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She Says… What’s Cookin’?

As I’ve said before, I LOVE to cook. And Benjamin and I both love to eat fabulous food. We used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen whipping up delicious dinners and trying new recipes. Since Owen came along, my love affair with cooking has been a little hot and cold. On again, off again, if you will.

When Owen was teeny tiny and staying up until after our normal dinner hour, we did almost no cooking. It was the last few weeks of summer so I didn’t want to turn on the oven and heat up the house, and frankly, we had our hands full with our squirmy baby during that lovely early evening “witching hour”. I remember eating a lot of salads. We still ate pretty well because we planned for meals we could throw together in a few minutes, but it didn’t really satisfy my urge to get in the kitchen and create something wonderful. Once we started putting Owen down to sleep much earlier (6:00pm – 7:00pm), I reclaimed my time in the kitchen. I loved being able to put Owen down for the night and then have some time to just… cook. The last few months we’ve gotten into a nice routine where Benjamin preps things for me while I’m doing bedtime with Owen, so that when I come down we can cook it up and eat together. I love it.

That said, I still design my meal plans for the week based on whatever is easy and quick and doesn’t create a lot of dishes. Not exactly the relaxing, indulgent time of bread making and roasting and creating meals that I used to have. It’s possible I should just kiss those days goodbye, since I’m sure it doesn’t get any easier as the kids get older and go to bed later (or you have more than one!).

Last night Benjamin, Owen and I came home from an afternoon of house hunting to find that our house smelled glorious. Like the inside of a warm, steamy Italian restaurant. Garlic-y. Buttery. Holy YUM. It was a blessing and a curse. The smell was fantastic, but it wasn’t coming from our kitchen. It was coming from our tenant’s kitchen on the 1st floor of our house. We breathed in the deliciousness and joked about how we were going to their place for dinner.

And then we made a lame dinner of frozen ravioli and tomato sauce.

It made me realize just how much I miss that time in the kitchen I used to love so much. Don’t get me wrong; we cook every night. And I enjoy it. And we eat very well. But I can’t remember the feeling of flipping through a cookbook in the morning, picking out a new recipe to try, going to get the ingredients and losing myself in chopping and stirring and tasting.

Roast chicken and veggies is one of our favorites, since I just throw everything into one pan and stick it in the oven while we do bathtime and bedtime, and it’s ready when we’re finished. I’m also learning to love my slow cooker. The other week I made an Italian white bean soup and today I have a corn chowder bubbling away. It’s kind of the lazy man’s way to get that “cooking all day” smell. Any other suggestions of delicious but relatively quick dinners that could be made after the baby’s bed time?


She Says… My Invincible Cloak

On Tuesday when I picked my sick baby up from daycare, I did not hesitate before I cuddled him and rocked him and let him wipe his snotty nose on me and cough in my face. I’m his mom. That’s what moms do.

Apparently I thought I was wearing my invincible cloak. You know, the one that made me think that, despite his germs, I would not get sick. Because I’m the mom. Moms don’t get sick. They are invincible. At least mine always was.

Perhaps that is an acquired skill.

My voice is gone, my nose is clogged, and my throat is so swollen and dry that it feels like sandpaper when I talk. Fun! Overall I don’t actually feel that bad. The sickness is localized in my throat/nose, so I’m hoping it will pass quickly and I can get back to being Owen’s caretaker instead of having to take care of myself. Hence not posting yesterday; we’ve had a lot going on at our house!

In other news, Owen’s virus has expanded to include diarrhea and vomiting. Sigh. Over the last few days I have changed our clothes and done more laundry than I ever thought possible. Poor little lamb. Overall he’s doing ok; eating, sleeping, playing. But he’s clearly not back to his old jolly self just yet.

Hope the weekend brings GOOD HEALTH and lots of rest for both of us.

She Says… Sick Baby

Well, it didn’t take long for those daycare sniffles to turn into a full-fledged virus. It was bound to happen at some point, I guess. My little baby is officially S-I-C-K.

After the first day of daycare Owen came home with a runny nose. After a few more days of daycare, the runny nose turned into nasal congestion that made him sputter and scowl while he was drinking a bottle. In the next day or so the congestion moved from his nose to his chest, giving him a phlegm-y, productive cough. Still, he seemed happy enough. He was eating and drinking and playing like normal, aside from the drips of snot coming out of his nose. I checked his temp a few times and it was normal. Yesterday I dropped him off at daycare and told them about his cough. Their rule is that if kids have more than one symptom or a fever over 101, they are sent home. So with just a cough, he was allowed to stay.

A few hours later I got the dreaded phone call.

“Owen has a fever of 101.2. He’s ok, but he’s acting pretty fussy and didn’t drink as much milk as he usually does. I think you should come pick him up.” Hmmm. They warned me that some of the kids at daycare had run-of-the-mill sniffles, but some have come down with a bronchialitis, a virus that needs to be treated with antibiotics. They said it was up to me if I took him to the doctor or just kept him at home, but he had to be fever-free for 24 hours before I could bring him back to daycare. Since this is the first time he’s ever been sick, I absolutely wanted a doctor to see him, even though we were just there yesterday for his 6-month well visit (and our pediatrician looked at his ears and listened to his breathing and said he had a cold). Luckily our doctor’s office is in the same building as daycare, and we were able to get an appointment almost immediately.

When I picked him up from daycare he was a crying, clingy mess. I have never, in his entire lifetime, seen Owen cry that much. Maybe in the first week we brought him home, but I don’t remember it being quite that sad. He was MISERABLE. He couldn’t breathe through his nose, his chest was full of phlegm and his cough was worse. He had been sleeping pretty much all morning, and when I cuddled him his eyed closed as if he was so exhausted he could barely keep them open. He was like a completely different child than the one I dropped off that morning. Amazing the difference a few hours makes.

We went upstairs to the doctor’s office and they took his temp and checked him out. They, too, were overwhelmed by how sick and listless he looked. My mother always used to say that she could tell just how sick I was by looking into my eyes. I finally know what she meant. The doc quickly gave him some Tylenol for his fever and looked in his ears. Ear infection. At least one side, maybe both. After a general workup she was still quite bothered by how sick he looked, and wanted to make sure we did our due diligence and checked out all possible causes. She wanted a white blood cell count, which meant bloodwork. And a urinalysis.

Since Owen can’t exactly go pee in a cup, they had to put in a catheter to get a clean urine sample. Let’s just say Owen wasn’t thrilled with that little procedure. Then they needed a blood sample. And since they were doing several tests, they needed a lot of blood, so they had to stick him inside the elbow just like an adult. I held him on my lap as they stuck the little needle in, but his veins were so tiny that they could only get a few drops of blood. Not enough. Had to stick him again on the other side. One nurse couldn’t find the vein, so she had to call for backup. The pediatric specialist came down and still had to stick him twice. Poor little guy… and poor mom, who had to watch the whole ordeal!

We waited for the results and I gave him a bottle. He was beginning to perk up a little, thanks to the Tylenol. Again, it’s amazing what a few hours will do. The results came back and his white blood cell count was perfectly normal, which is what we were hoping for. We were sent home with a prescription for Amoxicillin (affectionately known as “Pink Medicine” in my house when I was a kid) and Tylenol around the clock.

After a few doses of the meds, Owen is doing much better. He slept soundly all night (except for a few coughing fits, after which he put himself right back to sleep). And today he’s smiling and laughing and eating and is back to his old jolly self. I love Tylenol!

Hopefully he’ll be fever-free today and healthy enough to go back to daycare tomorrow. Benjamin and I are both working from home today and splitting the time so we can each get some work done. Working from home while also being Mom is hard work!

She Says… Brrrr

Yesterday it was -2 degrees outside. With wind chill, somewhere around -10.

Whoa. That’s COLD.

Too cold for a baby to be outside. And, I decided, for the dog too. In the last few weeks we’ve had two decent snowstorms hit Boston, and another one is scheduled to hit tomorrow.

I love winter and snow (maybe it’s because I’m not from New England so I still get a little giddy for a snow day?), but there’s not really any room for more snow here. Parking spaces and streets are filled with snow piles and sidewalks are still covered from the last two storms. Still, we’ve been enjoying ourselves!

Owen is getting quite acquainted with his snowsuit and the white stuff falling from the sky.

I can just picture him a few years from now jumping up and down as I tell him school is closed and sitting by the window begging to go sledding. For now… snow angels!

She Says… 6 Months

Happy half-birthday, little one!

I know I say this every month, but I am overwhelmed by just how quickly time is going by and how much you’ve changed since last month. Slow down just a tad, ok? You are so perfect right now, at this moment, and I just want to bottle you up and keep you this way forever. Well, probably not forever forever, but I can’t even put into words how much I love this 4 – 6 month stage.

You are wide-eyed and amazed by the world around you. Your little hands hover in mid-air, fingers wiggling, as you gasp and coo at everything going on around you. People often laugh when they see you and say, “He looks so excited!”, but you and I know that’s just the way you are. Excited. When you see me after a nap or when someone else has been holding you, your face erupts into a gigantic grin and your little eyes dance. I live for those moments, my tiny man. Even though you are having so many new experiences with other people these days, it’s pretty clear you have a special place for me in your heart. And I you.

This past month held a lot of firsts for both of us! I went back to work for the first time in 5 months, you started daycare, you got your first cold (not coincidentally the same time as starting daycare), and you learned to sit up. Although I was dreading going back to work because I knew how much I would miss you, it was a really positive change for us. I do miss you, but it is so wonderful to know that you are spending the day with people who love you, and learning more than I could teach you on my own. You LOVE daycare! You took to it like a fish to water. You proved to me that you are more flexible than I gave you credit for. I’m sure it’s not the last time you will impress and surprise me with what you are capable of. You have already melted the hearts of the teachers there. I just love coming in at the end of the day and having them tell me what a great day you had and seeing your smiling face.

Even though daycare has changed your nap schedule somewhat (all of a sudden you can stay up for 3 hours instead of 2, and your naps are slightly shorter and more often… probably due to being woken up more often by noises), your night-time schedule is still PERFECT. Since that first day at 4 1/2 months when you slept through the night for the first time, you’ve never gone back to waking up!!! Every night around 6:15pm or so we play in the bath, do a little massage/lotion, wrap you up in your sleep sack and give you one last bottle and you’re sleepy and milk drunk by the end. You fuss once in awhile (usually around 4am), but you always put yourself back to sleep after a few minutes, and sleep right through until 6:30 or 7:00am. You are the best sleeper. I feel so lucky and I am thrilled every morning when we wake up that we made it one more night of lovely sleep. I know there will come a day that you will need me to come in to your room, but I am incredibly proud that you haven’t needed it yet.

Despite being a little guy (20th percentile), you are a voracious eater. You suck down your 4 bottles a day, and are very good about letting me know when you are done. In fact, you close your little lips so tight I couldn’t get another drop in there if I tried, which is pretty funny to watch. You love, love, love solid food. In the last month we added apples, bananas, green beans and sweet potatoes. You love them all! The only thing you’ve turned your nose up at is pure green beans. You prefer them mixed with other things (aka disguised). I’ll remember that when you’re older 🙂 You also showed quite an interest in cups. Especially mine and Daddy’s. So whenever we are drinking water, I give you the sign language for “cup” and you drink some too, out of your own cup. What a big boy!

Your laugh is music to my ears. Daddy and I know all the little tricks to make you crack up, and we can’t help but crack up too. We have a little game we call “The Alphabet Game”, which, for some reason, you find hilarious. It’s really just Daddy and I saying the alphabet in funny voices, surprising you with each letter, but you laugh like we are the funniest comedians you’ve ever seen. Sometimes when you laugh you snort too, and that makes me laugh even harder. For your sake I hope you grow out of that, but for now it’s totally adorable.

Owen, you are the most precious thing I’ve ever created. I am so in love with you that sometimes (ok, most of the time) I can’t concentrate on anything but you. I have emails I need to write, friends I need to call and errands I need to run, but nothing gets done when I can just stare into your big, blue eyes all day long. And even though I’m back to work and I have to hand you off to someone else 4 days a week, I think about you all the time. And even though it was really hard for me to make the decision to do that, I truly believe it is a wonderful thing for us. You are already a more well-rounded and flexible child, and I know you will grow up to have many happy days and new friends at daycare.

You’re my favorite.


He Says… Week-end Wrap Up

So it’s been a long week for all of us; I think on Wednesday Kate and I both thought it was Friday.  But Owen finished his first week of daycare and we both couldn’t be happier with how that went.  The people at the center are very nice and welcoming, and I know Kate and I both felt that he was getting a great amount of (new) interactions.  All the little children are so cute together, and I imagine as Owen becomes more mobile, it will be even more fun for him to play with the other babies.  I have to admit that on his second day, which was my first time dropping him off (with Kate) I got a little teary when we left him, but it quickly went away.  I also found this week it felt somewhat liberating to be at work knowing Kate was also at work, and I didn’t have any feeling of needing to come home to help her out with Owen.  I guess it’s just nice for us to be on the same footing now.

Yesterday Kate had to work a little later so I picked Owen up around 4:30 and I had this minor panic when I went in that I wouldn’t recognize him among the other children.  I did have to scan the room until I found him, rocking in a chair with one of the teachers.  Then when I went up and kissed him on the head I had another minor panic that maybe I hadn’t recognized him correctly and I was kissing someone else’s baby.  But I didn’t; it was Owen.  (And yes, I know what baby looks like, but I was just being a little crazy.)

I know that Kate will write one of her beautifully written monthly posts next week, but I am just amazed that Owen will be 6 months old next week and how much he’s changed.  Even in the last couple weeks there have been some major changes.  He seems WAY more hands-on and interactive with his toys.  He can sit for very long periods of time now, and will reach out farther to grab toys.   Whatever I’m holding, whether it’s my iPhone or a coffee cup, he wants to hold it.  He also seems way more content to entertain himself for longer stretches.  I found that in the first week that I was home with him he would only do a few minutes on his activity mat or jumparoo by himself, but now he’ll happily bounce for 20 minutes or so.  Not that I’m just leaving him there for hours, but it’s great that he doesn’t need to be held quite as much.  I think after even 3 days at daycare he seems to be able to go longer in between naps too.  Today I just put him down at 9:30 whereas the last couple weeks I found by 8am (after getting up around 6:30) he was VERY sleepy and I’d have to struggle to keep him up until 8:30 or 8:45.

So, all in all, it was a long week, but it was productive and I think we’re all happy with this new transition.  Today is YET another snow storm (and it’s Friday, so it’s my day at home with Owen), so we may be stuck inside for a while.  I am SO ready for winter to be over.


She Says… Boogers.

I have never in my life seen as many boogers in one room as I did on the first day of daycare. And the second. And the third.

As we prepared for daycare, people constantly warned me about how quickly Owen would inevitably come down with his first daycare cold. And how we’re all going to be sick for the next few months. I smiled and laughed, hoping that they were wrong but knowing that they were right, while also knowing there wasn’t a darn thing I could do about it. What I didn’t realize, however, was just how slimy and snotty all the other kids would be.

On Owen’s first day when I was about to leave him, I set him on a little mat to practice sitting and handed him a toy. Out of nowhere this older kid who recently learned to walk toddled right over and grabbed the toy. Owen couldn’t have cared less about his toy being stolen, but I was shocked and apalled at this kid’s face. COVERED from nose to chin in slimy boogers. Yuck. And he reached out with this snot-covered hand and slimed Owen as he grabbed the toy. Double yuck.

I HATE runny noses. I can deal with poop and drool and spit up and lots of other gross things, but for some reason, noses with snot rivers hanging out of them give me the creeps. Maybe this is another one of those things you quickly get over as a mother, but fortunately for us we haven’t had to deal with this one yet. Owen is nearly 6 months old and has never been sick. Believe me, I know we have been lucky. On the other hand, I am a firm believer that kids need to get sick to build immunity, so we’re not extreme about washing toys or keeping him in a sanitized little bubble. I have a feeling we’re about to break that healthy streak. Even after one day at daycare I began to hear the little raspy sound of phlegm in Owen’s nose/chest when he breathes and spotted a few bubbles of nose juice dripping their way out.

I guess it’s only a matter of time before my healthy little baby turns into a snotfaced little toddler like the toy stealer from daycare. Sigh.

As I took my vitamins this morning and added a vitamin C into the mix to keep my own immune system strong, I wondered if there were any supplements like that you can give babies to give their defenses a little boost. Is there anything like that that is safe for babies and natural? I think Owen’s going to need it!

She Says… D Day

We did it! We successfully survived our first day of daycare! It went much smoother than I expected and I was surprised and impressed with how chill Owen was throughout the whole experience.

Thanks to the tips and advice from my lovely readers and my knack for being ridiculously overly organized, I had everything pre-packed and laid out the night before. Benjamin was out of town and I knew that I was going to be a little frazzled that morning, so I literally had everything packed and ready to go except for the last-minute items and a post-it note to remind me about the last few things to grab. I didn’t sleep well that night, bur morning went exactly according to plan. I showered, got dressed, put Owen in one of his cutest outfits, put on makeup, fed the dog, fed Owen, fed myself, and packed us up.We bundled up and headed out.

But when I opened the front door, do you know what I saw? SNOW. Lots of it.

Big, white flakes had coated the streets hiding the scary patches of slippery ice still around from our last snow storm. Not exactly great weather to take the stroller out in! I knew from walking to work the last few days that people had not shoveled their sidewalks very well and it would be treacherous with the stroller, so I decided to take the Bjorn. Only problem was that I also had to take my laptop bag for work, a bag of stuff for Owen (extra clothes, diapers, food, bottles, etc. etc.), an extra pair of shoes for me, an umbrella to shield us from the falling snow/slush/ice… I felt like a pack mule. Ah, the joys of living in the city! While I love being able to walk places, I sure would have appreciated a garage and a car commute this morning!

We arrived at daycare and I learned the drop-off procedure and met the teachers. I may have spilled a few tears while I told them things about Owen (how he likes his bottles, things that make him smile, blah blah). Ok, who am I kidding, I also made a little cheat sheet with directions for his nap/feeding routine, songs he loves, telling them how much he likes to sit and stand, etc. I felt kind of silly handing it to them, but they totally appreciated it and later told me they referred to it throughout the day and all of my tips were right on. I’m impressed they even had the time to read it!

I waved goodbye at him while he showed off his mad sitting skills.

Around midday curiosity got the best of me and I called in to see how he was doing. Great! They said. What a happy little guy. He drank his bottle and had an hour nap already. Awesome!

I got to leave work a little early so I was there to pick him up at 4:00pm. He was just finishing a bottle when I arrived (a little later than I had asked for him to be fed, but such is life at daycare I guess!). I peeked around the corner and said his name and he looked over like, “Oh. Hey Mom.” No big deal. No tears, no rush of relief, no clinging to me and acting like he never wanted to come back. It was the perfect reaction. I knew he was totally ok, whether I was there or not. After a second of staring at me he smiled and started flapping his arms and cooing. At least he remembered who I was 🙂

I scooped him up and cuddled him for a minute and he was all smiles. The teachers gave me a rundown of how his day had gone, how much food/milk he had eaten, which toys/songs he liked and how he spent his time. We laughed together about his huge poopsplosion that required a costume change (thank goodness for the extra clothes we sent!) and how cute his lower lip is when he pouts. Apparently the only time he got upset was when other babies cried. He is an empathetic crier. What a sweet little boy!

We trudged home in the snow and he ate and played just like normal. At exactly his normal time he started rubbing his eyes and giving me tired signals and I did bathtime and put him to bed. I am SO impressed with how well he dealt with all of this change and how easily he adapted to the new normal. Frankly I’m proud of myself for doing the same thing!

I think we’re all going to be ok. In fact, I think daycare is going to be an awesome addition to our schedule.

She Says… Out On the Town

Benjamin and I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but last year we made a goal: To go out to eat more often. I know, it’s kind of the opposite of most people’s resolutions (to save money/lose weight), but we find that we spend so much time in our house that we sometimes forget how nice it is to go out. I love to cook, so we often stay in and make nice dinners, and have friends over for dinner, but there is something so freeing about walking out the door without thinking about what groceries need to be bought or which veggies need to be chopped, and knowing that we’re going to enjoy delicious food and a glass of wine or two without having to do the dishes. Anyway, we did ok on our goal during the spring when I was pregnant, but as I got bigger and the weather got hotter and my feet got more swollen, we kind of forgot about it. When Owen was born, people kept telling us “Go out now! Babies are so portable! Enjoy it while you can!”. We went out a few times and Owen slept peacefully in his stroller while we ate and marveled at how those people were right. And then we started working on naptimes and bedtime, and the windows for going out to eat as a family of three became very, very short.

Yesterday we decided to try again. We ventured out with one of my mom group friends and her husband who have a baby just about the same age as Owen. Instead of crossing our fingers that the babies would nap during our meal (which we’re both kind of trying to do in the crib these days), we decided to try for an awake period. We picked brunch/lunch at a restaurant that is famous for being kid-friendly. This place is owned by two moms and is designed so the kids can play in a little play area while the parents eat. Oh, and the food was supposedly delicious. What a brilliant restaurant idea! Even though our little ones were too small to play in the play area, we had a FABULOUS time.

Owen is sitting well enough now that we put him in the corner of the booth between Benjamin and I with a toy and some rings to chew on, and he was happy as a little clam. Though he’s generally a very quiet baby, his new noise/talking sound is a high pitched squeal that could just about break glass. He does it as loud as he can, and then smiles and laughs. It’s adorable. And deafening. Thankfully this place was so loud with the hustle and bustle of Sunday brunch/lunch that no one batted an eyelash when he showed off his mad soprano skillz.

After our lovely lunch Owen was beyond exhausted, and I knew he’d be asleep as soon as we put him in the carseat. Instead of trying to keep him awake until we got home, or transfer him to his crib/nursery after the 10 minute drive home (which is ALWAYS unsuccessful), we took the opportunity to drive around some towns we’re thinking of moving to. This is our new favorite weekend activity — town scouting. We’ve been thinking for awhile that we’d like to move this spring into a bigger house with a bigger yard for Schnitzel and great schools. I’ve been chomping at the bit to start house hunting (I am pretty much obsessed with looking at houses online), and Benjamin said that we could “officially” start looking in 2011. Oh it’s 2011, folks, and I am moving full steam ahead. Anyway, we have our list of towns down to a short list, and we like to spend the weekends driving around and looking at neighborhoods, scouting out houses that I’ve found online and keeping our eyes peeled for open houses. It’s the perfect way to extend our car ride for Owen’s naptime too!

It was a lovely little Sunday, and our restaurant excursion made me realize we are able to go out to eat again! Maybe not to dinner without getting a babysitter, since Owen goes to bed at 6:45ish, but brunch/lunch was perfect.

And now I am soaking up today with Owen, because tomorrow is D day. Daycare day. I’ve been preparing for it long enough that I think I will be fine. Owen will have a blast, I have no doubt. And although I’m sure there will be tears (more mine than his!), we’re going to handle this transition well. I may not be able to blog until Wednesday morning, but send me all your happy thoughts. I’m off to write my “how to take care of my baby” manual for the daycare providers…

She Says… Cherub Cheeks

When most people think of the perfect little angelic baby face, they picture rosy cheeks. But I’m beginning to wonder if Owen’s red cheeks are something more than just the flush of youth. Like, a rash.

For the last month or so (maybe longer?) Owen has had red cheeks. I think they started around the time that we had our first snow here in Boston, so I attributed the redness and chapped feeling to the cold air and wind when we go on our walks. I’ve been putting Aquaphor on them a few times a day since then. The redness hasn’t really gone away, even when we don’t go out in the cold for a few days. Still, I assumed it was just a normal baby thing. He’s been in good spirits and doesn’t seem to mind, so I didn’t think anything of it.

Then right before Christmas he started this habit of scratching at his face. I honestly thought it was just him exploring his face (Oh, I have a face? THAT’S what this thing is?). And maybe it is. But he started scratching at his face during naptimes and at night (times when I couldn’t distract him or move his hands away) so much that he would wake up with little scabs from where he scratched himself raw. I kept his fingernails as short as possible but he still finds a way to wake up with scratches all over his face. He also started scratching at one ear, usually when he drank his bottle. It didn’t really seem like a purposeful scratch, more like a background thing like twirling your hair. Still, I considered that it was an ear infection and looked for other signs (fever, irritability, blah blah). Nada. He seemed happy enough, just red. And bumpy.  Currently he has a little runny nose, but I really have no idea if it’s related.

Then today I got an email from a friend who I met in our mom group a few months ago. She said that her son has had red cheeks for a few weeks and a doctor just diagnosed him with Fifth Disease. Apparently this is a virus that kids get. It’s not a big deal and often goes unnoticed. It doesn’t require much treatment, from what I’ve read, but some topical cream might be helpful if he’s itchy. She presumes that her son got it from the place where we did our moms groups, which means Owen easily could have picked it up the same way. Sounds like it’s contagious very early on before the rash shows up, so we wouldn’t have known anything about it at the time.

It’s hard to tell the difference between cherub cheeks and virus cheeks, eh? Look at my cute little guy.

You can see the red patches on his cheeks, and a week or two ago I noticed some bumps on his arms. Apparently if it is this virus, and not just chapped cheeks from the cold air, it will probably spread to other parts of his body and then go away.

I feel a little bad that I just wrote his redness off as a side effect of the winter wind and didn’t consider that his scratching at his face was anything more than a new habit. I guess it’s good to be calm and not freak out at every little thing, but it still feels like maybe I should have asked a doctor a few weeks ago when it began.

Ummm, oops. Live and learn, I guess.

He has his 6 month check up on the 24th so provided nothing gets worse before then I will wait and ask the doctor at that point.

Anyone out there experienced Fifth disease? Any thoughts on whether the cheeks in question look more like normal baby cheeks or something more sinister?