Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

She Says… 4 months

Baby boy,

You are 4 months old! Where did last month go? It was a flurry of happy days and short nights and lots and lots of new developments. I can’t believe it was just a month ago that I was making the sad decision to stop nursing. Since then we have gotten your eating issues totally under control and you are growing like a little weed. Seriously. You are eating more than your cousin Becca who is 9 months old! Perhaps you’re still making up for “lost time” when you weren’t eating so well; you’ve been tossing back over 35 ounces every day for the last month (mostly breastmilk, which makes me very proud!). My little peanut isn’t going to be a peanut for very long. I can’t wait to see how much you weigh at your doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

There are moments when I look at you and think that I know every little teeny tiny part of you, inside and out. As well as I know myself. And then there are moments when you completely surprise me and show me something about you that I never knew before. We can sit and stare at each other all day. You cooing and gurgling, me talking back. You smiling and laughing, me making silly faces and sounds so I can hear that little laugh again and again. I know someday you’ll be too old to be silly with your Mama, and in a few short weeks you’ll be spending a lot of time being silly at daycare, so I’m soaking up these precious one-on-one moments as best I can.

You’ve gone back and forth on sleeping this month. Some good nights and some not so good. But one thing is for sure — as the number of wake-ups each night dwindles, the more I appreciate seeing your little face in the dark. Even when I don’t want to get out from under my warm covers, you change my mind entirely when I see your little eyes smiling at me in the dark. And while I would really, really like to remember what 6+ hours of sleep feels like, I can’t help but love breathing in your milk breath and rocking with you while you eat sleepily at night. And getting you up in the morning just might be my very favorite moment of all. As soon as I peek my face over the top of the crib, you open your mouth into the biggest crooked smile I’ve ever seen, and your little eyes dance. I pick you up and snuggle you, all warm and cozy in your sleep sack. Mmmm.

You’ve learned how to rock yourself onto your side and you’re very close to rolling all the way over. My strong little man. You LOVE to stand. You would stand all the time if you could. You don’t seem to have time or patience for sitting or laying down anymore. Your legs are so strong that sometimes I feel like if I let you go, you’d go running across the floor. We joke about you never learning how to sit because you always want to stand. I hope that’s not the case 🙂

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, my little one, but you’re going bald. Your signature style, your defining feature, your rockstar fauxhawk is almost gone. At first Daddy and I were nervous, wondering if you’d still be the most adorable baby in the world even without your awesome hair. The verdict? You totally are. I daresay you’re even cuter than before. You have some new fuzzy hair growing in already, so I don’t think you’ll be bald for long. Thank goodness for hat season, eh?

My tiny man, you’re such a joy. Every day is better than the one before. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

I love you so, so, so much.