Daily Archives: March 24, 2011

She Says… I Do Declare

I do hereby declare, on this 24th day of March, in the year two thousand and eleven, that everyone in the This Place is Now a Home home is officially HEALTHY.

After a month of back-to-back illnesses, we totally deserve it. Owen is still on the last few days of his anti-viral meds, but his rash is healed, his eczema is nowhere to be seen, and his cough and sniffles have cleared. My ubiquitous nose congestion is gone as well, and although Benjamin has remained pretty healthy for the last month, he’s feeling good too.

HALLELUJAH. It’s a new day.

Now if only the weather could cooperate. I’d really like to start strolling around town with the sun in our faces and to be able to walk out of the house without being bundled in snow jackets and gloves. I’d like to have picnics outside and take long walks together and remind Owen of what it feels like to be outside just for the enjoyment of being outside. But do you know what I woke up to this morning? SNOW. White stuff on the ground. Harumph.

Still, even the neverending winter can’t squelch my spring-y, happy feeling since we’ve finally emerged from the fog of being sick for so long. I’m even going dancing with a bunch of girlfriends this Saturday night. Yep, really. I know. I’m turning over a new leaf 🙂

No whammies this weekend, mmmkay?!

P.S. Owen is 8 months old today! Pics and a letter to come tomorrow. ‘Cause, you know, we’re behind. But I’d say we’re doing ok if we’re only a day behind after all that’s happened in the last month.