She Says… Baby Butts

First of all, awesome comments and conversation on yesterday’s post about food. Thank you all for your suggestions and thoughts, and thank you for helping out other readers who posted some questions too.

I have another little conundrum that maybe you can help me out with. Owen has always been a HUGE nighttime pee-er. Ever since he was a tiny little guy he’s been exploding diapers (with poop and pee, but right now I’m just talking about pee). His diapers are SOAKED from front to back when he wakes up in the morning. They weigh as much as he does. Thankfully, a few months ago I discovered overnight diapers (we use Huggies Overnights because I’ve heard they’re the best, and we also use Huggies diapers during the day because they seem to fit Owen’s skinny little bod the best with the least amount of blowouts). The overnight diapers have been doing the trick… until recently.

During the last week when I’ve lifted Owen out of his crib in the morning, he is drenched from butt to neck. It seems that the pee comes out the back and seeps right up his back/side since he is a back/side sleeper. In the past when he’s peed through his diapers (night or daytime), I find it’s generally time to go up a size. The little guy weighs about 18 pounds now and wears size 3’s during the day and is already in size 4’s at night, which are supposed to go up to 24 pounds.

I did some Googling about it a few days ago and found some ghetto homemade solutions like adding a maxi pad to “double” the diaper. Worth a shot, I thought. I had these left over pads from my postpartum days that are gigantic and practically like diapers themselves. I thought they’d be perfect. The first night I stuck one between Owen’s diaper and his pajamas, around his back waistband area, in an effort to catch the overflow from the diaper and keep his skin dry. Mommy fail! The poor kid woke up the next morning soaking wet and with a big, dry maxi pad stuck to his side. Ummm, oops. Hope he never reads this post.

The next night, per my logical husband’s advice, I tried sticking the pad right onto the inside of the diaper essentially adding another layer of protection. Mommy fail #2! The pad was so big that the diaper didn’t seal tightly at the top and he was soaked again.

Ok. enough with trying to use up old maxi pads on my baby.

Yesterday I got the next size up (size 5’s) of overnight diapers, despite the fact that the package says “for over 24 pounds” and they are intended for, like, toddlers. He was dry this morning (yay! success!), but now we’re having a new problem.

In the last few days he has started having a huge, wet poop every night. He hasn’t pooped at night in AGES. Why now? Why all of a sudden? Why diarrhea-y, when his other poops are solid little balls?

Ok, apologies for the poop talk without warning, but I’m slightly confused about the night time pooping. Anyone have experience fixing leaky night time diapers and/or with a sudden period of pooping at night when he/she used to regularly poop in the morning?

I’ve started slathering his butt in [STINKY] Desitin at night instead of our usual Aquaphor because it creates a better barrier against the wet poop. But his little buns are getting a bit red and irritated after a few nights of poop in a row. Thoughts? Suggestions? Seems cruel to both of us to wake him up just to change his diaper if he’s happy to sleep through it, but I also don’t want him to get some nasty diaper rash because he has poop on his butt for several hours every night.


P.S. Owen, sorry to talk about your butt on the blog.


25 responses to “She Says… Baby Butts

  1. Similar to the maxi pad idea, you can get Diaper Doublers at Babies R Us (that’s the only place I’ve seen them, but I haven’t searched them out anywhere else so they could be available at other stores). I put one in our heavy-wetter’s diaper at night. I sometimes even fold it in half and just put it in his front since he not only pees in that area but he’s also a tummy sleeper. A lot of times the back half of his diaper would be dry but he would be soaked through his clothes in the front. You could also even double the doublers if you need THAT much extra. I would think this would be better than the maxi pad since it has no water-proof backing like a pad does.
    Good luck!

  2. 1. I use Butt Paste at night and it’s great to protect little butts

    2. I have no pee problems with Pampers Baby Dry diapers, but maybe it’s a little boy issue? You haven’t mentioned giving Owen any water in a sippy cup, but I do and I have to cut my baby off at 5pm or else she wakes up wet in the middle of the night.

    3. I love that you tried to use a maxi pad on Owen. Story for future prom dates!

    4. My baby sometimes wakes up with large amounts of wet poop. I usually blame bad dreams. She never gets a rash though.

    5. I love the title of this post.

    That is all 🙂

  3. @Kara, I do give Owen water at every meal, so maybe I should hide the sippy cup at dinnertime (usually 5pm, and bedtime is at 6:30pm, so that could definitely have an effect). He drinks a 7 ounce bottle at bedtime too, so I imagine that fills a diaper. But I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    Good to know other kids poop at night too 🙂

  4. We love Huggies too (yay little babies!) but Liam just graduated from a Size 1 to a Size 2, so I’m not sure the overnights are made that small. Our solution? He sleeps in two diapers every night- one on top of the other. Puffy, but it works!

  5. *trying to put aside the jealousy that your child sleeps so well at night* lol!
    Ok so about the wet poops at night. I can not remember if Owen has gotten any teeth yet? Anytime my kids have had started to get their teeth in, they have always had a temporary bout with wetter poops/ diahrea. I would put a thick layer of the diaper rash cream at night for now and hopefully this is just temporary!

  6. My daughter always has weird poop schedules when she is teething. So check out his gums for any pointy eruptions.

    Also, you might want to look into cloth diapers for a night time solution. They make fleece or wool shorts that can go over a diaper and contain the wet, so Owen doesn’t end up in a puddle. Or try another type of disposable just to see. Good luck.

  7. I have no advice for you–sorry! But I had to comment on your apology to Owen–it was just too cute 🙂

  8. Ditto on the teething and pooping. Any kind of weird poop has always been just a short-lived phase for my boys, and they definitely went through that when they were teething.

    As for the diapers, we had this problem with my older son (maybe a little less extreme). His pee was usually leaking out the waistband of his diaper, so we determined that since he was usually pretty full when he went to bed, his tummy was fatter, and as he slept, the diaper was getting looser on him as his food digested. We switched to Pampers Baby Drys (which are designed to help with this phenomenon) and made sure they were good and tight around the waist and it seemed to do the trick.

  9. You guys are a wealth of information! Now I’m thinking the poop thing may be tooth related. I’ll be checking those gums when he gets home from daycare to know for sure. I thought surely he was going to go to college with no teeth at this rate 🙂 but perhaps I was wrong.

  10. Maya is 3 mths and for her first 2 months regularly pooped in the middle of the night, causing her to wake up screaming. (Little diva couldn’t stand it!). She hit 11 weeks and started STTN and now VERY rarely has a poopy diaper in the AM when we get her. She waits until her first meal, *then* all hell breaks loose 😉 Anyway, point is, we used Butt Paste too and it is really worth trying for those nights when there is a mess. I think their bodies are just constantly adjusting and now that he’s eating solids, maybe that has something to do with it?

  11. The Laundry Lady

    I agree with Liz M. Some kind of cloth diaper cover, even over a disposable, may do the trick. We primarily use cloth except in cases of extreme rash where I had to use nasty diaper ointment or traveling. When I do use a disposable, I use a Thirties diaper cover on top to protect against leaks and it has saved us many times. Fleece and Wool covers (while more expensive) are also great at keeping urine that leaks out of the diaper off the clothes. My daughter is also a super soaker at night (partially because of her nighttime sippy cup. But she won’t sleep through the night without it). We use a bumGenius pocket diaper with 3 microfiber inserts. Her diaper is very full in the morning, but her clothes are almost always still dry.
    I also agree with other posters that the night pooping is probably a phase, but it could be related to what he eats for dinner. Track his diet for a few days and see if there is a particularly fibrous food he’s getting in the evening. For example: I don’t give prunes after noon.

  12. We have this same problem. We also use Huggies overnights but now I add the Kids Select booster pad and she never leaks. She has also been pooping when she sleeps which results in horrible rashes, no matter how much cream we slather on. Wish I had an answer for that one. If you get any good tips let me know.

  13. We use huggies and huggies overnights as well, and we LOVE THEM!!! Never look at the poundage though! My son has a tiny heiny and was in size three’s well past the weight range. We switched him to size fours after his first birthday, but for overnights he was in fours before. I find it’s all a matter of fit. We’ve never had a problem with leakage… but I find that once or twice I’ll notive his PJ’s wet…that’s when we move up to a bigger size.

    and I agree with The Laundry Lady….prunes are only good for breakfast!

  14. Have you considered using cloth diapers at night? I don’t have a kiddo yet, but I have heard they are mostly leak proof!

  15. I was going to say the same thing about the teething and pooping… also, we use cloth diapers (g-diapers) and Janie is SOAKED each morning but no leaks! Worth a shot maybe?

  16. Triple Paste for the bum rashes. It’s not as stinky as Desitin and it’s thicker. My son gets diaper rashes often, especially when we deal with a nighttime poop (which he will sleep right through, quite happily!) and Triple Paste is the only thing that works consistently for us.

  17. I know you don’t want to wake up Owen to change his poopy diaper, but honestly it might just be the best thing for his bum. Diaper rash can get infected really easily (my babe had yeast rash for ages, and the poop irritated it to no end) and make them miserable.
    I don’t disagree with the other comments about teething being the culprit–mine has buds that are *this close* to poking through the gums, and her normally semi-solid poo is now totally runny and has hastily made its way out of her diaper on several occasions.

    However, if that’s not an option you want to visit–I use plain old Vaseline to protect against diaper rash–that or Lanolin. If you slather it pretty well, it should keep the moisture from reaching his bum all night.
    Alternate advice–cloth diaper covers. Used over disposable diapers, this provides much better protection because of the cinching on top and in the legs.

    Good luck to you and Owen’s tush!

  18. CJ’s BUTTer is an excellent barrier cream and is a miracle worker on rashes. I have 3 months before I meet my LO, but I have super sensitive skin and it is great. You can order it at, they also have cloth diapers (cheapest prices I have seen too) if you want to give that a try 🙂

  19. Definitely give a cloth diaper — at least a cover — a try. It could help contain the leakage, whether it’s because you’re using a waterproof barrier (e.g., Thirsties) or a wool/fleece cover that helps keep the moisture at bay. And I agree with Cate — CJ’s BUTTer is wonderful. It even helps my daughter’s eczema (think Owen’s red cheeks from a while back)!

  20. Aww! Boo to diaper rashes! My son is a HUGE night pee-er. I use cloth diapers with inserts but sometimes he still gets his sleeper wet! Now that he’s eating solid foods (he’s just over six months old) he started pooping at night too sometimes. But it is certainly not liquid. He’s doing solid now.

    Maybe if you change the timing of his later meals or something he’ll have a different poo schedule?

  21. You had mentioned that you thought he had a gluten intolerance. Are you still feeding him oats? If so, switch to whole grain oats (the gluten free version, always stated somewhere on the package). From what I can tell, Bob’s Red Mill is the most readily available brand.

    I don’t have kids, but I do have a gluten allergy. The skin reaction is a definite sign. Another is that food…um…goes right through you (can be up to several hours later). If the poop continues after a couple of days, you obviously should take him to the doctor. Just trying to help.

  22. Teething made my son have awful runny poop that lasted for the week he cut the teeth and then stopped. Love Triple Paste. Layering a Size 4 over a Size 3 helped us some with nighttime issues., we use Baby Dry diapers. Also, could you change him again before you go to bed? He would have peed out lots of that dinner water and bottle and it might be enough to get him through.

  23. My son went through a phase of peeing like a crazy man when he was about 2 months old…no idea why! but we used cloth diapers, like some of the ladies have said here, with a plastic waterproof cover. They look awful but seem to keep the pee at bay. Also I lather on Sudocrem to prevent the nappy rashes, it does require warm water in the morning to get off, as its quite stubborn stuff but very good.

  24. I also think the nighttime pooping could be teething related and suggest checking and changing during the night so he doesn’t sit in it too long. I’m not a fan of Desitin. I prefer California Baby, Nature’s Baby Organics or Earth Mama Angel Baby.

    In terms of lots of pee, I have heard this works but haven’t actually tried it. Double up the diapers, so put on a 3 and then a 4 for overnight. Or, maybe a 4 and a 5. Just something else to try. Good luck!

  25. I don’t have kids but I do have celiacs. I would suggest you get Owen tested as if you have celiac’s disease or are gluten intolerant and eat gluten anyway it can cause longterm issues. Gluten hides in many many different things, be careful of the oats you use for him, as many oats are processed on the same equipment as wheat. Good luck! Avoiding gluten is no easy task, if that is what his rash is from!

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