Daily Archives: March 3, 2011

She Says… The Call

I got “the call” again yesterday. You know the one.

Me: Hello?

Daycare: Hi Kate, it’s daycare. It’s not an emergency, but just wanted to let you know that Owen has a little fever. It’s not yet above 101, so you don’t need to pick him up. But he’s acting kind of clingy and fussy and his congestion seems worse. He’s just not acting like himself, so we wanted to let you know. [Subtext: Maybe you should come pick him up?]

Me: Poor thing. [Worries about Owen, but knows that she has about a million hours of work left to do this week. Then proceeds to feel guilty that she’s thinking about work when she’s supposed to be thinking about her sick baby.] Is he eating/sleeping ok?

Daycare: Yes, he ate all of his food and almost all of his bottles, and he just fell asleep. He seems to be dealing with it ok, but he’s definitely running a low-grade fever. [Subtext: Maybe you should come pick him up?]

Me: I will see if I can come get him a little early and give him extra cuddles. Please keep checking on his fever and let me know if it gets any higher or if he develops any other symptoms. [Subtext: I really, really, really can’t come pick him up right now. And even if I did, it seems like he’s ok, if a little fussy/clingy/sad/uncomfortable.]

Daycare: Will do. [Subtext: Maybe you should come pick him up?]

Oy. I have gotten this call several times in the last 2 months. Only once has it escalated into a serious illness, and when I picked him up that day and looked in his eyes I knew we had to go immediately to the doctor. Yesterday, however, I picked him up from daycare and though he was definitely warm and out of sorts, he smiled at me and bounced in my arms. Maybe all he needed was a little mommy time. We played for the rest of the evening and he seemed fine despite his warm forehead. He went to sleep without any issues and woke up a little earlier than normal coughing this morning.

Benjamin and I dropped him off at daycare this morning and both went to work. I am booked solid with meetings all day, and Benjamin has a shoot that has already started, so I’m praying that I don’t get the call from daycare again today. Stay cool and feel better, little man!