She Says… Get Out The Microscope

I love to fill my posts with stories and pictures and videos of Owen. But this post is going to be all about ME. Well, more like a lack of me. An absence of what once was. A situation I wasn’t quite prepared for.

As of a few weeks ago, I have no boobs.

Like, NO boobs.

Let me back up a second. I’ve always been a small-chested gal. And I awaited the day that I would get pregnant and could look forward to a little natural plumping in that department (among other things to be excited about, of course!). In the final weeks of my pregnancy, however, my boobs had barely budged an inch. My rib cage had expanded, so I outgrew all of my bras, but I didn’t see a huge difference in actual boobage. You know, cup size. I kept telling myself that when my milk came in, they would grow. And they did… eventually. I don’t remember it happening right in the beginning (though, let’s be honest, at that point I had put on about 40 pounds and everything was a bit plumper!), but once I started pumping and Owen was chowing down via a bottle, they really… uhhh… rose to the occasion. Yay! Despite the fact that they were super sensitive, I was happy with my new shape.

When I stopped breastfeeding (cold turkey, if you remember those few excrutiating days) I knew that they would deflate again. What I WASN’T prepared for, however, was that they would deflate MORE than they had grown!

That’s right. I have SMALLER boobs now than I did before I got pregnant. THAT’S something they don’t tell you in the baby books!


28 responses to “She Says… Get Out The Microscope

  1. I’m still nursing and my boobs have done that. So sad 😦 I’m very small chested too, but at least they were perky. Now, small and droopy.

  2. Now that’s something I can look forward to as a DD!

  3. i know 99 % of girls don’t share my thoughts on this, but i am but i’m very very VERY excited for the day they are smaller than they were originally! i was virtually flat too pre-pregnancy and this having boob thing really sucks. running / clothing / everything. every part about boobs annoy me. in fact my mom went through breast cancer twice (no more boobs for her) and i’d have no problem just having both of mine taken off after my last child is weaned JUST not to have to worry about it. her oncologist told me “wow that is probaby too extreme” but to me, it would be worth it!!

  4. Post nursing boobs are sad, I think they miss being important. Mine actually went back to the same cup size, but I went down on the band size (34 to a 32) Weird, huh? When I was pumping, I was a 34DD and I don’t miss trying to run with those suckers!

    I can’t wait for this summer when I can wear spaghetti straps without traumatizing the neighborhood children!

  5. Umm. Gulp. I am 20 weeks pregnant and my boobs haven’t grown at all either. But I don’t want them to shrink! Oy vay.

  6. Boobs. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.
    Before pregnancy I was a 32 E, now I’m a 34 F. That’s right, F!!
    I pray each night that these things will deflate, even just a lil, after I have the baby.

  7. Big chested girls don’t have it any easier. My sis in law tells me that my big boobs will look like deflated balloons 😦 So, not really smaller, just saggier and looser. Sexy.

  8. My boobs just started growing. If they deflate after pregnancy I’ll look like a pre-pubescent little girl…oye.

  9. Yep. Sigh. And they shrivel even more after baby #2.

  10. haha aww! I’m sorry. I exclusively breastfeed and my boy is four months old and in the past couple weeks my boobs have decreased size significantly! Well, at least since I had him. I think they’re still bigger than they were before I was pregnant but at this rate they won’t be!

    I will say, that they have become the most awesome shape, waaaay better than my pre-preg boobs. Which is friggin amazing.

  11. I’m sorry for the smaller chested gals out there, but I hope that happens to me! As someone who was a C cup since middle school, growing to a D cup in college and now a DD/E in my 7mos pregnant state, I can’t wait until they get smaller again!

  12. my husband would be so disappointed to read my comment! poor guy! (not really)

  13. Oh man! I thought there was no way they would shrink back to pre-pregnancy size….I just got rid of all my old bras!!

  14. I think there’s a LOT they don’t tell you–wider hips, wider ribcage, different shoe size, and so on. I suppose if we knew everything, we’d never have kids. I’m sure you’re still gorgeous!

  15. Yeah, I was a 34F and am now a 36F. I feel like I’m all boobs. ugh.
    I hope this happens to me and I can’t wait!!! 🙂

  16. typo… I meant 34E now 36 F…

  17. No the baby books seem to leave that out. I thought my boobs were small before I got pregnant. But after breastfeeding and pumping 5 times a day they are completely gone! *sigh* Its like the pectoralis muscles are completely gone! 😦 Padded bras are a must have now!

  18. Sigh is right. I’m going to try not to think about it and enjoy them while I’ve still got them. Everyone is different right?

  19. I know the grass is always greener on the other side, but I have to tell you, my enormous boobs are like deflated balloons after having Liam! If they’re not full, then they’re sagging. I hate them. I’d much rather have tiny cute ones rather than big ones down to my belly button. Eww.

  20. I was wondering how your boobs were doing….ok that didn’t come out right at ALL! lol You know, since your cabbage boobs post! I can already tell mine are going to be lifeless because they are already starting to! Booooooooooo!

  21. A friend of mine was a Playboy Playmate and went from a big D to barely B’s after breastfeeding 3 kids!

  22. I totally fear this! During my pregnancy, I went from a B to a C … I’m nursing now (baby girl is 26 days old!) and all of a sudden they’re ginormous … but I have heard from many friends that once you stop, they deflate — and fast!! I guess the positive is maybe I’ll experience an extra pound or two of weight loss, right? 😉 (Gotta find the silver lining!)

  23. I guess the grass is always greener because I read this and felt a little jealous. I’m trying to train for a half marathon and I can’t find a sports bra to fit right for the life of me. I’ve even chafed so bad that I’ve bled. I wish my boobs would pick a size and stay there! Something to look forward to when we wean, I guess.

  24. Oy. I had no idea. I had no chest before, and I’ve enjoyed having *some* cleavage (except when I wanted to work out in the morning before baby first nursed). And they shrink more after #2?! Eek.

  25. I’m with you. I’m still nursing and already they are smaller…

  26. Lol! They miss being important!! I’ll bet that is totally what it is 🙂 The girls are girls afterall. You’re such a pretty lady Kate that I’ll bet no one but you even notices that the girls have changed. And before you know it, you’ll be pregnant again and they will return to you!

  27. if i eventually ever manage to get pregnant, i will gladly take any changes that befall my boobs 🙂 i guess i’m okay with deflation. it would be fun to be bigger for a while, though!

  28. Yeah…I can relate! I didn’t think it was possible to be any smaller, but I swear I am now. Not fair!!!

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