She Says… Brrrr

Yesterday it was -2 degrees outside. With wind chill, somewhere around -10.

Whoa. That’s COLD.

Too cold for a baby to be outside. And, I decided, for the dog too. In the last few weeks we’ve had two decent snowstorms hit Boston, and another one is scheduled to hit tomorrow.

I love winter and snow (maybe it’s because I’m not from New England so I still get a little giddy for a snow day?), but there’s not really any room for more snow here. Parking spaces and streets are filled with snow piles and sidewalks are still covered from the last two storms. Still, we’ve been enjoying ourselves!

Owen is getting quite acquainted with his snowsuit and the white stuff falling from the sky.

I can just picture him a few years from now jumping up and down as I tell him school is closed and sitting by the window begging to go sledding. For now… snow angels!


15 responses to “She Says… Brrrr

  1. My baby isn’t as tolerant of snow as Owen…well, she’s fine with snow, but she won’t tolerate a cold wind! I don’t really blame her, but now I’ll have a weather shield on her stroller so we can still go out in the wind!

    I don’t think there is ever weather too cold for my dog 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness he just gets cuter and cuter!!!!!

  3. I love the snow too and can’t wait for next year! We took baby sledding and he seemed to enjoy it but next year will be much better.

  4. You both are gorgeous! As always! I don’t know about the snow though. I’m a California coast girl so I’m not used to that kind of cold. Of course, I am used to freezing, foggy summers so who knows which is worse…

  5. I am a summer girl living in Oklahoma where everything closes down if we get an inch of snow. Really. So I am always impressed by your pictures and the fact that you WALK Owen to daycare in the snow. I guess weather is tolerated completely differently depending on where you live. I love the snow baby pictures!!!

  6. He is just so precious!

  7. He looks so happy to be out in it! Great pictures 🙂

  8. Here in DC we had snow like that last year, and this year, NOTHING. I have adorable snowpants and boots for my kids but we haven’t been able to use them. I know you have more snow than you need or want, but I’m a little envious of you guys up there (and I’m missing New England myself). Owen is unbelievably cute in his snowsuit!

  9. This baby is so cute I almost can’t stand it.

  10. Oh my word he is SO cute! Where did you get that baby snowsuit? It looks like a really good one.

  11. Thanks, everyone! No one can resist babies in snowsuits 🙂

    @Therese, I actually found that one at a second hand store. It’s AWESOME. Super padded and warm, with hands and feet. I wish I had one in the next size up, because his little knees are just about busting out of that one (it’s 0-3 months). The brand is “Thread”.

  12. omg he is SOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. That third pictures is hilarious, I love it. Hope he’s feeling better!

  14. Oops, I meant the 4th picture.

  15. Grandma RahRah

    Love these pictures! Now that he has the bigger size snowsuit, he should make it through this snow season. So sorry that after I asked about the sleeping through the night, then he immediately did not! Hope the meds are helping and that you are both doing better. Snow plus sickness is not fun. Tell Owen that he makes a beautiful snow angel.
    Hugs from Rah

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