She Says… A Mother’s Love

I came across two stories this morning that brought tears to my eyes for two very different reasons and just have to share them. Whenever I hear stories like these I am amazed at how strong a mother’s (and father’s, I’m sure!) love is, and the things it can make a Mama do.

On the Today Show this morning, I saw this amazing (and terrifying) story: A family with a 6 month old baby stopped at a gas station while driving a car and a moving truck from one house to another. They strapped the baby into her car seat, and the mother turned her back on the car for a minute to check on her husband and the moving truck parked right next to them. At the very same moment, a man beelined for the car, hopped in the driver’s seat and started to drive away with the baby in the back seat. The mother, only a few steps away from the car, ran after it and busted the front passenger window open with her elbow. Her husband, also running alongside the car, jumped in the window and began kicking the carjacker in the face as he drove. A few seconds later he crashed into a small embankment and fled the scene. The baby was fine. Talk about super strength when your baby is in danger. Wow. It was all caught on surveillance video here.

As a mother who exclusively pumps breastmilk and travels once in awhile, this story brought tears to my eyes for a very different reason. A young mother was traveling with breastmilk and requested that it not go through the x-ray machine (which is the correct procedure, but apparently many TSA workers do not know their own rules). They gave her a hard time, arguing with her and sequestering her in the glass screening box for almost an hour, subjecting her to a full patdown complete with police officer “back up”, and she missed her flight home to feed her hungry baby. This article tells the whole story and even has video of the horrible treatment she received. Even more upsetting about this story, I think, is that it sounds like she was singled out for making a complaint because this happened to her in the past. What is the world coming to that a mother can’t travel with FOOD for her child?!



6 responses to “She Says… A Mother’s Love

  1. That second story is so awful. I had a really bad burn on my arm last year and had to travel with a huge tube of medication for it. They gave me the TOUGHEST time at security until finally someone who works there that I knew (thank GOD for RI being so small) came over and helped me out. And I had a doctor’s note and everything! Ridic!

  2. I just watched the video (from the link you sent). SO INFURIATING!

  3. I saw the today show one- crazy. And the TSA thing really infuriates me. We travelled with our son, who was lactose intolerant, and needed to take soy milk on the plane (he had just turned one), thankfully we had female TSA agents each time who were AMAZING. Both told me they understood how hard it was to travel with any kind of milk and that they were happy to make the process easy for moms! Let’s hope there are more TSA people like that out there, especially now.

  4. I agree that a mothers love is the strongest bond, but the lady in the first link you posted was just stupid. Her husband was not “right there” he looked to be in the middle row of parking bays, and she had to walk over to him. I would have understood if he was in the carpark right beside her, but he wasn’t.

    She was even more stupid for leaving her keys in the car! Especially with a baby in the car. I would have taken the baby with me if I was going across the carpark, but I hope the thief gets what he deserves!

    The second story is horrible. Travelling with breast milk should not be so hard to do. I am so lucky that I do not live in the USA and have never had any problems with my breast milk at airport security.

  5. That first story is incredible!
    I actually smiled reading it because as you said, it is incredible the strength and courage that parents have when it comes to protecting their young!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. I find that stories like this make me emotional too now that I’m a mom! One person I know joked about how he wanted out baby and not to go through the work of having one himself and I realized right then that I would fight to the death for my baby. You would have to kill me to get him.

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