Daily Archives: December 29, 2010

She Says… 5 Months

My sweet boy,

It’s Christmas Eve and you are 5 months old. I’m sure this will not be the last time I say this, but I wish I could freeze time right now and keep you at this stage forever. You are an absolute joy. You wake up in the morning grinning your gummy grin, and we pretty much laugh and play all day. Sure, there are days when you don’t nap well or are out of sorts, but in general you are the sweetest, happiest, easiest baby I could ever imagine.

You are spoiling me, Owen James. Spoiling me and making it VERY hard for me to go back to work. In a matter of days. I can’t believe our days of spending every minute together can be counted on my fingers. It is very important to me to be a strong role model for you as a working mother, but this transition will be the hardest one yet for me. Today we visited your daycare (again) and I felt the tears prick the backs of my eyelids from the minute we walked in. Who am I kidding, the tears threaten to spill down my cheeks every time I think of missing out on an instant of your life. But it’s bound to happen. Whether it’s now or in a few years when you start school, I’ll have to let you walk through those doors and be your own person without me. And I have to be my own person without you. And you know what? We’re going to be awesome. You are such a bright-eyed, alert, social baby, and I will thrive on challenging myself professionally again. Once we get our new routine down, we will be better for it, I’m sure.

A few weeks ago you slept through the night and you haven’t looked back since. Woo hoo! Thank you, thank you, thank you for hitting that milestone before I return to work. I am a happy Mama! You are beginning to consolidate your daytime naps too, but you’re not quite there yet. Your morning nap is generally about 2 hours (sometimes less, but our fingers are always crossed for 2!) and you wake up refreshed and happy. Afternoon naps are more like 40 minutes to an hour, and you usually do 2 depending on our errands/dog walks/playtime.

We started solid food a few weeks ago too. YOU LOVE FOOD! Judging by how much your Daddy and I love food, it’s no surprise, but you would gobble down bowls and bowls of food if you could. You almost never give me the “I’m done” signal… you want me to keep shoveling it in and I have to cut you off so we don’t upset your little tummy. We started with avocado, and now you’ve also tried peas, butternut squash, carrots and brown rice cereal. I have made all of your food myself except for the carrots (apparently there are too many nitrates in carrots to make your own… and frankly they would take a LOT of blending to get to the right consistency, so I think I’ll buy those guys). I have a policy of trying everything I put in your mouth, and I have to say, the homemade baby food is awesome! The flavors are so fresh and the colors are so bright; I can’t blame you for preferring that to breastmilk or formula. Speaking of breastmilk, you had your very last sip of it about a week ago. While I do wish that breastfeeding had been easier for us so that we could have continued it longer, I am thrilled with the changes that have occurred since you started on all formula. You drink more, you are calmer and happier when you have a bottle, and we’ve completely taken you off of the reflux medicine! I am calmer and happier too, and it’s much easier to get out the door to run errands and see friends without worrying about pumping and refrigerating milk and calculating ounces.

You still love to stand. Your little legs are so strong. Recently you’ve made some great strides in learning to sit as well! You are pretty good with the tripod sitting, propped up on your arms, although you don’t seem to understand that you’ll keel over to one side when you turn to look at me or Schnitzel. You plop right over on your side and look surprised every time.

Your favorite Christmas present this year was your newest cousin! Victoria Joy was born on December 24th, so you guys are exactly 5 months apart. You will have so much fun growing up with your cousins. So far you’re the only boy, which means you may have your fair share of playing dress up and babies. I have no doubt that it will make you a better man. Just look at how Uncle Chris turned out with three sisters!

You’re so cute I just can’t stand it. Honestly, Daddy and I just sit there and stare at you and marvel at how we created someone so precious. You are our favorite entertainment, by far.

I love you, my baby boy. Forever and ever and always.