She Says… Mom Of The Year

Uhhh, not quite.

Poor Owen has had a rough 3 weeks. First it was the super high fever, then the pneumonia, and now, when I thought he was finally out of the woods, a new virus strikes. After our ever-so-fun night in the ER, Owen’s pneumonia improved dramatically. We did at-home breathing treatments for a few days, and that plus the antibiotics cleared his gunk up quickly. By Tuesday he was back to his jolly self without a wheeze in sight. He had four lovely, healthy days while I was away in New York for work. Benjamin kept texting me to say, “We have the BEST baby”. I smiled every time. I know. It’s true.

I got home from New York on Friday night after Owen’s bedtime, so by Saturday morning I was about ready to burst into his room and give him a good snuggle as soon as I heard a peep from the baby monitor. Sick or well, I had missed him SO MUCH. I scooped him up and nuzzled his little neck and smelled his sweet little baby smell.

And then I saw it.

A scary looking patch of skin on the back of his neck. Looked like a little group of blisters or bug bites that were raised and white, and surrounded by red skin. Yuck. Although Owen has been through a lot of colds and viruses, I’ve never dealt with an acute rash or skin issue (beyond his eczema), so I was immediately worried. When I changed his diaper I noticed red bumps all over one of his legs and in his diaper area. Double yuck. What was this rash? It didn’t seem to be itching him and he was laughing and giggling as if nothing was wrong. While that’s generally a good thing, I’ve learned that Owen will still smile and giggle through some pretty serious symptoms, so I can’t necessarily take his happy face to mean that nothing is wrong.

Benjamin assured me that rash was not around for the last few days while I was gone, so it must have started overnight. The doctor confirmed that the thing on his neck was a viral infection, and the little red dots all over his leg and torso were just his body’s reaction to the virus. So he gave us an anti-viral medicine and sent us on our way.

The medicine had a big sticker on the front that said, “This medicine may upset your stomach. Take with crackers or a small meal”. Hm, I thought. Hope it doesn’t upset Owen’s stomach, because it’s not so easy for an 8 month old to just munch some crackers while he takes his meds. He has to take it three times a day, spaced out as much as possible. That  means as soon as he wakes up, and right before he goes to bed, and halfway in between. NOT exactly mealtimes (though he does drink a bottle upon waking and before bed).

Saturday night I gave him his meds right before his night time bottle, and put him to sleep like normal. He went to sleep after a little “da da da”ing in his crib. I heard some fussing around 10pm, but only for a minute or two, and then silence. That’s not out of the ordinary, so I didn’t think anything of it. He slept soundly all night, and woke up around 6:30am on Sunday.

When I went to get him out of his crib on Sunday morning, I screamed “OH. MY. GOD.”. Benjamin came running in.

He was COVERED in puke. I mean, covered. The entire mattress, his lovey, his pj’s, his hands, his face, his hair. COVERED. IN GREEN, CRUSTY PUKE. (Note to self: Lentils, sweet potato and spinach looks pretty much the same coming back up as it does going down). It was everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Clearly he had vomited at some point after he went to sleep at 6:30pm and before he woke up at 6:30am but didn’t think it was enough of an issue to LET ME KNOW that something had gone awry. I appreciate that he’s a good sleeper, but really?! Sleeping covered in his own puke?! DISGUSTING. I felt horrible for not knowing, or not checking on him, or not guessing that this might happen.

Mom of the year, right?

21 responses to “She Says… Mom Of The Year

  1. I will arm wrestle you for mom of the year because we have had this happen twice in the past three weeks. The second time I did discover it before I went to bed (the first time it wasn’t till early morning). Aside from his normal babbling and a little innocent cough we had no warning. And he slept on like the puke covered trooper he is.
    Unfortunately no amount of Dreft spray and Oxi-Clean exists in the world to save those white pajamas after the spinach night.
    At least we know they are resilient and not squeamish, right?

  2. Oh poor Owen! And poor you for discovering that disgustingness. Blech! Hope he feels better soon — hang in there!

  3. I completely understand your horror to finding poor Owen in that condition. I have been following since your announcement on Meet-Up that you were pregnant. We had announced our pregnancy there just a week or so prior. I have had a fear that our little Zackary will be in the same predicament or will somehow learn to pull himself up and out of his crib without my knowledge, so to combat that fear, we just invested in a new monitor. We got the Summer Infant Slim and Sleek handheld video monitor. I have such a peace now! I keep it off (otherwise I would watch him doing his bedtime acrobatics giggling to myself for hours) but when he makes a noise, I just flip it on and take a peek. That way I don’t disturb him, but I am confident I am still keeping an eye on him and will minimize (Lord knows I cant stop) the little surprises. You are doing a great job! It has been nice to “compair” our little guys since they are so close in age!

  4. “compare” I mean:)

  5. This could totally happen to me too. If I don’t hear a good solid 5 minutes of screaming, I don’t go into the nursery at night! Although, I bet my little prima donna would never sleep through vomiting 🙂

  6. Ah, the joys of parenthood!
    I’m sure it was SO much more fun to clean up from the crevices of the crib rails, etc after drying to a crust.

  7. Welcome to Parenthood! We have been there with the puke and once Lilly woke up complaining that her nose hurt. I went in and wiped her nose in the dark and told her to stop fussing and go back to bed. She was 2 at the time. I went in the next morning and she was covered in blood! Everywhere! It looked like a crime scene! Apparently she had a nose bleed which is why her nose was bugging her. These things will happen a lot and you kind of just chuckle and move forward. You do the best you can and the best part … they won’t remember any of this!!! I sure hope he feels better! You guys have really been through it with him, at least he is such a trooper. He’s also probably not the first dude to sleep in his own vomit … just sayin!

  8. Hahhahahahahah your comments are cracking me up. Thank you for letting me know I’m not the first mom to let her kid sleep through something so gross!

    @amers14, you are SO right about him not being the first dude to do that. Hopefully this was the 1st and last time for him, though 🙂

  9. Ha! Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. It is crazy what they can sleep through (um, and IN!). Hopefully you won’t have too many more of those, we stopped using our monitor after our son turned one (he is right next door and we would just check him at night, so we figured it was better for us all!) and we had that happen a couple times the year between 1-2. Now that he is in a big boy bed, he just gets up, and vomits in our room 😦 You are a GREAT mom!

  10. Oh dear! This brings back memories of our 2-year-old coming into our room in the middle of the night, covered in purple vomit (blueberries for dinner). But to make matters worse, the vomit wasn’t even his! His 6-year-old brother had hurled over the side of the upper bunk and immediately went back to sleep. It ricocheted off the wall and doused the younger one. What a mess!

  11. Oh gosh! What a site to wake up to. I can’t believe that he was contintent to sleep through the night like that. I don’t think you can blame yourself at all–how were you supposed to know if everything sounded ok on your end? Poor little guy.

  12. Oh my goodness, Owen is most certainly a VERY resilient baby to sleep through that 😀
    And kudos to you for keeping your head…..this will be a good story to laugh about years from now 🙂

  13. poor owen!! but he survived! boys are destined to be messy so he is just practicing. 😉 i would actually do anything to have a child who is such a deep sleeper!!!

  14. I just had a similar experience last night! Although, he wasn’t fully asleep yet, so he let us know something wasn’t quite right.

  15. parentcollective

    Haha, I’ve done that too. And the very next day was doing some gardening while Ned was sleeping inside. I had the monitor on but it mustn’t have been working because when I came back inside he was screaming his lungs out. Confessions of a perfect mum!

  16. Yep, totally did the same thing. We made it a point to keep the babies’ room really dark even when we went to feed them overnight. I probably noticed the swaddle blanket was a little damp, but my kids spit up and drooled a fair amount, so that wasn’t abnormal. Come to find out in the morning there was puke all over. So nasty, and you feel SOOO bad.

    But no, you totally aren’t the only one. Just wait until potty training, when you realize he peed in his sleep but didn’t wake up – you TOTALLY will not wake him up to change those sheets until the morning. 🙂

  17. i think that before i become a mom, i really need to get over my disgust of all puke and the smell of icky/old milk. those seem to be pretty regular occurrences in the lives of tiny humans. how do you deal with this or is it automagical when you give birth?

    poor baby! hope he gets better soon.

  18. i almost cried when i read this! (i’m pregnant and hormonal so i’m pretty sure that’s why almost anything can bring on the tears) but omg POOR BABY! he’s such a good boy for not even crying at night. it’s ok though mom’s can’t have a sixth sense. it’s hard to know what’s wrong when the baby can’t tell you. i hope he gets better soon! it seems like it’s one thing after another for the poor little guy. do you think it’s wrong germ exposure at day care? I know its easy for babies to get sick there so i was just wondering if it is just a coincidence. you did the right mom thing and cleaned him up right away and took care of him. don’t be hard on yourself 😦

  19. We’ve definitely walked into the room in the morning to be greeted to the smell of vomit…I don’t know how they do it…their noses must not be as sensitives as ours! Poor kiddo, hope he’s doing better. What a week!

  20. Me too – been there, done that. With THREE kids……………

  21. Ok didn’t realize my husband was signed into wordpress! the kevhill100 comment was really me and not him!

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