She Says… Boogers.

I have never in my life seen as many boogers in one room as I did on the first day of daycare. And the second. And the third.

As we prepared for daycare, people constantly warned me about how quickly Owen would inevitably come down with his first daycare cold. And how we’re all going to be sick for the next few months. I smiled and laughed, hoping that they were wrong but knowing that they were right, while also knowing there wasn’t a darn thing I could do about it. What I didn’t realize, however, was just how slimy and snotty all the other kids would be.

On Owen’s first day when I was about to leave him, I set him on a little mat to practice sitting and handed him a toy. Out of nowhere this older kid who recently learned to walk toddled right over and grabbed the toy. Owen couldn’t have cared less about his toy being stolen, but I was shocked and apalled at this kid’s face. COVERED from nose to chin in slimy boogers. Yuck. And he reached out with this snot-covered hand and slimed Owen as he grabbed the toy. Double yuck.

I HATE runny noses. I can deal with poop and drool and spit up and lots of other gross things, but for some reason, noses with snot rivers hanging out of them give me the creeps. Maybe this is another one of those things you quickly get over as a mother, but fortunately for us we haven’t had to deal with this one yet. Owen is nearly 6 months old and has never been sick. Believe me, I know we have been lucky. On the other hand, I am a firm believer that kids need to get sick to build immunity, so we’re not extreme about washing toys or keeping him in a sanitized little bubble. I have a feeling we’re about to break that healthy streak. Even after one day at daycare I began to hear the little raspy sound of phlegm in Owen’s nose/chest when he breathes and spotted a few bubbles of nose juice dripping their way out.

I guess it’s only a matter of time before my healthy little baby turns into a snotfaced little toddler like the toy stealer from daycare. Sigh.

As I took my vitamins this morning and added a vitamin C into the mix to keep my own immune system strong, I wondered if there were any supplements like that you can give babies to give their defenses a little boost. Is there anything like that that is safe for babies and natural? I think Owen’s going to need it!

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  1. Oh yes, the runny nose. My kids weren’t even in daycare for the first three years, but regardless, they pretty much have runny noses off and on from October to April. I’m afraid to say you’ll need to get used to it.

    And while I was never a germ-phobe and my kids had their share of random colds and viruses as infants and toddlers, we started preschool in September and my son had his first sick day on DAY FOUR. Though the rest of the year so far hasn’t been too bad.

    My friend Laura always said the first year in daycare is brutal for illnesses, but you pay your dues up front. By the time her kids reached 3 and 4, they basically made it through the entire cold & flu season with barely more than a sniffle. It does pay off, even if it sucks in the beginning.

    Hope everything he catches is SUPER mild and easy and passes quickly!

  2. Yuck. What a gross scene you describe! Good luck keeping you all healthy.

  3. Saline is the best thing for clogged up noses and humidifiers! Snot is pretty gross, my baby has had 2 colds so far (and she doesn’t go to daycare, just out and about!). I hope you still have your aspirator from the hospital, those the best.

    One of the mom’s in my running group gave me this hint: When using the aspirator, hold the other nostril shut. You get so much more out that way!

  4. We started daycare when the babies were 4 months old and we started them on infant probiotics at the same time. Actually, all of us take probiotics – we have a 3.5 year old as well so she is a germ carrier in addition to daycare germ carriers. We just put 1/8 of the teaspoon into the evening bottle. The babies have little raspy coughs that come and go and snotty noses here and there (no rivers of green goopness yet) but they have not had a fever or anything that makes them uncomfortable. Our daughter was sick, much in the same manner, for the first 1-1.5 years at daycare but I can honestly say she’s only had 3 fevers and 1 stomach flu in her little lifetime….and is SO healthy now and able to recover quickly from a cold. We are big proponents of the probiotics 🙂 Good luck!

  5. yuck! boogers are the worst, i agree. worse than a baby’s boogers are a five year old’s, though. kindergarten was the worst for that. if i was lucky, i’d get their boogers on me. gag.

    if you do a vitamin D supplement, some of them have vitamin C also. polyvisol and trivisol. surely that helps, right?

  6. Unfortunately the snot lasts a long time, and you’ll have to deal with it for a long time. My 4-year-old can blow his nose but won’t do it by himself. And my little one can’t blow yet and freaks out when I even try to wipe the snot away. I hate snot, but for some reason it’s not nearly as gross when it’s your own kid’s snot, so you just get used to wiping it away.
    My older son didn’t go to daycare until he was 18 months old, and never really got sick until then. Once we started daycare, he got colds and stomach bugs on and off, and now that he’s in preschool he gets them all the time.
    As for vitamins, I give my kids the gummy multivitamins. There are probably Vitamin C supplements you can buy for infants. I know you posted a while back about how gross the PolyViSol smells and tastes, and I agree. But the TriViSol is much more pleasant, if you are looking to supplement.

  7. my babys pediatrician gave us a probiotic supplement to help build his immune system. its called HMF natogen . good luck! colds are no fun!

  8. Probiotics are truly shown by research to reduce both the frequency and the length of viral illnesses. See;
    This is the abstract but there’s a link from the abstract to the full research study.

  9. @Nancy, Wow! Those percentages are impressive! I will definitely ask the pedi about probiotics for the whole fam.

  10. We do probiotics as well. We’ve had run-ins with the standard kiddo illnesses (strep, RSV, ear infections) but so far nothing too serious and everything seemed to heal up pretty quickly. I taught my 2 1/2 yr old to blow his nose as early as possible and he can do it fairly well now – thank goodness.

  11. I have heard/read that If the ENT passages as well as sinuses are kept moist, people in general are less likely to develop respiratory infections, etc. I use a Neti pot regularly and a humidifier/nebulizer every night, and as someone who is always sick, I have not gotten one cold since early fall. I don’t know about baby immune boosters, but I do know the benefits of clean, moist air, especially in dry heat in the winter.

  12. I have found a REVOLUTIONARY tool for snotty noses in babies! NOSEFREIDA. You can order it on Amazon. It is seriously amazing. It sounds gross becuase you have to use your mouth and the straw to get them out (it has a filter so there’s NO WAY to get boogies in your own moth) but it saved us when my littl eone got her first cold. Nothing worse than a babe who can’t blow her own nose and the darn bulb syringes just don’t work well.
    I too am a total booger-phobe. I can do poo, puke, blood, pee, whatever. But boogies make my cringe! Good luck!

  13. Oh, I agree on so many levels. I hate the snot rivers too…I promised myself that my kid would never be “that kid” and I’m obsessed with wiping her nose when she has a bit of a cold/congestion. Unfortunately when she’s at MMO or in the nursery at church there are other kids and the teachers don’t always have time (or maybe notice) when her nose is running, alas, but I understand.

    Boogie wipes…get yourself some. are awesome and just have saline on them. Agreed on the nasal spray…we like Simply Saline. And yes, probiotics may also help keep germs at bay.

    My daughter is only about 20 months, but we we’ve already been teaching her to blow her nose and cover her mouth/nose when she coughs or sneezes. She’s not great at blowing her nose, but we noticed last time she had a little congestion she did better. And, when she covers her mouth when she coughs (we taught her to cough into her elbow) her arm/elbow is more below her chin than actually over her mouth, but she’s learning. We’re also trying to teach her how to wash her hands correctly, so hopefully as she gets older she’ll be able to help keep herself (and other kids) healthier. Plus, it’s REALLY cute to watch her “cover” her mouth and to see her grab a tissue and try to blow her nose on her own.

    Hope your sweet baby gets well soon! Germs are no fun but I suppose inevitable, whenever they start daycare/school. Good luck!

  14. I have liquid vitamin C that our Dr. recommended giving after my little girl gets her shots to boost her immune system. I bought them at Whole Foods in the adult vitamin section. I’ve tried them and they taste like a sour skittle in liquid form so not bad at all although my baby makes the funniest faces when I give it to her. Good luck!

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