She Says… Like Magic

We’ve had a weird weekend in the This Place is Now a Home home (is that redundant?). Owen has been to the doctor twice in the last 4 days because that darn fever just wouldn’t go away. I took him back again over the weekend because his fever was still steady and his nasal congestion was making it hard for him to drink his bottles, but the 2nd doc said the same thing as the first one: Just a run-of-the-mill upper respiratory viral infection that we have to let run its course. Nothing we can do except give him Motrin to keep him comfy, and keep booger sucking and humidifying and pumping him full of fluids. Done and done.

This morning the fever was gone, and just the sinus congestion remains (for both of us!). He’s been in a fantastic mood throughout the whole thing, so I’m happy to say it hasn’t affected him too much. He’s also slept through the night every night, despite the fact that his little nasal passages are barely open.

In other news, all of a sudden, like magic, Owen has learned how to make all kinds of new sounds. He went from “oooh” and “aaaah” and the occasional “gggggoo” to “blib blab jib jad doo doo dada [insert raspberry here] bloo blah blee blah ggggghoo ghee lee la”. It’s AMAZING. Here I was thinking he was a little behind some other babies his age in terms of language development, and he certainly proved me wrong (don’t get me wrong, NOT in a worrisome way, he was just always more concerned with movement and physical development than language). Apparently he likes to do things in leaps and bounds instead of little by little.

I HAVE to get these new sounds on video for you. They crack me up all day long. It actually sounds like words now, though I have no idea what they mean. Despite all the new consonants he’s trying out, I still have yet to hear a “ma” (though he does say “mmm” when he likes his food, which is so adorable), so I think I’m going to admit right now that “mama” isn’t going to be the first word out of his mouth. Ha! That’s ok with me. I LOVE to hear him babble!

In other big news, we went for a walk yesterday and there is practically NO SNOW LEFT. Hallelujah!!! It’s been a long, long, LONG winter and I’m really ready to see some green. So far I just see brown (dirt. lots of dirt.), but I think the green is not far away. Damn, it feels GOOD to go outside without gloves and a hat on. And all this melting snow and rain is great for Owen’s eczema 🙂

So, we’re on the mend! Hoping for a healthier week this week for all of us!


9 responses to “She Says… Like Magic

  1. That is so great! I haven’t heard any “mmmm” noises yet. I do get a lot of raspberries though!

    My baby’s favorite thing is “Blah blah blah”. That and making a fish face with her lips. She will say “Dada” too, but she hasn’t made the connection between that word and my husband.

    I really need to clean up my language around the baby otherwise her first real world will be pg-13 🙂

  2. Your post was funny because my little girl (also 7 mo.) has been talking up a storm for a while (mama & dada included) but she just started rolling over last week! I did learn though that they focus on developing one area at a time and mine must have chosen language first and is now going to start focusing on the motor skills and your little Owen the opposite. Its amazing and wonderful (although somewhat stressful at times) how differently they all develop. Just goes to show that comparing is futile! Enjoy the new sounds!

  3. owen’s health sounds like my own; 2 trips to doctor in the last week. i’m not sure how my baby has avoided my sickness (he’s not quite in the clear yet since i’m still snotting up a storm) but we’ve been lucky. can’t wait to see a video of his new vocabulary!!

  4. The weather has been glorious! I found this morning that all but a tiny bit of Mount Snowpile in my front yard is gone and has left in it’s wake some crocuses! They are about 2 inches tall and have me very excited!

  5. My kids seemed to alternate with the physical skills/language skills development. Especially my older son (although maybe I just didn’t pay as close attention with the younger one). He would work really hard on some physical thing, like sitting up, for several weeks, then stop doing that and practice a verbal skill (babbling or words or whatever) for a month or so. Then he would talk a little less but work intensely on some other physical skill. It was a lot of fun to watch him learn!

  6. aww! My little boy is getting better at making noises too and it’s SO cute! I heard six through nine months is the most fun in developmental stages of a baby and I’m just now reaching six months!

  7. Here’s to a healthier week! The development of babies is so fun to watch. It seems like everything happens so quickly 🙂

  8. Oh, I remember the day my son started making word sounds and not just noise! He was being really fussy so I put him in his swing and went to take a big breath, and when I came back he was happily chatting to himself in ‘yah-yah’s and ‘dah-dah’s, and long ‘mmmmmmm’s with an occasional burst of ‘muh!’ That’s still one of my most exciting parenting moments, even though I felt a little silly being so happy about it. Six to nine months IS a very fun time.
    Glad to read Owen is feeling better – I hope everyone is back to full health soon!

  9. You’re so lucky your snow is gone. Here in Minnesota, we pretty much still have a very solid blanket of snow/ice everywhere. And snowbanks are still at least 2 feet tall. March is usually one of our snowiest months, but at least it’s warm enough that the snow is melts between the times it snows. So far we’ve had few signs of spring. Spring has to come around eventually, right?

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