She Says… Out On the Town

Benjamin and I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but last year we made a goal: To go out to eat more often. I know, it’s kind of the opposite of most people’s resolutions (to save money/lose weight), but we find that we spend so much time in our house that we sometimes forget how nice it is to go out. I love to cook, so we often stay in and make nice dinners, and have friends over for dinner, but there is something so freeing about walking out the door without thinking about what groceries need to be bought or which veggies need to be chopped, and knowing that we’re going to enjoy delicious food and a glass of wine or two without having to do the dishes. Anyway, we did ok on our goal during the spring when I was pregnant, but as I got bigger and the weather got hotter and my feet got more swollen, we kind of forgot about it. When Owen was born, people kept telling us “Go out now! Babies are so portable! Enjoy it while you can!”. We went out a few times and Owen slept peacefully in his stroller while we ate and marveled at how those people were right. And then we started working on naptimes and bedtime, and the windows for going out to eat as a family of three became very, very short.

Yesterday we decided to try again. We ventured out with one of my mom group friends and her husband who have a baby just about the same age as Owen. Instead of crossing our fingers that the babies would nap during our meal (which we’re both kind of trying to do in the crib these days), we decided to try for an awake period. We picked brunch/lunch at a restaurant that is famous for being kid-friendly. This place is owned by two moms and is designed so the kids can play in a little play area while the parents eat. Oh, and the food was supposedly delicious. What a brilliant restaurant idea! Even though our little ones were too small to play in the play area, we had a FABULOUS time.

Owen is sitting well enough now that we put him in the corner of the booth between Benjamin and I with a toy and some rings to chew on, and he was happy as a little clam. Though he’s generally a very quiet baby, his new noise/talking sound is a high pitched squeal that could just about break glass. He does it as loud as he can, and then smiles and laughs. It’s adorable. And deafening. Thankfully this place was so loud with the hustle and bustle of Sunday brunch/lunch that no one batted an eyelash when he showed off his mad soprano skillz.

After our lovely lunch Owen was beyond exhausted, and I knew he’d be asleep as soon as we put him in the carseat. Instead of trying to keep him awake until we got home, or transfer him to his crib/nursery after the 10 minute drive home (which is ALWAYS unsuccessful), we took the opportunity to drive around some towns we’re thinking of moving to. This is our new favorite weekend activity — town scouting. We’ve been thinking for awhile that we’d like to move this spring into a bigger house with a bigger yard for Schnitzel and great schools. I’ve been chomping at the bit to start house hunting (I am pretty much obsessed with looking at houses online), and Benjamin said that we could “officially” start looking in 2011. Oh it’s 2011, folks, and I am moving full steam ahead. Anyway, we have our list of towns down to a short list, and we like to spend the weekends driving around and looking at neighborhoods, scouting out houses that I’ve found online and keeping our eyes peeled for open houses. It’s the perfect way to extend our car ride for Owen’s naptime too!

It was a lovely little Sunday, and our restaurant excursion made me realize we are able to go out to eat again! Maybe not to dinner without getting a babysitter, since Owen goes to bed at 6:45ish, but brunch/lunch was perfect.

And now I am soaking up today with Owen, because tomorrow is D day. Daycare day. I’ve been preparing for it long enough that I think I will be fine. Owen will have a blast, I have no doubt. And although I’m sure there will be tears (more mine than his!), we’re going to handle this transition well. I may not be able to blog until Wednesday morning, but send me all your happy thoughts. I’m off to write my “how to take care of my baby” manual for the daycare providers…


8 responses to “She Says… Out On the Town

  1. It may be possible to go out to dinner. Our little guy goes to bed at 7:30 but does fine if we interrupt his schedule on occasion. We bathe him and put him in p.j.s and then head out. Depending on the time, he may eat before we leave or eat at the restaurant (as he has gotten older, he prefers this). We still use the bucket seat because he can’t sit up in a highchair yet. He used to go to sleep during dinner, but now he falls asleep in the car on the ride home. Once we get home, we can change the diaper and slip him straight into the crib. As much as I love to cook, there are nights we just need to get out for a quick dinner. Babies are pretty adaptable.
    Good luck on tomorrow. I found the anticipation was much worse than the reality.

  2. Glad you had a fun meal out and househunting–so fun! Good luck tomorrow!!

  3. I love taking the baby out to lunch. She hangs out in the highchair and gnaws on the high chair cover (why is that the most fun chew toy for my baby, I have no idea). Dinner doesn’t work out so well because she’s tired and cranky by that time of day. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and doing more outings with the baby during the day (like the beach and local gardens and such!)

    House hunting is fun, well until it gets really stressful. But it’s fun to imagine yourself living in different areas!

    Good luck with daycare tomorrow, I bet Owen will be so tired from all the activity and will sleep like a rock…or not fall asleep because he’s too overstimulated. One of those 😛

  4. Sounds like a wonderful place for both children and parents! I’m glad it went so well. And how exciting that you guys are looking at moving, sounds like it could be a busy year for y’all. Good luck with D day, here’s to hoping that everything goes seamlessly 🙂

  5. house hunting is soooooooooooooooooooo fun but then making the plunge is the single most scary thing in life (even scarier than pregnancy, birth, and parenting!). good luck!!

  6. I don’t know if you want to share specifics but as a fellow Boston resident I’d love to hear about your house hunting process as you go along. We are really unsure of where we could get something affordable and also find good schools.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  7. I’m so glad y’all had such a great lunch out with friends! What an awesome afternoon! 🙂
    I LOVE house-hunting. It’s just about the most painful thing my husband can think of, but I love it! You’re smart to start checking out neighborhoods now!
    Oh, I can’t imagine “D” day. I haven’t even given birth yet and I’ve already teared up thinking about it!

  8. Aww, driving around is a great idea! My little one generally does okay when we goon dates but once or twice he was not having it! I can’t wait til he can use a highchair so that he doesn’t get bored on the booth beside me while we have fun. hehe

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