She Says… Determined

A week or two ago, Owen learned how to roll from his back to his tummy. Previous to that he rolled from tummy to back quite easily, in both directions; but on his back he was kind of like a turtle. A happy turtle, but he wasn’t going anywhere fast. His arms and legs never stopped moving with his signature wiggles, and he would even grab his feet and roll over to each side to look at toys, but he just couldn’t figure out how to finish the roll. Anyway, he finally figured it out. And I even caught the 2nd one on video (so Daddy could see, since he was out of town). But alas, I haven’t had the time to UPLOAD said video, so you’ll have to wait until I can publish a new set of “Mama Cam” videos from the last few weeks to see the cuteness.

So now that he’s figured it out, he’s a rolling machine. He cranes his neck and rolls his body around, grabbing at toys and giggling his little face off. Playtime now consists of him sitting and playing for a minute or two, then launching himself forwards so he face plants on the floor, then connecting rolls and turning around in circles on his tummy until he can grab everything within his armspan. It’s totally adorable.

However, I think this newfound skill has made him acutely aware of something he canNOT do. Crawl. Now that he spends so much time on his tummy, he stretches his arms and legs out (doing little baby “supermans” like Jillian Michaels does on my workout videos) and uses every muscle in his body to try to crawl, but nothing happens. The last few days he has gotten very frustrated while pushing his torso up off the floor, and it seems as though he wants nothing more than to be able to MOVE rather than just push up and fall down. Last night during our post-daycare play hour he was getting so frustrated he was straining and fussing while on his stomach. I helped him roll over to his back since he seemed like he was stuck on his tummy. He smiled for a minute, cooed, and then immediately rolled back to his tummy and kept right on fussing.

I am pretty sure he is going to stay on his tummy (and fuss) until he learns how to crawl. He seems pretty darn determined.

In the meantime, watching him try to figure it out is at the same time hilarious and painful. It’s easy enough for me to see what he’s doing wrong (he needs to get up on his knees, or master the army crawl with his arms), but it’s absolutely baffling his little brain. I guess this is the first of many times in his life when I’ll have to let him struggle it out to learn an important lesson.

Any bets on how long it will take him to learn how to crawl? How long did it take your baby to get from scooting and doing pushups to crawling? Any way I can help him figure it out?


11 responses to “She Says… Determined

  1. It took Meredith a couple weeks of desperately trying until she started scooting backwards, and then another couple weeks until she started crawling forward. one thing that seemed to help was putting something under her belly, like a bolster pillow. That way she learned how to get into the proper position, but didn’t have to support herself. Once she got on all fours regularly we’d try to provide counterpressure (not sure that’s the right term) to her feet with our arms so she could kind of propel off them. Not sure it helped, but it was nice to have something to try 🙂

    Mostly, I think they just need time to practice, even though it is sad to see them get frustrated and sometimes hurt 😦 Good luck, Owen!

  2. Good luck, little guy! Must be so fun to watch him grow.

  3. I think all that struggling is so good for them – helping them develop muscles/problem solve. He’ll get it…but it could take a while! 🙂 Enjoy your last few weeks or so (if you are lucky!) of a child who can’t yet completely terrorize the house…
    I did put both the boys over a pillow (yet another use for the Boppy) to get them used to being up on all fours. It was so cute when they would figure out how to push themselves over the pillow, and then face plant on the other side. Thank goodness for carpeted floors!

  4. owen might not even crawl on all 4’s at first. my son sort of does an army crawl where he propels himself with his legs and pulls forward with his arms and just drags his belly along. it’s enough to get him from room to room and in lots of trouble ;). i might have to use the pillow trick the other girls suggested to get him to get his belly up.

  5. Oh my Owen and Cameron are going through the EXACT same thing! I took a bunch of pictures yesterday documenting the entire thing. If I get the chance I’m going to post it up. He was all excited to be rolling around and was content on his belly for a period of time (before this he would rather be on his back) and then just starts to fuss and screach because he can’t go anywhere! You want to help him, you want to show him, you want to explain it to him, but you can’t! You’re right I think it’s going to be a fussy couple of weeks/month until they get it, but then look out!

  6. My baby did the log roll locomotion for about 2 weeks before she started creeping. Now she’s an army crawling machine and the dog can no longer lay down in peace. She still doesn’t really pick her belly off the ground, but man she can move quickly!

    Have you baby proofed yet? It’s amazing what the can get their little sticky hands into!

  7. It’s so interesting to read everyone’s different perspectives. Good luck to your little man–he’ll get the hang of it and then you’ll have trouble bein able to stop him!

  8. I bet he’ll be crawling in 3 weeks or so. My son was 7 1/2 months when he started crawling and was walking by 11 months.

  9. Aww! So cute. My little guy is doing the exact same thing. He can move backwards a bit but for the life of him can’t figure out how to make his legs push him forwards to an actual crawl! He’s five months and one week old….so I’m not worried but it is sort of hard to watch him try so hard and not make it!

  10. Oh my gosh, the crawling thing drove us both nuts! My little boy was a relatively late crawler – he was actually pulling himself up to stand before he was crawling. He wanted to move so badly, but he couldn’t and would just sit and whine, so I’d have to carry him around the house with me. He got up on all fours easily enough, but from there – no idea. We tried showing him how to crawl, we tried enticing him, I tried moving his legs to show him, but really, all we could do was wait.
    He ended up just taking off one night after a bath – he went straight for the space heater that he wasn’t allowed to play with! (The lure of the forbidden.) He was almost nine months then, so a little later than most others, but he took his first steps quite soon after that, between 10 and 11 months, and he’d mastered walking in a couple of weeks, compared to the months that it took him to understand how to crawl. I really wouldn’t know how long it will take Owen, babies are so different, but he does sound eager to get going! Hopefully not as long as my little slowpoke 😛

  11. I found your blog from dog lick baby world.
    It’s so fun watching babies discover new things they are able to do!

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