She Says… My Invincible Cloak

On Tuesday when I picked my sick baby up from daycare, I did not hesitate before I cuddled him and rocked him and let him wipe his snotty nose on me and cough in my face. I’m his mom. That’s what moms do.

Apparently I thought I was wearing my invincible cloak. You know, the one that made me think that, despite his germs, I would not get sick. Because I’m the mom. Moms don’t get sick. They are invincible. At least mine always was.

Perhaps that is an acquired skill.

My voice is gone, my nose is clogged, and my throat is so swollen and dry that it feels like sandpaper when I talk. Fun! Overall I don’t actually feel that bad. The sickness is localized in my throat/nose, so I’m hoping it will pass quickly and I can get back to being Owen’s caretaker instead of having to take care of myself. Hence not posting yesterday; we’ve had a lot going on at our house!

In other news, Owen’s virus has expanded to include diarrhea and vomiting. Sigh. Over the last few days I have changed our clothes and done more laundry than I ever thought possible. Poor little lamb. Overall he’s doing ok; eating, sleeping, playing. But he’s clearly not back to his old jolly self just yet.

Hope the weekend brings GOOD HEALTH and lots of rest for both of us.


12 responses to “She Says… My Invincible Cloak

  1. Maybe the stomach issues are from the meds? Not that it really matter, you still have to clean up the poop and vomit 😦

    Hope things get better soon!

  2. I am officially scared to send my child to day care.

  3. I laugh when people (who don’t have kids) tell me to make sure my child doesn’t get me sick. I have an infant. Short of suiting up in a bioharzard suit and double gloving, it is impossible for me to avoid his germs. And how can I nuzzle his sweet sick head when I am in a bio-hazard suit?? Hope Owen feels better soon and you too.

  4. awwh, get well soon 😦

  5. In the exact same boat–ugh daycare! Now, we’re dealing with a rash on the belly and back too! Off to the doctor. Anyway, hope you ALL feel better soon.

  6. Oh no! Hang in there–lots of cuddling, cool changes of clothes, and whatever tastes good.

  7. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  8. It is so hard to be a sick mom! Feel better soon!

  9. Sorry to hear about the sickness. Yuck.
    On a side note, when someone was sick in my house growing up, we always said “poor little lamb”, too!
    Hope everyone feels better soon!

  10. We have the same issues here – since starting daycare 3 months ago she has had 3 nasty colds and this week the flu bug….which mommy and now daddy also got 😦 darn little germ magnets!

  11. I am genuinely afraid of Nadi’s first bug. So far (knock on wood) we’ve evaded any germies except for a small stuff nose she had after a play date a few weeks back. Might be worth getting Owen a baby probiotic to help with the tummy part of this bug? We use Sisu’s Baby Bifido ( but a friend of mine really loves the BioGaia product line. Hope this helps and feel better soon!

  12. Hope both you and Owen get well soon!

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