Daily Archives: November 30, 2010

She Says… Mama Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said

Yesterday was Owen’s 4 month visit with our pediatrician. Since we’ve gotten a few weeks of great eating under our belts I was excited to see how much weight he had gained and ask some questions about how much he is eating (a lot!) and discuss sleep, solid foods, etc.

Although he’s gained a FANTASTIC amount of weight since our last appointment, Owen is still a little guy in the grand scheme of things. He is 25″ long (50th %ile), weighs 13 lb 11 oz (22nd %ile) and has a head circumference of 41 cm (17th %ile). A little on the small side, but a big jump from where he was last month and the weeks that followed during our breastfeeding issues. Go Owen! His little body looks different too. There’s finally a bit of a belly and some adorable rolls on his legs. What a cutie pie.

The doc and I talked a lot about eating. The last few days Owen’s reflux seems to have returned, and she said that’s because he’s getting bigger and needed more meds. I was so relieved… I thought the meds just weren’t enough anymore, and I was dreading having to work through another medicine to test it out. No worries, though! She just increased his dosage of Prevacid, which is like magic and has changed his eating habits entirely. He can actually make it through an entire 7-8 ounce bottle now without flailing and choking and arching and crying. It’s a beautiful thing.

Given that he’s eating upwards of 35 ounces a day and shows a great interest in food (opening his mouth and moving his tongue when we’re eating, reaching his hands out for our cups and utensils, etc.), my pediatrician suggested that we start him on solid foods sooner rather than later. While many people believe that waiting to start food until 6 months cuts down on allergies and is “better”, I think it really depends on the baby. And my doctor and I agree that Owen may be trying to tell me he’s ready for something more than just milk. I am so excited to introduce him to the wonderful world of food out there! We may even start today.

The doc mentioned that once we fill Owen’s belly more during the day, he will probably stop waking up at night to eat as well. Phew! She suggested that I also start reducing the amount of milk he’s given at night to send his body the signal, little by little, that eating should be done during the day. She said given his weight and body mass, he should absolutely be able to go all night without eating. That’s just what I needed to hear! Now I KNOW I’m not starving my baby as we work toward sleep training in the next few weeks.

Owen also got his 4 month vaccinations. Two shots and one oral. Just like last time, he was a total trooper! He didn’t even cry through the whole first shot, just stared up at the nurse with a quizzical look on his face. Then when she did the second shot he let out one big wail, and then smiled through his teary eyes. What a sweetheart. I gave him the rest of the bottle he’d been working on and it seemed like he forgot all about those big, bad shots. Didn’t seem feverish or irritable for the rest of the day either. We’ll see how today goes.

So… now I’m off to do a little more research on food and maybe we’ll start today at lunch! I’m thinking avocado is a perfect first food (since I am going to try to stick to whole foods rather than boxed rice cereal for now). What was your baby’s first food? How did it go? Any tips for me?