Daily Archives: March 9, 2011

She Says… Space Bottle

You know those space pens they used to have when we were kids? The kind that you could write upside down with and the ink wouldn’t run out?

I think Owen needs a space bottle.

His new favorite thing is to squirm and wriggle and arch and turn himself upside down while he’s drinking his bottle (mostly to look at something like, oh, a light that is behind him… and has been in the same place since the day he was born…). He doesn’t seem to understand that if he sits up super straight or curls forward or arches upside down that the milk doesn’t fill the nipple of the bottle and he can’t drink. Part of me gets frustrated with his bouncing and wiggling when he’s drinking a bottle, because, you know, it makes the whole drinking part of that activity really, really hard. But part of me loves watching him rock back and forth and shrug his shoulders and explore movement, even if there is a half-drunk bottle hanging out of his mouth at the time.

I know this is perfectly normal behavior for this age. He’s learning how to scoot and roll and is figuring out what his body is capable of. He’s often more interested in grabbing the pillows on the couch and trying to stuff them in his mouth whole than drinking his bottle. He’d rather climb all over Mama like a jungle gym than sit quietly and drink. I can’t say that I blame him! The real throwing-his-body-around-instead-of-eating has gotten a lot more pronounced since his nasal congestion got really bad, so I imagine some of it has to do with the fact that he can’t breathe and eat at the same time. Which means he needs to take lots of breaks. Which means, Hey! It’s time to play! Right? RIGHT MOM?!

And so I let him play. Despite the fact that sometimes it makes us a few minutes late to get out the door, or makes him burp more then normal. Sometimes he even gets so distracted that he doesn’t drink much of his bottle at all. In the past, that worried me. A lot. Now I’m confident that he’s eating what he needs to eat, and if he’s really hungry, he’d probably stop goofing off and drink a little more. So I’m letting him explore and play and bounce.

But honestly. Can someone invent a space bottle already so I can stop chasing him around and craning his head into the correct position so the bottle nipple is full of milk?

Anyone else dealing with (or dealt with) this squirmy baby issue? Any tricks to get them to stop playing and start drinking? Or is it futile?