Daily Archives: December 13, 2010

She Says… Zzzzzzz

That’s what Owen did. All night. He slept from 7pm to 6am with nothing more than a few squeaks. Believe me, I am well aware that this may have been a fluke, and that I might not get another night like that for a few days or weeks. But I am keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll continue the trend!

Since Thanksgiving I have been slowly stepping down the amount of milk he drinks at night. Around that time he was getting up twice, around midnight and 4am, and eating both times. Originally he was eating a full 6 ounce bottle at both of those feedings. Slowly he began to eat less at the 4am feeding, so I took his cue and worked from there. Every 4 or 5 days I would give him one less ounce at the 4am feeding than the night before. Once we got to 2 ounces, he would protest a little when the bottle was empty, but would settle right down to sleep when I put him back in his crib. That assured me that he wasn’t hungry and was eating out of habit/for comfort. After a night or two of the 2 ounce bottle, he just decided to sleep right on through that 4am feeding, no problem. Since then I’ve been slowly decreasing the amount at the midnight feeding as well. Two nights ago we got down to 2 ounces, and tonight he slept through the night for the first time ever. Coincidence? I think not!

I keep track of how many ounces he eats a day, and once I started eliminating the night time ounces, it took him a few days, but he eventually figured out how to take those ounces in during the day. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t starving the poor kid or under-nourishing him by taking away the night time bottles. Now that he’s consistently eating about 33 ounces a day during the day time, I’m not concerned about that! He’s a little piggy 🙂

I think adding solid foods made a big difference in his sleep patterns as well. For one, it helped me feel more comfortable with stretching him a little longer at night, knowing that his belly was full of good nutrients and fats from avocado and peas (his FAVORITE so far!). And it also helped him feel full enough to sleep soundly all night. Yay for food!

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t really get to enjoy this first quiet night. Benjamin left for a work trip at 4:30am this morning, so I was up late while he packed and then up early when I heard him get in the shower. Not to worry, though, I’m sure this will happen again… whether it’s tonight or tomorrow or next week or next month. I’m just thrilled to know he can do it! And I didn’t have to push him.