.

It was more like a downward facing dog on the move, or a “wounded soldier” scramble than a crawl.

Here’s how it went down: He pushed up on his arms and back onto his knees in crawling position. Then he dug his toes into the ground and straightened his legs so he was on his toes with his butt in the air. Then he sort of walked with his feet and moved his arms like he was crawling and did a gorilla-esque Jillian Michaels mountain climber move to scramble his way forward. I squealed and he grinned and we were both so excited that he fell over. He hasn’t really replicated it since then, but I think a few more days of practice and he’ll be a little movin’ machine. I wish I had gotten those first little crawls on camera, but I was too busy enjoying them in real life. We’ll catch some of the next ones, I promise. Given the half-walk, half-crawl we’ve got goin’ on, I’m thinking this is less of a milestone and more of a stepping stone. To walking.

According to many other parents, my life is now over.

Although, as I’ve said before, I totally don’t buy that. I’m super excited for this new development, and I think it will alleviate some of the frustration he’s been expressing by not being able to get to things he wants to touch.

Once again, Owen taught me an important lesson that I have learned countless times since he was born. I can guarantee you it won’t be the last time I learn this lesson, but it’s one of the most important things I need to remember as a parent. No matter what I do to push him or encourage him or teach him, he’s going to do things in his own time and in his own way. Here I was putting toys out of his reach and shaking noisemakers to get him to crawl, thinking he would do it on his knees, and he couldn’t have cared less. Once I left him to his own devices, he figured out a unique way to get the job done. And you can bet he was damn proud of himself for doing it on his own, too.

It’s a constant lesson, tiny man, that it’s totally not about me. Or what I think I know. Or what I want. Or when I want it. It’s all about you. And you, sweet pea, are amazing.


16 responses to “She Says… Stepping Stone

  1. I can’t wait to see a video!! Yay, Owen!

  2. Good job, Owen! Eli crawls his own way, too. He crawls using his left knee and his right foot… weird, but he gets where he needs to go!

  3. Way to go, Owen!

    And, personally, I thought things got better once the kids started crawling and then even better once they started walking. I love the active stages, so I completely disagree with the”life is over” camp. So many people say that!

  4. No, your life isn’t over – the fun is just beginning! Things are going to get more exciting, not just for Owen, but for you, too! Not easier, of course, but every new stage presents new challenges, it’s just about how you choose to look at them. It’s when he starts to run that things can get a little…trickier. Especially when you’ve got an active and curious little guy! It’s still fun, but maybe a little more stressful! 🙂

  5. Your life isn’t over, it just got a lot more interesting. 🙂

    I think baby mobility is hilarious and she seems to enjoy it too! My baby is an army crawler mostly, so I can’t wait to see Owen’s crazy spin on crawling 😛

  6. How exciting! I’ll bet he’s walking before you know it!

  7. congrats owen!! things got easier for me when baby got mobile because he could do more exploring on his own and less getting mad that he couldnt get to where he wanted to go.

  8. How fun! Like the other comments, I LOVE having a mobile baby. And my life is most definitely not over. I loved having a crawling baby and am having even more fun with my walking/full-on running baby! And we even have tons of stairs in our house. Enjoy it! The fun is really getting started! 🙂 Congratulations, Owen!

  9. OMG! Noah did the same exact thing two nights ago! We had just given him a bath and were getting him in his pj’s. After we get his pj’s on, we often let him just do his thing b/c he loves to roll around on the carpet in his room. I had run downstairs to start his bottle when I heard my husband saying “You did it Noah!”. I ran upstairs, of course, he had stopped doing it, but my husband did catch it on camera. I had seen him do this move before, but he had never actually moved his legs until 2 nights ago. Generally, he locks out his arms, gets on his toes and locks out his legs into what I called downward dog. 2 nights ago, he actually moved his left leg forward, then his right, this his left and then fell down. It was very exciting!!! Way to go Owen! This is going to be so much fun!

  10. Yay! ^_^
    I agree with Carly! I would get kind of anxious when people would tell me how bad it was, but they must just be lightweights or something. 😛
    It does get crazy sometimes… especially when they can run and climb, but it’s amazing to see them explore the world they’re in. I thought my son was entertaining when he just sat there, now I get the see him run and play and it’s wonderful! Good luck!

  11. My mom told me that I never crawled on all fours either. I did just what you are describing and then eventually just started walking lol. How cute though 🙂

  12. Congrats Owen! Soooo cute!!! I love your lesson. Maya is 3 1/2 months but isn’t rolling over yet–though she’s constantly standing up when we go to pick her up — and we try to get her to do it but she just isn’t ready. I bet she will do it on her own time, and we’ll just have to be patient.

    Great lesson–thank you for sharing.

  13. Yay Owen! How exciting! I actually got teary-eyed when my little boy started crawling – it felt like such a big step, and I was so proud of him!
    I can’t remember if we put toys out of his reach before he started crawling to try and coax him (probably), but I know for sure that we did the night he started moving, just so we could see him do it again. The first thing he went for was an apple, and he ate it hands-free straight off the floor with his bottom in the air. Oh man, that was such a fun night. You guys are going to have a great time!

  14. I agree with Perrin – most baby stages are fun (I’m thinking of teething here when I say “most”), but as they move from the “potted plant” stage to the crawling stage, things just get so much more interesting. Sure, you’ll be busier, but he’ll start to develop a bit of independence and will be able to show even more of his (obviously) fantastic personality!

  15. Yay Owen! I love reading your blog for many reasons, but one of which is my daughter is 1 months younger than Owen and I love seeing what I get to look forward to! I know every baby is different but my lil girl is rolling around all over the place trying to get where she needs to go and can go backwards like a pro. No crawling yet though! Anyways, I think this age is WAY more fun than before!! Has Owen gotten teeth yet BTW?

  16. @nb, Owen’s first tooth starting pushing through last week, and I’m pretty sure I see the second one on its way through today. SO ADORABLE!

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