She Says… A Tiny Foodie In The Making

Benjamin and I both LOVE food. We talk about it, dream about it, plan days and trips around it and thoroughly enjoy eating and cooking it. We’re adventurous eaters and have very few foods that we hate or won’t eat. It’s one of the things I love about Benjamin, actually — he’s always up for trying something new that I’ve cooked up in the kitchen. If I ever have hours and hours of free time again, I would absolutely choose to spend them pouring over cookbooks and food magazines and then cooking up a storm.

It shouldn’t surprise me, then, that Owen took to food like a fish to water.

It did surprise me a little, however, because I was expecting tongue thrusting and gagging and confusion, especially considering that we’re starting foods early, at barely over 4 months. But instead what I got was confirmation that Owen was definitely ready to eat, eat, eat.

First I mixed up a delicious combo of avocado (one of my absolutely favorite foods, not to mention nutritious and calorie-dense) and breast milk. I let Owen touch the avocado and smell it before I cut it… but honestly I think he couldn’t have cared less about what I was doing.

Owen waited patiently in his Bumbo and played with his new bib.

Then I put a little on the spoon and let it touch his lips. He furrowed his brow for a second, and then started smacking his lips. More, Mama! He didn’t know to open his mouth, so the spoonfuls were half on his lips and half smooshed into his mouth, but I think he actually ate at least a few! That was way more than I was expecting from his first foray into the wonderful world of food.

I think he liked it. But it’s kind of hard to tell. He didn’t really give me an “all done” signal, so I cut him off after a few minutes. I don’t want to inundate the poor kid’s system with too much of a new thing.

Can’t wait to try again today!

8 responses to “She Says… A Tiny Foodie In The Making

  1. It’s really messy, but mine likes to put her hand in the food and then suck her hand. I figure, what the hell, we’re already making a mess. Plus the dog does floor clean up. Has yours figured out yet that yummy food will fall down when the baby eats? 🙂

  2. What a little man! I really like that you are introducing real foods rather than rice cereals. I just seems like a logical step, especially if he’s interested in real food.

  3. Avacado was baby Hayes’ first food too! And, he loved it. I just wish they were more in season right now. Glad you guys are having fun. It gets EVEN BETTER! 🙂

  4. My nephew started on solid foods about the same age that Owen is. He LOVES food, and my SIL found that he had less and less desire for his bottle (he is formula fed).

  5. it looks like he’s having a blast! Good choice for a first start! 🙂

  6. So adorable!!! I’m going to try the same thing for Paisley’s first meal in a couple of weeks. Great idea. And Owen is so adorable!!!

  7. Owen is totally precious! I think it’s great that you went ahead and skipped the rice cereal. With my first, she hated the rice cereal. I never got her to eat it well. Once we moved on to “real” food (I used jarred baby food) she was a happy camper! I think with Danielle, who is now 5 months, I’m gonna try the avacado first. That sounds so much better than either rice cereal OR pre-made baby food. Fun times ahead!

  8. I heard this is a great book for introducing foods to a baby and for making a lot of baby food yourself. Something to check out:

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