He Says… Surrounded by Nipples

Well, not exactly.  Or at least not in any way that is particularly interesting.

This is the structure that I create about twice a day.  Lot of bottles.  Lots of pumping “horns”.  And lots of nipples.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am MORE than happy to help out by being the nipple washer in our household (I have always been the primary dishwasher in our house), but I am always amazed by the amount of little pieces that get used and must get washed every day.

The other month Kate gave me the best early Christmas present with the Dr. Brown’s bottle brush.  I had gone from a regular dish sponge, to a crappy bottle brush that we bought at the grocery store, but the Dr. Brown’s brush makes my job much easier.  Highly recommend.

That is my little thought of the day.  I need to get back to those nipples.


One response to “He Says… Surrounded by Nipples

  1. Tip from a seasoned pumping mom 🙂 You can put the horns and all attachments in the the fridge for the day and only wash them once-LIFE SAVER.

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