He Says… Mommy and Daddy Day

Today is the first day since before July 24, 2010 that Kate and I are both at home… without Owen here.  Since the weather folks were calling for Snowmaggedon #526 of 2011 for yesterday/today, I brought my work home yesterday.  Kate was already going to work from home today and we are VERY lucky that Owen’s daycare has stayed open.  (In fact it seems that they are one of the few daycares that has stayed open during all these storms, which is definitely worth the extra money.)

This morning we both took care of getting Owen ready for “school” (as we call it) and walked him and Schnitzel to daycare (Schnitzel doesn’t go to daycare though, he came home with us).  Then we came home and had breakfast and now we’re sitting at the dining room table on our laptops (setup across from each other, it looks like we’re going to play Battleship) doing our work and drinking our coffee.  There is no sound of the baby monitor, no listening for whimpering that we need to change a diaper, just the sounds of the snow plows outside.  I have to say this is quite lovely and since Kate works from home several days a week, I think I may try to work from home more often when Owen is at daycare, just so we can have a quiet house together for a bit.

So we’ve got a fair amount of work to do, but will hopefully squeeze in a workout, (and maybe a little, ahem, mommy and daddy time).  Oh, and shoveling.  Lots and lots of shoveling.


7 responses to “He Says… Mommy and Daddy Day

  1. This may be TMI, but if my husband and I had the house to ourselves with no baby, the laptops would be put away all day if you know what I mean 🙂

  2. Enjoy this rare opportunity!

  3. sounds like a beautiful day! enjoy it.

  4. Doesn’t the quiet feel a little weird, though? 🙂

  5. Agreed Julie. 🙂 When it’s just my husband and me, we feel like somthing is missing!

  6. New Year’s Eve was the only night we’ve spent away from Liam and it was just odd… the house was so quiet it was disturbing and we didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves. Hope you make better use of the time than we did!

  7. Enjoy the day! I can imagine that it would be a little bit strange though.

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