She Says… The Song That Never Ends

This is the song sickness that never ends… it just goes on and on my friends…

Ok, I apologize for getting that song stuck in your head. Seriously. That’s one of the worst songs EVER to have stuck in your head. If you don’t know it, consider yourself incredibly fortunate.

I’ve written many times before about what we like to call “the daycare plague”, which is the cycle of colds and sniffles and low-grade fevers and bugs that seems to never end once your baby starts daycare. Here’s the thing, though. It’s not entirely fair to blame it all on daycare (even though it makes me feel better). If Owen didn’t get germs from daycare, he would undoubtedly get them from grocery carts and toys that have fallen on the floor and the dog and playdates and the doctor’s office waiting room and me and Benjamin. And even if I kept him in a little protective bubble until he was 4, he’d get them from school evenutally. And at that point, my theory is that he’d be hit HARD since he never built up immunity. So I realize that these little bugs and germs are actually helping Owen out in the long run. In the short run, however, I am so over having a sweet baby with a runny nose and a cough that won’t really go away. Not to mention a whole family that goes through tissues like they’re going out of style.

Owen’s fever from last weekend has been gone since Sunday, but now the nasal congestion has morphed into a wheezing/coughing. I kind of preferred when he had a fever and his nose was clogged… at least then I wasn’t worry about asthmatic breathing and coughing/choking. Last night his little hacking cough was so sad to listen to. He seems not to be bothered by it at all (he was sleeping right through the coughing), but I have a call into the doctor right now because it really bothers ME. Breathing issues are no joke, and though I’m not sure what exactly they could do for him even if they heard the wheeze I’m hearing, I just feel better when I’ve asked a nurse a barrage of questions.

Yuck. Someone please tell me this will all go away when the weather turns warmer? I just started reading “Pictures of You” by Caroline Leavitt which, from what I’ve read so far, involves a 9 year old boy who suffers from asthma that he got unexpectedly when he was 4. Of course now I can’t stop thinking about Owen’s little wheeze and if it’s something more than just the gunk leftover from his cold/virus. I’m sure it’s just the virus working its way out, but it’s always fun to worry about something new, right?

18 responses to “She Says… The Song That Never Ends

  1. Hope your little Owen feels better soon we are at the tail end of the exact same issue. For the record, im a stay at home Mom so my two year old caught it from a playmate and then passed it onto my 7 month old. They both had ear infections but my baby had the wheezing as well, turns out it had turned into bronchiolitis. He’s been on breathing treatments for a few days and is doing much better finally!

    I guess my point is you’re right, he would get sick no matter what. Hopefully he starts feeling better and we get some warm weather here soon. Good luck.

  2. Oh my goodness, I could have written this post today! My daughter has been sick with the exact same crud, and is hacking up a lung. Last night she sounded like she was wheezing too, but my hubs (who is a doc) listened to her chest and said that, no, the wheezing is in fact from her upper respiratory regions, like her nose. Apparently a majority of kids “wheeze” from their nose, not their lungs (like an asthmatic), when they have a cold. Always good to get it checked, but hopefully Owen is just stuffed up!

  3. awwh, hope owen is feeling better soon! 🙂

  4. The upside is that lots of kids grow out of asthma, if that’s what it is.

  5. My baby gets sick every time we go the doctor’s, so it’s not like you’d be able to shield him from this if he didn’t go to daycare!

    I hope he feels better soon and he’s too little to have asthma (I think). Don’t worry too much, especially if he seems happy!

  6. I feel like I wrote this post. In fact, I think I have! :). Yep, runny nose. Yep cough. Yep, CONSTANT CRUD. We ALL HAVE IT. It won’t go away! ARGH. I feel you, sister.

    Please go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Asthma might sound scary but it’s totally manageable. Plus, if kids get it as babies they almost always grow out if it. I was the opposite, I got it at about 12 and unfortunately still have it. No biggie, though!

  8. Aww! I’m so sorry! I hope he gets better soon. My little six month old has a lingering cold too. He’s very congested and coughy right now and I have to suck out his nose before nursing but at least he’s happy!

  9. This sounds really similar to what Ryan had. Low grade fever, tons of congestion and then it ended with a wheezing/raspy cough. That was the worst to listen to… I felt horrible for him. The doctor said it was probably a mild case of RSV, but it wasn’t bad enough to test for or for breathing treatments. We just had to ride it out. The raspy cough lasted maybe 5 days.

    Crossing my fingers that you have a few non-sick days in your near future!

  10. Have they tested him for pneumonia? You’d be surprised how comfortable they can be/act with it. That seems like a rather long time to be sick, regardless if he’s in daycare or not. :\ I know you’re keeping a close eye on him, though! Poor little buddy and poor you! ❤ Hang in there!

  11. My son was sick the whole first year of daycare, now he rarely gets sick no matter what the weather is. I really believe you pay now or pay later. I have friends whose 3 year olds are just starting preschool and they are dealing with the constant sicknesses. Hang in there, it won’t always be like this!!!

  12. Melissa Villareal

    Hi, Kate! We spoke last week on email. I have a baby girl close in age to Owen. I feel your pain. My two are always sick from daycare; my oldest has strep just today. Did they test Owen for RSV? That is one of those lingering things that could have been responsible for fever/coughing or even flu. I hope he feels better really soon!

  13. Melissa Villareal

    Just saw your tweet. I am so sorry he has pneumonia. My oldest has astma and has been hospitalized twice with pneumonia. Oh daycare! You will get the hang of the nebulizer. It really helps them clear out the conjestion. I will think healthy thoughts for him! 🙂

  14. My little guy has been sick lately- took him to the doc- he has rsv…..

  15. Lots of the babies get RSV. It’s not a big deal if it’s treated. Chloe has had some congestion and at one point had a fever but that’s been a while back now. She has a bit of congestion that won’t seem to go away and tends to get worse at night just like it would with us. If it gets worse or really just sticks around it may worth asking about RSV. Love yah, hope you guys all feel better soon.

  16. Poor baby! Sick babies are one of the saddest things in the world. We too were using tissues like they were going out of style this winter. I discovered that baby wash clothes worked better and were much easier on my daughter’s sensitive little nose. Flannel cloth wipes or old cut up t-shirts also work well in a pinch. Just toss them in the wash with your clothes, which are probably all covered in snot anyway, since babies rarely keep their runny noses to themselves.

  17. poor lil Owen! I’m so sorry he has pneumonia. They did an x-ray on my little one last week b/c she’s had a few back to back colds and just won’t get rid of her cough. the x-ray showed nothing, her saturations were good and a breathing treatment didn’t do anything. I think it’s just the season. Mine has been sick on and off since mid-January. I think we’re all going through this right now!

  18. kate, take the mask off and try the just the hose and just hold it in front of his face….he’ll breathe it in and it doesn’t have to be strapped to his face. good luck 🙂 get better owen!!

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