He Says… Week-end Wrap Up

So it’s been a long week for all of us; I think on Wednesday Kate and I both thought it was Friday.  But Owen finished his first week of daycare and we both couldn’t be happier with how that went.  The people at the center are very nice and welcoming, and I know Kate and I both felt that he was getting a great amount of (new) interactions.  All the little children are so cute together, and I imagine as Owen becomes more mobile, it will be even more fun for him to play with the other babies.  I have to admit that on his second day, which was my first time dropping him off (with Kate) I got a little teary when we left him, but it quickly went away.  I also found this week it felt somewhat liberating to be at work knowing Kate was also at work, and I didn’t have any feeling of needing to come home to help her out with Owen.  I guess it’s just nice for us to be on the same footing now.

Yesterday Kate had to work a little later so I picked Owen up around 4:30 and I had this minor panic when I went in that I wouldn’t recognize him among the other children.  I did have to scan the room until I found him, rocking in a chair with one of the teachers.  Then when I went up and kissed him on the head I had another minor panic that maybe I hadn’t recognized him correctly and I was kissing someone else’s baby.  But I didn’t; it was Owen.  (And yes, I know what baby looks like, but I was just being a little crazy.)

I know that Kate will write one of her beautifully written monthly posts next week, but I am just amazed that Owen will be 6 months old next week and how much he’s changed.  Even in the last couple weeks there have been some major changes.  He seems WAY more hands-on and interactive with his toys.  He can sit for very long periods of time now, and will reach out farther to grab toys.   Whatever I’m holding, whether it’s my iPhone or a coffee cup, he wants to hold it.  He also seems way more content to entertain himself for longer stretches.  I found that in the first week that I was home with him he would only do a few minutes on his activity mat or jumparoo by himself, but now he’ll happily bounce for 20 minutes or so.  Not that I’m just leaving him there for hours, but it’s great that he doesn’t need to be held quite as much.  I think after even 3 days at daycare he seems to be able to go longer in between naps too.  Today I just put him down at 9:30 whereas the last couple weeks I found by 8am (after getting up around 6:30) he was VERY sleepy and I’d have to struggle to keep him up until 8:30 or 8:45.

So, all in all, it was a long week, but it was productive and I think we’re all happy with this new transition.  Today is YET another snow storm (and it’s Friday, so it’s my day at home with Owen), so we may be stuck inside for a while.  I am SO ready for winter to be over.



7 responses to “He Says… Week-end Wrap Up

  1. the snow here has been crazy!

    I’m so glad to hear about your positive daycare journey and look forward to hearing more!

    and maybe seeing some more baby in a snowsuit pics 🙂

  2. How funny would it have been if you kissed the wrong baby?? Hilarious 🙂

    I also enjoy how much longer my baby can entertain herself, but her ability to get into trouble is increasing too! I’ve had to pull the dog’s tail out of her mouth 3 times already this morning!

    I’m glad that daycare is working out well so far!

  3. I had the same minor panic the first time we dropped J off in the church nursery! What if I don’t know which child is mine?!?!? Ahhh! I still have the same baby, though. Ha! No one was ever mistaken or swapped.

  4. Have you seen the episode of the Office where Pam nurses the wrong baby in the hospital because she’s so tired? Hilarious. Glad you’re ending the week feeling good about the transitions. Congrats!

  5. I’m so over winter too, and it’s still only January! I’m glad that the week turned out so well and that the transition has been fairly easy on all of you.

  6. Re the wrong baby thing: My kids are grown (all 3 of them) but it’s kind of embarrassing when we look back at baby pics and I can’t identify which kid is which! I fake it.

    As for winter: we live in Canada. We probably have another 4 months of winter **groan**.

  7. Winter? What’s that? We live in Texas where we gets spurts of winter weather followed by temperatures in the 70’s. It’s pretty crazy.

    I think I would have a similar panic of forgetting which kid is mine. S/he’s still baking so plenty of time for panics!

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