She Says… 7 Months

My sweet little man,

How in the world are you 7 months old already?! You have passed the halfway point in your first year. Time is practically flying by.

Here’s a little secret: Daddy and I feel like we’ve won the baby lottery with you. You are pretty much perfect. You have such a cheerful, laid back, silly personality. It’s amazing to me just how much of your personality we can already see, even after just a few months. But you certainly are your own little tiny person now. You are hilarious. You make faces and laugh this adorable little belly laugh. All we have to do is sit next to you and make a sound at you and you laugh like we are the best comedians in the world. Your teachers at daycare notice it too — the notes about your day often say things like “Owen had a very silly day. He laughed and laughed.” I love to watch other peoples’ faces as you come into a room, because they can’t help but smile. You have this constantly amazed/entertained face, which, combined with your “excited hands” hovering in mid-air, makes the people around you erupt with joy.

I hope you never lose that content, easy spirit. It will serve you well. The ability to bounce back and continue to laugh even after things don’t go your way is one of the most important skills I can teach you.

You still eat like a champ. Sometimes I wonder where you put all the food that you eat, since you’re still a little guy compared to others your age. You put back 30+ ounces of formula and 3 bowls of food a day. You’ve tried lots of new foods this past month; Mama’s getting bolder in experimenting with new flavors and textures. You have a new favorite food! In the very beginning it was avocado (your 1st food), then it was peas, and now it is, hands down, CHICKEN. Daddy and I make roasted chicken and vegetables about once a week for dinner. A week or two ago I threw an extra chicken breast in the pan for you, seasoning and all. I blended it up with some of the yummy pan juices for you to try. You kicked your legs and your little eyes danced. You LOVE chicken. I’ve also started adding turmeric, garlic, cinnamon and other spices to your dishes sometimes, and you seem to really enjoy the new flavors. A kid after my own heart!

I love making food for you and creating new combos of food for you to try. In nearly 3 months of eating solid food, you’ve never once rejected a food (except yogurt in the very beginning, which was no doubt a big shock, because it was fresh out of the ‘fridge and you’re used to warm food)! I’m so proud of you.

In fact, I think you may be a budding chef. My Kitchenaid mixer is next to your high chair, and you’ve gotten into the habit of reaching out for it as we lift you up from your chair. We’ve named it “Mmmmmister Mmmmmmixer” to practice an “mmm” sound. You happily gaze at the shiny silver bowl and grab the red ceramic base with your chubby hands. I’ve even let you sit on the counter next to it and you happily play with the bowl with one hand and open and shut the toaster with the other hand. It’s the cutest thing. I would be VERY pleased to raise a chef!

A chef or a circus performer. You are a total daredevil and squeal with delight when we toss you up in the air and throw you around. Mama’s gonna need to get bigger muscles if we’re going to continue to toss you around like that!

You’re rolling and scooting and exploring. It’s amazing to watch you problem solve as you figure out how to get your little body over to a certain toy or (more often) cell phone or tv remote. You’re so, so close to crawling, but you still haven’t figured out how to rock up on your knees to get yourself moving. You’ll get there. And I have a feeling that once you do, I’m not going to be able to do anything except chase after you. So I’m not rushing this milestone 🙂

You’re still sleeping like a little angel as well. 12 hours at night and naps have shifted to a 2 hour morning nap and a 1 hour afternoon nap. When I come in your room to wake you up, you are often rolling from side to side, sucking on your sleep sack and staring at your mobile.

You and Schnitzel have started to create a beautiful friendship over the last few weeks. He has a special growling sound he does only when he’s playing with you, and he loves to bring toys and lay them on top of you, hoping you’ll play tug-of-war with him. Someday, my little darling, you’ll  be big enough to play with him. As much as I look forward to that day, I cherish these last few days of you as my tiny one who needs my help to do just about everything. You’re growing so quickly and I just want to stop time and soak you all up.

I love you, my little prince. I love spending every day with you, and I look forward to the next time I get to see your sweet smile.



7 responses to “She Says… 7 Months

  1. SO adorable! He’s doing so great – such a happy, lucky boy with caring, loving and hardworking parents – and a pup too!

  2. This is such a precious blog post! He is getting cuter and cuter. I can really see his resemblance to you more (and not just to his daddy). So sweet.

  3. what a cutie!!!!

    can’t believe how big he’s gotten.
    also, i think i’m still like owen at 28, with the easy laughs/smiles. more people in the world need to have silly spirits!

  4. Look at that dimple! So cute!

    I have to WORK to get smiles and laughs from my baby…unless she’s grabbing my hair or the dog’s tail 🙂

    Owen is a rockstar eater!

  5. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE MAN STAND!!!!!!!!! what fun. precious boy, can’t wait to see you again in person!!!!! Not too long! 🙂 xoxo, Aunt G!

  6. He’s just too adorable! I just love the shock of hair on top of his head! He always looks so happy!

  7. I love his little dimple!

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