Daily Archives: March 18, 2011

She Says… Missing my Boys

Ok, enough about the strange publicity our pregnancy test video has gotten recently. Back to regular blogging!

I’ve been in New York since Wednesday afternoon. Without Owen. Or Benjamin; but I’m used to being without him. Prior to this trip I hadn’t left Owen for more than a night (and I only did that one time). I’m incredibly lucky that Benjamin is so comfortable handling everything Owen-related so I can go on my trip without thinking twice about if Owen will be in good hands. Since Benjamin and I each work 4 days a week and have Owen by ourselves one day a week, I think it has helped us both become really adept at doing everything from morning routine to bedtime.

We both do the same things, but we don’t always do them the same way. I think that’s key to keeping Owen flexible and teaching him not to get stuck with the same person doing the same things all the time, since that won’t always be possible. Daycare helps immensely with this too, and I can already see ways in which Owen has grown to be a really laid back kid. Who knows if that’s nature or nurture, but it certainly helps when we have to switch up the daily plan! He can sleep in his crib, the stroller or the car. He can eat his food hot or cold. He can drink his bottle just about anywhere. He doesn’t mind being bundled up or dressed in just a onesie. He’ll play with just about anything you hand him, as long as he can fit it in his mouth. He honestly couldn’t care less about sitting in a dirty diaper for a long time (though I find that disturbing).

I love coming back after leaving Benjamin and Owen for awhile and seeing the little things that are evidence to how Benjamin does things differently than I do. The outfit he wore (NOT what I would have picked, but adorable nonetheless… and probably even more adorable than normal because Daddy picked it out). The toys strewn around the house in different places. The diaper bag stuffed with receipts or camera batteries instead of baby wipes.

It’s so cute to think about my two favorite boys having a little man time.

But I really miss them. I missed 2 bedtimes and I’ll miss tonight’s bedtime as well, since I’ll be on the train back to Boston. I missed two mornings, the sweetest time to see Owen shake his head and rub his eyes as I come into focus and watch him smile. Already looking forward to Saturday morning.

I’ve enjoyed my trip. I wandered into H&M when I arrived in New York and bought myself a new shirt. Not something I generally have the luxury to do. I had lovely (expensed) dinners with glasses of wine. I slept in a hotel room, by myself, with nice soft linens and plush pillows. Nice, nice, nice.

But still, I prefer to be at home with my boys. So live it up, guys! Mom comes home tonight!