She Says… Tricks of the Trade

I am always on the lookout for a deal. I shop with coupons whenever possible (whenever I think of it, happen to have them on-hand, and actually want to purchase the thing I have a coupon for) and I almost never buy clothing full price. I love me some discount stores and it thrills me to know that I got something that was originally $$$ for $. And I’m not afraid to use Target brand!

However, there are some things that I will not compromise on in terms of brands, even when I know there’s a cheaper option out there. Baby stuff is at the top of this list. And Greek yogurt. But that’s another story for another day. There is one place that makes shopping for all of this baby stuff ridiculously easy. AND it’s cheaper than most other stores like Babies ‘R Us. And the best part? It’s online, so I can shop in my underwear. And do I ever. I probably place an average of 3 orders a week. Every time I think of something we need, I order it. No more making lists or trying to fit in a Target run between nap times and wasting my afternoon trekking to Babies ‘R Us to find the right size of something Owen has grown out of. And when I realize right before bed that we’re almost out of formula and I’d bettergetsomerightnow, it’s ordered in one click and arrives in 2 days. That’s probably faster than I could get to Target with my list in hand and get the things I need. AND the prices are better.

Amazon has this awesome program called Amazon Moms. It’s free to join and you get free Prime (2 day) shipping on tons and tons of things. That takes care of my main issue with online shopping — I HATE to pay shipping. I would rather wait weeks to get to a store than pay a few dollars in shipping. It’s the principle of it all. Also, they’ve conveniently put links to all the things Moms (and Dads) need most all on one page. Believe me, I realize I am doing exactly what those smarty pants marketing folks at Amazon want me to do. I am their ideal customer. I order EVERYTHING through them. But you know what? It’s a win-win for both of us!

Another awesome program I take advantage of is the Subscribe and Save store. You can save 30%  on tons of stuff (like diapers! and wipes! and formula!) if you schedule regular deliveries of them. Not only do I like saving 30% on every jumbo box of diapers that I buy, but I also like not having to remember when to re-order them. They check with you before they schedule each shipment, too, so if you need a different size or something, you can change it or cancel it before it is sent. Genius, marketing peeps. Genius.

I swear, Amazon did NOT give me anything for writing this post, I just love the site. But I wish they had! Any Amazon marketers out there can feel free to contact me for future partnerships 🙂

But now, my wise readers, I would love to hear from you. Where do you save on baby stuff?


22 responses to “She Says… Tricks of the Trade

  1. I also heart Amazon. but…..are you also aware that offers free OVERNIGHT shipping on a lot of stuff like diapers and formula? Just saying… 🙂

  2. Yea for Amazon Moms!!! I shop there all the time!!! My husband and I are like little kids and love having things delivered to our front door, even if its formula…it feels like Christmas! 🙂

  3. is ok too, but I hate having a minimum order. But I do buy Carter’s clothing from because the selection is good and the prices are about the same as Kohls. I also get some good deals at the Nex (Navy Exchange) on clothing.

    If you use Similac, sign up for the rewards program. You don’t have to do anything and they send formula checks all the time, even occasionally coupons for free stuff.

    I can’t get deals on formula since my baby is on Neocate, so I try to save on other stuff. The Target up and up brand for baby food seems to be good (but not organic). I do the same as you with Amazon and diapers. I order everything on Amazon from wipes to Gu 🙂

  4. Subscribe and Save is my middle name: laundry detergent, Puffs, cliff bars, Seventh Generation Paper Towels, Toothpaste, seventh generation diapers, earth’s best wipes, soap…seriously, I’m an addict. I recommend looking for ADDITIONAL 20% off diaper orders in Parents Magazine and other baby magazines that have little Amazon post cards with the deals. I then order a new case of diapers with a new subscribe and save, and then cancel.

    I am also a HUGE consignment sale freak. is where I go to find, but in my area (Georgia) seasonal consignment sales are so well promoted. We also have a few good second hand stores, which I do know they have in MA, too.

    And then friends and childcare. It is like a constant “hand-me-down” game. I try not to spend much on clothing at all, but am the first to admit to being very particular about my children’s clothing.

    Finally, I try really hard to be mindful with purchases: “do I NEED that?” Marketers do a great job at making moms feel like they need everything. I get easily lured by trendy advertising. 🙂

  5. We use Target brand wipes, diapers and formula too since my daughter wasn’t picky. I love the Target diapers. They are very good and cheaper than Huggies or Pampers. I really don’t like any other store brand diapers. I do stock up on Huggies when they are on sale and use all my coupons 🙂 My last deal on Huggies big box ended up being cheaper than the Target brand after coupons. Score! And I picked up a box of Pampers wipes that were on sale on Amazon Mom and signed up for suscribe & save to get 30% off. We cancelled the subscription after that. I try to find the best deals and stock up!

  6. Have you heard of I’ve used it now for a few months. At hundreds of online stores, it gives you a certain percentage CASH BACK on your purchase! So, every 3 months, you get a check in the mail. You can use other deals and stuff too, you just have to enter the website, say, Amazon, through ebates to get it to link up to your account.

    And no, they have not reimbursed me for this feedback! 🙂

    Anyway, I’m like you– do coupons and everything else when need be. But sometimes, you just need to order online. I’m also a fan of Snapfish for photos– 10-12% cash back through ebates, plus coupon deals through Snapfish, makes it a little easier to justify ordering monthly photo printouts!

  7. I save a ton of money by cloth diapering. Our family’s initial investment of approx $250 in diapers has allowed us to diaper our 3rd baby until his 1st birthday (today!) and will last until potty training. I figure it saves us well over $1500 in disposable diapers (not to mention the garbage generated). It’s so much easier than I thought it would be when we first started. I use an all-in-one style diaper (snap in liner, waterproof cover) and it goes on just like a disposable. When I change him, I just dump the diaper with other used diapers in a waterproof bag then wash every 2-3 days. Our son’s skin seems to love the organic cotton of the diapers and they have never once blown out like disposables did for our other kids.

    I’ve become a bit of a cloth diaper evangelist–mostly because I wish someone had told us about how easy modern cloth is with our first two children. Lots of daycares will even do cloth diapers, as long as you supply the assembled diaper and a bag to put them in when done.

    On a side note, I’m totally excited about saving even more money because I can reuse all the diapers on our 4th baby this summer!

  8. Group the Amazon savings with the 20% off coupons found monthly in Parents/Parenting magazine. We get free diapers all the time by combining coupons like this.

  9. Great strategies for a busy mom and life!

  10. I don’t have children (yet!), but I already love Amazon for non-baby stuff. By the way, I also love your blog 🙂

  11. I totally just signed up! I’m expecting my first in August and can you all the advice (and savings!) I can gt. Thanks for the tip!

  12. This post=major helpfulness. I’ve only bought a couple of baby outfits…that’s the extent of my baby shopping right now. But one day. One day.

  13. You should check out & Another great site for EVERYTHING baby, plus free 1-2 day shipping, great sales/deals, and a cash back program.

  14. I’ve been all about Amazon for years now. I have their VISA and mom and I share a prime account. I get most things from there. It is great!

  15. I am an Amazon girl too. When we first started buying diapers we did a cost per diaper comparison of like 15 different places, and with Amazon’s free shipping on diapers (I used the Super Saver shipping and almost ALWAYS got my diapers the next day – the warehouse must have been in my neighborhood), it was the best deal. I bought Pampers diapers and wipes through Amazon for years. Now I have a Costco membership and buy my diapers there for less than on Amazon, but I do miss the Pampers (they only sell Huggies).

  16. Jennifer Eckstein Coon

    My friends in your area are on the way to Miami for a BNL cruise, but let me see if I can get some responses for a babysitter.

  17. Just want to say that I recently started following your blog and think it is great! Such well-written and thoughtful posts. I, too, am a big saver and organizer. I have started a bookmark folder on my browser of baby-related websites, and just added amazon moms. Great resource!
    Question for you (and any others out there): what is your best excuse for not having a glass of wine at dinner with friends, or, a beer on Super Bowl Sunday, when you are not yet ready to tell others that you’re expecting? “I have to get up early tomorrow,” and “I am on antibiotics” is getting old. Thanks!

  18. @Jenny, Thank you! It’s a great question. For some reason I always went the route of faking it. Easier than lying for a bad liar like myself 🙂 Benjamin and I got very good at making me mocktails. Cranberry vodka used to be my go to drink (other than wine or beer, which are pretty hard to fake), so cranberry with seltzer or something like that works like a charm. Another excuse might be that you’re driving?

  19. I used to say I was too dehydrated so I needed to drink more water before I could have a drink. No one noticed much after that.

  20. @Jenny, DD is a good one. For me I plan on using the I would rather eat my calories then drink then. But then you have to be pretty good about not eating a ton of bad stuff. I’m going to have to use Kate’s suggestion too! If the party is at my house I usually make Malibu Bay Breeze. No one would even notice if I didn’t add the Malibu to mine. 🙂

  21. RetailMeNot dot com any time I need to order online from a non-Amazon site. It’s basically a user-reported bank of online coupon codes.

  22. Two more:
    Totsy dot com (but I think a friend has to invite you). Email me Kate if you’re interested. I don’t always love everything that they have but sometimes it’s awesome. I just got our 2-yr-old a classic RadioFlyer tricycle for his birthday at 50% of the retail price.
    Also try MamaBargains dot com …it’s like Totsy in that they select the inventory and put it on super-saver sale until it’s gone. Then another sale opens.

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