She Says… My Dirty Little Secret

Here it is, folks: I HATE doing dishes.

I will do just about anything NOT to do dishes. I hate them so much, I may have even written a post about it before. I honestly can’t remember. I would do just about any other chore before I would choose to do dishes. Scrub a toilet? Sure, no problem! Clean the windows? Hells yeah. Vacuum under the bed? Yes, please.

I’m not really sure what it is about dishes that I hate so much. Maybe it’s that I don’t like my hands to be wet when the rest of me is not wet (like in the shower). I don’t like that sticky feeling after you wash your hands and the towel doesn’t get all the water off either. Or when you have to use wimpy hand dryers in an airport bathroom or something like that. Yuck. Perhaps it also has something to do with touching all that mushy, soaking wet food. Double yuck.

Anyway, when Benjamin is away, I get a lot of things done. Yesterday, for instance, I took the dog for a walk (with Owen, in the rain), washed and folded (!!!) 3 loads of laundry, meal planned for the week and went to the grocery store, put away all of the groceries, and had some awesomely fun playtimes with Owen before handling the night time routine single-handedly. I even made Owen’s meals and filled out his drop-off sheet for a quick daycare departure in the morning.

Do you know what didn’t get done? DISHES.

Generally I have no problem letting the dishes pile up until Benjamin gets home (unless he’s gone for several days at a time, then that’s just gross). But since Owen came into our lives, a new element has been added to the nightly dish routine: Bottles. Washing bottles is even more irritating to me than normal dishes. So many nooks and crannies. We use these special bottles that have a uniquely shaped nipple that Owen preferred when we were dealing with his tongue tie/reflux issues. The bottles consist of a top, a nipple, a nipple ring, a bottle “middle”, a plastic valve, and a screw-on base. He drinks 4 bottles a day, so that’s a lot of parts! I’d be fine with letting these pile up in the sink too (don’t judge), except we only have 4 of them, so they have to be washed every night. It’s actually great to have exactly the number we need, because we clean them every night, and I “build” them all in the morning so they are good to go for the day. And we don’t need to sacrifice a cabinet in our kitchen for bottle storage. The downside, of course, is that I STILL have to wash them, even when Benjamin’s gone.

So last night, instead of just washing the stupid bottles, I ran the dishwasher. Despite the fact that it was run the night before. And since I was the only one home and ate leftovers straight out of the ‘fridge for dinner (stop judging), the dishwasher was practically empty, even with all of the bottle parts. So I did what any normal person who didn’t want to do dishes would do: I made more dishes. I made some butternut squash and lentils for baby food (hey, it was on my to do list) and put the pots and food processor and spoons and everything right in the dishwasher.

Then I didn’t feel so bad about running the dishwasher two nights in a row. And I killed two birds with one stone! I’ll be the first to admit, this was not the first time I deliberately dirtied dishes just to run the dishwasher. What? It gets the job done, right?

Thankfully, my dish washer comes home today 🙂 I have missed him!

What about you? What’s the one chore you would choose to never do again, if you had the choice?


25 responses to “She Says… My Dirty Little Secret

  1. The dishes for sure! I hate having random wet on me and my husband pick on me for it all the time because I always make sure I dry my hand completely whereas he just sort of shakes them off a bit and feels good to go, it drives me a little bit crazy 😀

  2. I HATE the dishes, too! Even loading the dishwasher and letting it do the work drives me crazy because it splashes water everywhere and I hate getting my hands wet and dirty when they’re already dry and cracked from working as a nurse. I’ve definitely also been known to dirty MORE dishes when some need to be washed so I can just load them all in the dishwasher and get it over with!

  3. That’s a lot of bottle parts–wow. I’m with you on the dishwasher.

  4. I am SOOO with you on the dishes! That would be my thing to NEVER do again…had I the choice. My deal is the mushy food…that totally grosses me out and I WILL NOT fill the sink with water and wash dishes that way, because then I have to search for utensils among all the floating food! Gag! And, I think we use the same bottles because we have all those annoying parts to clean as well.

  5. I too am with you on the dishes. I hate the way washing them makes my hands so dry. A dishwasher is a new thing in our lives though, so I don’t mind loading it because it still feels like a novelty to even have one. Thankfully my husband is a saint and cleans up after the bulk of my kitchen messes!

  6. Agree on the dishes thing… and that IS my job! -_-

  7. I get so tired of washing bottles, it’s endless! I hate dishes too, but I hate most cleaning too.

    When my husband is away, I eat out of tupperware. Hell, I eat out of tupperware just when he’s at work. I will do ANYTHING to avoid making extra dirty dishes.

    On more than one occasion (probably about 4 times), I have run the dishwasher, used all the bottles but only used about one plate, and then just run the dishwasher again with the dirty bottles (and rewashed the already clean dishes). I’m not ashamed 🙂

  8. I hate cooking. SO MUCH prep time and for what? Maybe thirty minutes of eating if you’re lucky. While I’m learning to like it more, I really dislike cooking. Also, I think I hate that it makes a mess while you’re doing it, so at the end you have all this other stuff to clean up. I like chores that make things look better when you’re done, not worse. So I’d much rather do the dishes, and watch as all the clutter in my kitchen goes away while I’m doing it. I also hate doing the floors because I have to move so much stuff to get them done. Also, I’m not a big fan of bottles because they do have so many parts, and you really want to get them clean because your BABY drinks out of them! So I totally hear you on that.

  9. Do I have to pick just one thing? I HATE unloading the dishwasher. HATE HATE HATE IT. I also HATE putting clothes away. I dont mind the washing and drying or even folding but putting them away makes me cringe. Maybe cuz I have 4 kids plus a hubby. It takes FOREVER. I also hate cooking. I suck at it. Good thing my hubs likes to cook. Everything else I really don’t mind.

  10. I can handle dishes in the dishwasher. I don’t mind loading or unloading the dishwasher. It’s doing dishes by hand that I HATE! I really hate all cleaning and put it off until we have guests, which is thankfully often enough that things don’t start growing or anything. But doing dishes by hand is the worst in my book! I would have run the dishwasher too!!

  11. dusting — hate it, it takes soo much work to move everything then move it back again, thus i don’t do it. yuck. :-p

  12. Dishes and laundry. Laundry is brutal for me. I think the main reason I dislike them both is because it’s an all the time thing. I can get by with dusting every few days or vac’ing twice a week, but laundry & dishes? They never end!

  13. I could not agree more, I HATE the dishes. I love to cook, but I HATE the dishes. They’re pretty much my husband’s job, and yes, I will just throw everything in the dishwasher to whatever extent I can.

    Of course, it’s not as though I like any other chore. But that’s why you’ll have to pry my twice-a-month cleaning lady out of my cold, dead hands.

  14. Cleaning the bathroom. I loathe it. Scrubbing the tub, the toilet, wiping down the sink. I’d rather wash a million dishes than step foot into the bathroom with a sponge.

  15. i hate cleaning the shower. it gets weird orange stains from the water and i made hubby do it when i was pregnant and it is officially his job now. i dont mind dishes but i HAVE to wear rubber gloves (dry hands!!).

  16. “I don’t like my hands to be wet when the rest of me is not wet (like in the shower). I don’t like that sticky feeling after you wash your hands and the towel doesn’t get all the water off either. Or when you have to use wimpy hand dryers in an airport bathroom or something like that. Yuck. ”

    THIS. Exactly. *shudder*

  17. I don’t mind dishes but I also wear rubber gloves or else my skin dries out and bleeds. DH does the dinner dishes, usually, and we have a dishwasher.

    I hate defrosting the freezer. It’s in the cold basement and I have to take everything out and decide whether to keep or toss – then put hot water in tins to defrost it, then clean it – etc. etc. Hate doing it.

  18. I hate a couple chores:

    Hanging clothes on hangers
    Everything gets all tangled with hangers getting stuck and I yank and then they fly across the closet. UGH No THANKS. Who designed the hanger? It is such a stupid, useless shape)

    Scrubbing floors/baseboards/tubs/toilet
    I just stare as they get grosser and grosser until I finally give in and clean the damn things (maybe 2-3x a year? I know. Nasty!)

  19. Yes, dishes! I, too, let them build up until I just can’t avoid it any more. Which makes me hate it more, because then the chore goes on for ages! I’d also prefer cleaning a toilet.
    But, as much as I hate washing dishes in the sink, I’d rather do that than use a dishwasher – seriously. Maybe it’s just all the dishwashers that I’ve had experience with, but they never clean everything properly, and then there’s the loading, unloading and drying the condensation.
    And don’t get me started on bottles – we had 8 bottles for full-time formula feeding, because I hated washing up THAT MUCH. It meant I could wash them every second night, but again, I’d just get even more frustrated at the sheer amount.

    I like doing laundry, though. And I mean I actually like it, I don’t just tolerate it. That’s my reward for doing crappy chores. How sad. 😛

  20. I hate washing dishes/bottles, although I love loading and unloading the dishwasher. I also love doing laundry … except putting away the clothes.

    That reminds me. I need a maid.

  21. I’m with you! Well, I actually hate all of the household chores but dishes really suck. I am going to attempt making Chloe’s food this weekend so I may need your help dirtying some dishes!

  22. I grew up in a household where the men weren’t allowed to enter in to a kitchen, so I had to do the dishes every night. Therefore, mine is the dishes too! I just HATE it. It’s not the feeling on my hands WHILE I’m doing it, but I HATE that they’re so DRY afterwards. Also, it takes FOREVER to do them.

    My favorite though? LOVE vacuuming. I’m such a loser. I always look in the compartment to see how much stuff I picked up.

  23. Butternut squash and lentils? Together?
    Kate, you are my baby food hero! I know that we started solids later, but I feel so behind with just fruits and veggies. I would love to know all the foods that you have given Owen. Also any recipes sites to recommend? I have the steaming fruits and veggies down, but as we move onto other things (beans – ack! chicken – oh boy! egg yolks – not sure if we can yet?), I need help!

  24. LAUNDRY! You come do my laundry and I’d love to do your dishes!!!

  25. I’m right there with you. I hate the dishes. Hate hate hate.

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